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Monday, January 21, 2019


Behind the scenes clip of JORGEN during our last Photo shoot last month.  Working on making this man an Exclusive for THE NEW WEBSITE coming 2019.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


As I had this beautiful young, shirtless, woman on her knees, I decided that if I was going to introduce her to my kind of play, I was going to do it the right way. I got a black bandana out of the dresser drawer in which I folded it. I walked behind her, bent down and placed the material over her eyes for a
blindfold. I could see her chest rising and falling more rapidly. 

"Breathe deep," I said calmly. 

As she began to relax, I stepped away from her, silently sitting on the bed. One minute went by, and then another and yet another. 

"Mark? are you still there?" she asked.

Silently I walked up to her and gently touched her cheek. She jumped, startled by the surprise. I softly caressed her cheek
down to her chin, then her neck, making my way down to her to her breast. From her breast I traveled down to her navel where her body began to spasm from the tickling sensation of my fingers.

 Lowering my fingers, I traveled underneath her skirt and panties making her squirm even more. I felt the moistness of her panties as I rubbed between her legs. "Yes! Don't stop!" she began to moan. 

I stood her up, pulled her skirt down and laid her on the bed face down. Her pink panties rode up her butt exposing the
damp spot on her chonies. Grabbing her hips, I started to grind the hard wood in my pants against her spreads cheeks. 

"Fuck!" she exclaimed. "I want you! Please give it to me!" she shouted. 

"You want it?"


"You're gonna have to work for it," I whispered in her ear. 

"What do I have to do?"

"Shhhh. Don't say a word," I whispered. 

I began to dry hump her from behind. Frustrated from being
bound she said," I want to touch you." 

"Your hands will stay behind your back for now." 


"Don't talk!" I commanded. 

Slowly I began to unbuckle my belt. She attempted to wiggle her ass closer as she heard the sound of my belt. As I unzipped my pants and pulled them and my underwear
down, my cock sprang out like a jack in the box. I moved in closer toward her clitoris. Careful not to go inside her, I teased her by rubbing my cock against her moist pussy. 

"Come on. Give it to me," she pleaded. 

"I told you not to talk!"  

"I'm sorry. It won't happen again." 

"Damn right it won't happen again!" 

I made one last trip to the drawer and pulled out a giant ball gag and a paddle. "Open your mouth!" I placed the gag in her mouth so that she couldn't speak. "O.K.since you didn't comply with my request, You will only be able to respond by shaking your head yes or no," I told her. With a gentle tap, I smacked the bottom of her left foot then alternating to the right one. After receiving a few moans, I began to tap harder and harder as she began to squirm and squeal. Soon she began to shake her head from side to side gesturing that she had enough. 

"You gonna be a good girl from now on?" 

She shook her head quickly with compliance. I laid her flat on her stomach, in the bed, allowing her to relax from the ass up position I had her in. I gave her a few minutes to wind down in which I massaged her back. Slowly I pulled her panties off in which she began to moan. 

"Ass up," I commanded. 

Again I began to tease her with my cock. Again she started to moan and squirm, trying desperately to get it inside her. Although I was hard as a rock and couldn't help from precuming, I got more and more turned on by the power I had possessed over her. The more she begged for it, the
hornier I got. After about five minutes of torturing her with my dick, I finally got a condom out of my pocket, grabbed the lube, from the side of the bed and began to push in. I began with short slow strokes that eventually got deeper and deeper until I was pushing in all the way. As I picked up momentum she began to utter muffled sighs as gobs of spit drooled down to her chin. After a few minutes of stroking her pussy from behind I decided to take the restraints off. I got the lube and began to probe her ass with my cock. She began to moan like crazy. 

"You're gonna give me that ass baby!" I declared as I started pushing in slowly. By now her muffled noises intensified as I went deeper in her canal. I continued with slow strokes being sure not to go too deep too soon. I continued until I was all
the way in then I came to a halt. I lifted her torso up so that we were both on the bed on our knees. I grabbed a hand full of her hair, slowly pulling her head back to whisper, "You want it?" 

