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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


When you think of masturbation, it's easy to think of a male with his hands gripped around his dick stroking up an down until he shoots his load (or loads if you you got it like that) but like the last post, that norm is always open to be broken.

Women wank too.  Maybe they actually don't wank but.... Anyway mostly everyone does it; male or female.

 And its not always done by stroking of the dick.  Nor is it always done alone.

Let's break this stereotype once and for all of what people expect bating to be with some methods that may spice up your Bate Life.

Prone Masturbation:
(Bed or pillow humping)

 My first recall of masturbation was as a kid humping everything that I could lay on or rest my head on. Either head; Take your pic.  If only the living room sofa could talk!  As a boy who only knew this way as a child I did this all the time. Ironically studies show that guys usually discover hand masturbation before prone. I discovered prone first. I didn't realize you could use your hand until later...I will spare the age that I started my bed humping spree. Let's just say I didn't learn it on Sesame Street.

For me it just felt good and obviously for these guys as well.

I just recently discovered with Pone Masturbation there are possible risks involved in this activity.
Please read and see for yourself whether this is something you want to risk. Here's a link to possible effects of prone masturbation.

Anal Play

Hit the right spot with your favorite toy.  Or better yet let a friend help.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017


                                                                   Cum as you are

I remember the first time I heard of it.  It was called National Masturbation Day. I guess someone said,"Hey! Why limit it to a day? Let's whack the entire month!"

Very good call! But let's not forget that there are other important months such as June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February,  Whew ! Hold up! Got to catch my breath..... O.K. I'm back! March and April to beat your meat to.

And gentlemen let's not forget our ladies they need release just as much as we do!

 So often as a gay man I hear such a misogynistic view of women.  Just remember this whole movement probably wouldn't have taken off if former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders (A WOMAN) wouldn't have shared her opinion on the importance of promoting masturbation as a means to help prevent kids from engaging in risky forms of sexual activities which cost her job and sparked a charge to celebrate the education and observation of National Masturbation month from retailer GOOD VIBRATIONS.

And also take this into account: If it wasn't for our women, none of us old queens, twinks, Leather Daddies, spank bankers, weenie wankers would be here.  So go tell yo momma to go fuck herself!  She deserves it!  (No.. bad Idea!  SIT DOWN. BE HUMBLE before you get smacked.)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


After his Sunday morning romp with his wife, James decided to get in the shower to get ready to meet Bill and Tommy at the gym.

"So how did everything work out with you and Andre?" James asked.

"We talked.   It was a good talk.  We're going to take it slow and see how things work out.  And I owe all of it to you guys.  Tommy you have been there for me through so much.  And James; Even in the very short time I've known you; you have really shown how much you care." Bill said.

"Well thanks.  I apologize for not telling you Andre would be at the party but I just knew you wouldn't come."

"No need for an apology," Bill replied.

That morning after working on the weights, the guys got in the showers to freshen up.  Bill usually showered at home but James invited the guys back to his place for lunch.

In the showers; Bill was right across from James.  James was facing the shower head exposing his naked buttocks.  Bill found himself hypnotized by james'  beautiful yet masculine body.  The way he scrubbed the soap between his butt cheeks, the way the soap ran down from his butt crack to between his thighs down to his hairy calves began to give him wood.

"I can't do this!" Bill thought to himself.  "There is no way he can see me getting hard.  I will just die!"

"Stop!" He started to mumble.

James turned around.

"Did you say something?"

Bill was captivated by his body: That wet hair waving from his chest to his crotch as the water ran down his torso.  And then there was that beautiful cock.  It was flaccid and yet it dangled between his thighs like it owned them.  It was so thick; Even flaccid it looked like a mouthful.  All Bill could do is stare.

"Are you looking at my dick!" James shouted.

Tommy busted out laughing.  Bill was humiliated.

"Goodness, No!" He exclaimed.

"He was looking!" Tommy said in laughter.

"I told you that thing is huge!" Tommy said.

"Don't worry Bill.  He won't kill you for looking.  The first time I saw it, my jaw dropped also!" He said laughing.

"Wow Believe it or not I'm flattered.  But it's just a dick guys! Okay its a little thicker than average but....."  

"Tell him how big it gets." Tommy interrupted.

"8 and a half" he said hesitantly.

"I can't believe we're talking about your dick!" Bill said nervously.

"Please ! Tommy and I talk about guy stuff all the time.  What !  You think straight guys don't talk about sex?"

"I keep telling him that he needs to bring his ass to the other side!" Tommy laughed.

"Hell no! I love pussy to much for that! There is nothing like a soft moist pussy. And when it's with the love of your life it's even better.  I mean just this morning my girl got on her knees and gave me the most incredible head a man could ask for.  Most women won't even touch it let alone blow you.  But my girl loves it in her mouth!" James bragged.

Bill was slightly mortified.  He had never seen this side of James before.

"My goodness! You guys! Who the hell are you?"  Bill shouted.

"Oh come on! Its part of being human.  Remember when you were too afraid to mention about what was going on with you and Andre because you thought I would be offended?  Don't worry about me I'm a big boy.  I can take care of myself."  James said.

"He's a big boy alright!" Tommy said, as he grabbed James' dick and twirled it around like a jump rope.

Hey! No one touches my dick but Carol! James said as they began to rough house in the shower.

"What the fuck !" Bill exclaimed as He stared at them naked playing in the shower. He found himself getting hard as he watched. Quickly he grabbed his towel and got out of the shower before anyone could see his arousal.

Monday, May 1, 2017


May is National Masturbation month.

So this month I figure I would showcase self pleasure and its various ways that we as men entertain ourselves. I hope you enjoy.

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