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Thursday, March 9, 2017


I caught a glimpse as he stared out the window.
The beautiful vision I would capture
Forever in my mind.

The seaman
So angelic looking
In the soft light.

Only the inside of my body
And the bed sheets still tied
to the bed post will tell otherwise.

The seaman:
Now I know why
They call him a salty dog.

Promiscuous and wild
The only goal was to release and go.
And release he did
All over me
Again and again.

I can still taste the salt
From the sea.
Or maybe the secretion
That flowed from him to me.

It was the seaman
or maybe it was the semen
That I tasted.

Every last drop
He made sure
Went unwasted.

I did not think I could take
All that he demanded.

But the seaman did not
take no for an answer.

I would be his for the night
Until he was satisfied 
With the task at hand.

By remembering last night
And seeing him now,
All I can do is stare.

Naked with nothing 
But his sailor cap on,
The only request he would fulfill. 

The day broke
As he prepared himself for departure.

He whispered not a word
As he put on his uniform.

Lean but strong
He looked into my eyes.

Grabbing my Butt cheeks
He told me he would be back
But not to wait.

This seaman 
Or maybe his semen
I could still taste.

The stranger 
Staring out the window
Salty as the ocean itself.

The taste will always remain.


  1. Oh great now your giving us sweet and erotic poetry along with your great photos. Your determined to get me to run one off and it's working.

  2. fabulous poem! Now I understand I'm not alone to read seaman as semen!

    1. I've always had a fondness for seamen and I love me some semen as well. LOL Amazing how the two bring the same type of arousal ! Thank you for reading.

    2. but I have an oral fixation and a semen fixation as well, as you can see here
      I love to swallow and I love my cum be swallowed, so you can imagine how much evocative can be some words for me!

    3. I'm italian and let me add I find the English word "swallow" so sweet!

    4. My goodness ! I'm going to have to write a poem about "Swallowing" just for you ! :-)

    5. thanks. I'd be honoured!

  3. So very, very sweet. And the photo is great!

  4. I believe that might be your best yet. That was very erotic and the photo goes along with it so well. You are quite talented!


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