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!" she said, biting down. She began to back up on me. With one hand wrapped around her hair, I
placed the other around her neck.

"Not yet," I whisper in her ear. "You want it?" 

"Aha!" She murmurs.

Pushing her face down I began to pump. She increased the level of noise as I started to go harder. Now, I'm not a misogynist by any means, but there is a side of me that really gets off on sexual domination. Whether its with a woman or another man, there is something amazing about another
making her or himself vulnerable for my pleasure. But more than that is the idea that the submissive is so sexually  caught up that they will do what ever you command because this bond of trust has been built. The more vocal she got the hornier it made me. The hornier I got, the harder I pumped her.

At one point I pinned her to the bed and started jack hammering her. Her screams were becoming more apparent through the gag. There was a part of me that didn't want to show any mercy and there was the side that knew I had a responsibility to take care of of her. 

Still pounding from behind, I asked her "Are you doing okay.?" She just kept on yelling and grabbing the sheets. Just a few seconds before I decided to slow down she made a shrill yell in which she tapped her hand on the bed letting
me know she had enough. I slowed down to an eventual stop. I pulled the gag out of her mouth and began to rub her back after collapsing on the bed. After winding down. I asked her how she was doing. 

"That was definitely intense!" she said. 

"I hope this doesn't paint the wrong picture of me." I

"Well I'm not sure what type picture I have of you" she said half way joking. 

"Well I would love for you to find out." 

"Will I have to call you 'Sir?" 

We begin to laugh. "Call me mark." 

"Hi Mark. Nice to meet you!" She grins.

Monday, January 7, 2019


I was on my IG account scouting potential models for my website when I came across this hot stud’s page. He’s a sexy looking White guy that complimented a few images on my page.
He complimented one of my images in which I replied,” Such a handsome man. If interested and ever in the San Francisco area I would love to photograph you.“
“You Will??? Wow would love to get naked for a shoot,” he replied.  
”I love shooting male nudes. It’s even better when the guy really enjoys it. It shows through in the image.” I explained to him.
“Hot ! I’d Love to get naked.”
I asked, “Are you in California?”
”No maybe someday. What kind of naked pictures do you take ?” He questioned.
“Anything to highly artistic to explicit. I’m working on an adult website that features my photography and short clips.”
”Explicit? What’s Explicit,” he asked.
I knew that by his questions that he most likely wasn’t from America. So I told him that explicit is equivalent to porn. He told me that he thought it might be interesting and that he would be up to it. He showed me a picture of a hot porn star naked, laying on his back with his legs wide open with a hardon.
”Cool... Maybe you would love Me like that to...”
Then he sent me a picture of him fingering his butthole. This is how the conversation went. 
Me :Fucking Hot !
guy:Thanks, glad you like.. 😉 My ass loves attention.. 😜😂😂🔥🔥
Me: How convenient my dick loves paying attention! lol
guy: Ohh my, hot.. I hope you like my own pictures.
Me: Yes indeed. They’re hot !
guy: maybe you can shoot me some good porn. And use props like a dildo.
Me: I would love to see you playing with a dildo.
guy: WOOF !
Me:  So I been curious to ask you English your first language? I ask because you asked about the word explicit.
guy: No it is not, i am Danish. 😊
Me: Man ! So far away ! 😢
guy: Yes.. but am going to the States next year.. 😉So have to come by your place for a hot shoot.. ;) So which guy is you on your page?
Me: I am definitely a voyeur more than an exhibitionist. Most photographers are. lol
Btw I’m Black so I understand if you’re not into Black guys.
guy: You are, Woof.... 😉 Love to suck you.. 😅
He really wanted to see pictures of me so I sent him the last few seconds of me exploding a huge load while stroking.
guy: Wow hot video and cock. Is it you??
Me: Yes it is.
guy: Omg...Can i see again?? A beautiful and big cock..Omg.. Want that load in my mouth....
Me: I love exploding in a warm mouth. 
guy: Please do that with me. Love to try a big Black cock.. 😍😍🔥🔥
Me: I like to suck also.
guy: You can suck as much as you like.  Allways been a Dream to try a Black guy.. 🤗😍😘 I hope it’s o.k. 😅
Now usually I dislike playing with White guys that are obsessed with Black dick. Because it is no longer about the person but being with someone Black. But this guy seemed genuine about enjoying chatting with me. He was from another country and was very curious and I can’t deny I would be very interested in being with a guy from another country. I love guys with accents and cultural differences. And I absolutely love breaking a guy into new experiences.

guy: Can i ask, how big is your cock? 😍

I actually stopped telling guys that years ago. But because he was hot I told him. He then sent me a a picture of his cock. He had a beautiful uncut cock with a curve.

Me: Mmmmmm, Delicious! 😋 I would love to taste that hard cock. Do you come a lot? 

guy: Yes, quite bit.

Me: you’re so hot.  I would love to cuddle with you....and....we’ll, you know ! lol
guy: Oh yes ! And your Nice big cock in my ass... 🤤🤤🤤🍆💦💦😈😍

Me :Man I would luv to be inside your hole . I love the warm feel of the inside of a nice ass.

guy: Would have enjoyed being in your bed right now.. 🤤🤤😉😍 Sucking your big cock.. 🍆💦💦

We chatted a bit more then got offline. But I believe I will be having more interesting conversations with this guy. And I’m going to hold him to posing for my site. Our last conversation consisted of telling him about my blog and asking permission to chronicle our conversation in which he agreed. And if by any chance he does read this story : I hope you have a nice moist spot in your drawers like I have.

Saturday, January 5, 2019


Hello sexy people. This weekend I’m at home chillin’. Ask me anything. I will try to answer it as honestly as possible.  Let’s gooooo!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Looking back I realize how dangerous it could have been introducing the young lady to something she knew nothing about. But I also knew that the experience was mind blowing and I always delighted in opening people up to a new world and being part of that journey. By the way, she asked for it so I gave it to her.

It was a summer afternoon. I had just put my laundry on the line to dry so I decided to go to the library for awhile to check out some books. I was looking through the aisle when I noticed a young woman occasionally looking my way. It was never something I made a big fuss about. People make quick eye contact with each other all the time so I went on about my business and continued with my search.

I found two books that took my interest. I decided to read a few chapters there and take the books home to finish them. As I strolled to the table to sit down, I saw her again. This time she smiled at me and I returned the gesture.

After about thirty minutes, a voice said, "Do you mind if I sit here?"
"No. Not at all. Please," I gestured.

She exclaimed, "Man it's a hot one today isn't it. "

"Yes it is."

"I hope I'm not disturbing you?"

"No, not at all. My name is Mark," I stated.

"Terri. Nice to meet you," she said with a warm smile.

We had a good conversation that lasted for close to two hours.
"Wow, look at the time. I didn't know we chatted that long. I 'm sorry. I didn't mean to hold you up," I said.

"No you didn't hold me up. I had a great time talking with you. As a matter of fact, would you be interested in stopping by for a drink," she asked.

"Well I want to get back home to finish my laundry today."

"I understand," she said with a frown.

"Well, it shouldn't take long for me to take my clothes off the line."

"Oh you live in a house? I would love to own my own house. I live in an apartment."

"Yes I've had this place for less than a year and I love it."

"Oh I would love to see it sometime," she said.

I suggested that we exchange numbers and keep in contact. After exchanging numbers we parted ways.

Later that afternoon, around 6:30 pm, she called.
"Hey, Mark are you busy?" she inquired.
I'm not good with making excuses so I told her, "No I'm not."

"Can I come over?" she asked.

I paused. 'Why am I avoiding her the way I am? She's gorgeous! She has an amazing body, she's very sweet, and I can tell she wants me,' I silently wrestled inside my head. 'Because I know If I was to have a piece of her I would want more than she may be able to give. Don't go there Mark!'

"You still there?" she asked.

"Oh yes! I'm sorry pleases come on by," I said.

By 7:00pm she was at my door. I invited her in and offered her a beverage. I guided her to the living room in which she complemented how nice the place was. I offered her a tour to which she agreed.
By the time we got toward my room she said, "So this is the bedroom huh?"

"Yep! It's humble and simple," I responded.

"I like it... I like it a lot," she flirted, gazing me up and down.

"Well, this is the place. Please don't be a stranger. I would love to get together with you again," I said.

"We can get together now if you want," she said as she moved in for a kiss.

"You know, I think we should slow down a bit," I warned.

"What's wrong? You're not interested?"

"Oh very much!"

"That's what I thought!" She said moving her eyes down to the bulge growing in my pants.

"Its just I like things a certain way," I stated.

"Whatever you want, I want."

"Let's get to know each other a bit before..."

"Shhh! I want you that's it. No need to worry," she interrupted.

"Let's wait," I repeated.

I could tell she was getting frustrated. She was horny and wanted it right then and right there.

"I want you now," she whispered in my ear.

I bent over and whispered in her ear, "I'm not into your average type of stuff."

"What! Do you wear panties or something?" She quizzed.

I chuckled, "No."

"What? You like it rough?"

"If the situation calls for it. Yes. Sometimes it's up to you but most of the time its up to me."

She looked at me in silence for at least half a minute.

"Maybe we should take a rain check and chat another time."

"No. I'm alright. So what exactly do you want to do,"she said stuttering.

I walked her into the second bedroom. On the wall near the bed was a chalk board. I wrote on the chalkboard the letter, "B".

She questioned, "What is that?"

"It's the letter B," I responded.

"Okay, what does it mean?" she probed.

"Hold out your hands."

She held out her hands. I turned to the drawer and pulled out a pair of leather arm restraints. She appeared slightly nervous as I locked her arms behind her back. I told her not to worry, that she's perfectly safe and to relax. Then I walked to the board and wrote down the word, "Bondage." Then I wrote down the letter, "D".

"You know what that stands for?" I asked.

"No. What?"

I walked up to her and whispered in her ear, "Get on your knees."

She began to get on her knees when I stopped her.
"Stop! When I give you a command like 'Get on your knees' you reply by saying, 'Yes Sir.' Understand?"

She nodded her head and said, "Okay."

 Right then I sharply gave her a scornful glare.
She looked at me and corrected herself by saying, "Yes Sir."

"Good girl," I complemented her on her training.
I walked back up to the chalk board and wrote down, "discipline/domination."

"The next two letters I'm not going to write down yet. I will let you experience them first," I said.

"Why's that?"

"Because you will know exactly what they stand for when I write them down. Any idea?"

"No," she said.

"Want to find out?"


"Yes what!"

"Yes Sir."

I walked up to her and began to unbutton her blouse. I temporarily released the restraints to take her blouse and bra off and quickly bound her arms again. Her nipples were beautifully pointed and her breasts were as round as melons.

I stood in front of her while she was on her knees. She looked up at me while I looked down on her. I eventually got on my knees to have better eye contact with her.

"Yellow means slow down. Red means stop. Yes means you want more."


I repeated, "Yellow means slow down. Red means stop. Yes means you want more."

"I don't understand," she said in a confused tone.

Right then I began to to squeeze gently on her nipples. She moaned with pleasure. I began to pinch down tighter. Her muscles began to tighten and she started to close her eyes tight.

"Look at me," I requested.

She raised her head up and looked me in the eyes with a strained face. I began to pinch tighter and twist them a bit. She started to murmur and breathe heavily.

"Don't take your eyes off me," I commanded, "I need you to concentrate."

I pressed down harder giving them more of a twist as she started to squeal.

I reasoned, "Red means stop. Yell..."

Before I could get the rest of my sentence out she screamed, "Red! Red! Red!"

"Good girl! You're an excellent learner! Awesome!"
I walked to the board and wrote down, "SM".

"You know what that means?"
"Yes definitely!" She exclaimed.
We both got a chuckle out of her response.

"You are physically bound. But you are free at any time to go. But understand this. If you stay, this is just the beginning of the discovery. What do you want to do? Do you want to stay or leave?"

"I want to stay."

"Okay. You asked for it!"

To be continued

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