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Monday, November 21, 2016


This is an account of an event that took place about a year ago.

I received an email from a gentleman I met two days ago at a bate party.
(By the way that was my first time I've ever been to a bate party.  It was amazing.)

He wrote how he had a great time playing with me and that he would love to meet up with me again.  I was flattered to receive his message.  But as I thought about it, my question lay on the notion of meeting to talk and get to know each other or to jack each other off again.  The thought of either sounded nice although I had pretty much assumed it was for the ladder.

I started thinking about my relationships in general.  The more I thought of all the hook ups, all the spank parties, S/M clubs, circle jerks, fuck buds and even this blog, the more I realized just how few friends I have.

There comes a time when the sensual touch, dirty talk, and downright hot man on man sex isn't enough.

I have been blessed to have a wonderful partner that loves me, allows me the freedom to be me and someone to plan trips together. And when it comes to getting hot and nasty, there's plenty of that.

But sometimes there's a need for something different.  Sometimes you want someone to go to the shopping mall with and check out the hot guys.  Sometimes you want to talk on the phone about stupid shit.  Sometimes you want to vent to your close friend about how your man pissed you off yelling,"You know what that son of a bitch did ?!!"

Sometimes you just want someone who will listen.  They don't have to have any answers or give you any advice.  Nor do they have to tell you their opinion.  Sometimes you just want someone who will listen.

The Older I get the more I realize that a friend is a very hard thing to find.  I mean a REAL friend.  So I kindly declined getting together with this guy.

Just as expected, I received no reply asking for a rain check or for that matter a reason why I chose not to agree to a rendezvous.

In the past I would have written back asking,"Are you still there?" But I didn't.  I just let it go.

What a unique place to be in right now.

I'm in a place where I don't expect much from people; maybe because of past disappointments.

Maybe its because I know that at the end of the day, its just about quick gratification for most and I'm past that.

I don't fault them nor do I bitch and complain about it anymore.

I'm in a place in life; and have been for quite some time where friendships and true connections means so much more than this sex play that most gay men call a lifestyle.

I believe the difference between me in my youth and me in my mid forties is that it doesn't bother me anymore when I don't get that connection that I'm looking for.

I understand that it takes work to find a true friend and it takes work to be one.  And many in this day and age of the internet and instant gratification can easily just "add" a friend instead of becoming one. Many just aren't willing to take on that effort.

As a youngster, I was easily bothered by that idea.  But I have found peace in my art, my writing, myself and most of all my quest to walk closer with God.

I can't deny that I'm definitely going through a change.  Last year I talked about the physical changes happening as I get older in IS IT REALLY DOWNHILL AFTER 40 ? Now I seem to be going through a character change as well.  Its not a bad change nor is it a great change in my opinion.   But it is undeniably a change.

When I started this post I was hesitant to actually publishing it because I felt like no one wants to hear my ranting. But I realized it's important to share this because even though it was ass that made my blog so popular, I would like to think that it is the revealing myself as an artist, a man and a human being that would keep it  popular; even more than the ass.

Friday, November 18, 2016




Wednesday, November 16, 2016


There is a spirit, a need to be uninhibited sexually, creatively and spiritually.
Phaunos is that place. August is that man.

His blog is that of beautiful poetry and written expression. You will also witness the personal and sometimes explicit eroticism of his self portraits. Visit more of his erotic imagery at

                                                                               Photography by August Phaunos
                                                                                               Model: August Phaunos

He is definitely a writer and expressor of word.  Having the visual eye that I have, especially for the male body, I must say what really gets me going is seeing  him in the essence of his sexual arousal.

I have had the privilege to talk with him personally and I must say not only does he arouse me with his hot images and video clips (Which I really hope he shares with the blogger family) but with his mind as well.

I strongly urge my followers and friends to check out his various sites: 
Writing and Poetry. Hopefully we will see some of his self portraits and clips as well ???
Poetry and Images
More poetry

Comment on what you like.

 As an artist myself I know the importance of hearing from my viewers. That's the fuel that keeps us doing what we do. So please follow, comment and enjoy.

And to August, 

I look forward to what you got in store for you blog.

Until we talk again my friend.


Monday, November 14, 2016


Lately all I do is write
I write because 
It's more socially acceptable 
Than screaming in the middle of the street

Saturday, November 12, 2016


With the stroke of the hand
Comes pleasure for both
The recipient and the witness

The vision got me so aroused
I could barely stand the throbbing

You showed me yours 
As you stroked
I showed you mine

Unlike you I didn't touch
I simply enjoyed the agony

I simply felt the torture
As I denied the pleasure 
Of total release

Will there be 
I must wait

Staring at the lips
Of an anonymous face
I studied intently

I pondered the thought
Of my juice on your chin

Your cock needs a mouth on it
You expressed to my delight
Tonight I welcome the invitation

But for now I remain only a witness
Behind the keys

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Now we will see just how great America will be made........................................................................

Current mood: Overwhelmed

Current song I'm listening to : Mad World - Michael Andrews (feat. Gary Jules)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Friday, November 4, 2016


Like I said its going to be a busy month.  

I was going to post from my most current photo shoot with ANTONIO which is still coming up, but by popular request I had to break into The Vault to bring to you MR. MICHAEL DIAMOND.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016


 Man ! Its going to be a busy month! I have so many things to talk about, New models to post, and I'm actually getting requests and questions in my email.... And yes I'm checking my mail more often now ! LOL
This post goes out to a very special friend of mine tonyitalian1951 who asked if I ever published any nudes of myself. After referring him to my tag MARK GREENE I decided to skim through and discovered I don't have an entire post of just me really And very few of me totally nude.

There are probably  reasons but the two that best answers why would be

1. I'm a voyeur. I love to watch. I love to observe a man as he takes off his clothes. The things he does when he's naked in front of me turns me into an animal.  I love seeing a sexy man willing to lay himself bare and vulnerable before me. It shows a level of trust and anyone who can have that trust has a lust and curiosity of what's to come which makes my experience so much more pleasurable.

I'm a voyeur not an exhibitionist.  There are so many layers to me. I hate peeling back many of those layers. (Clothes wise as well as metaphorically.)

2. I have grown quite self conscience over the years as I put on more and more weight. Back in my MISCHIEVOUS THIRTIES I was a thin sexy thing.  I still feel sexy there's just a little more of me.  And as much as i love a little jelly on a sexy guy, its a different thing when that jelly is on me.  But what the hell... I've been requested by a few people to show more of me not just here but on Instagram as well.  So here you go . me and my Jelly ! LOL

                                                              HAPPY TO SEE YOU

                                                           ME AND MY JOCKSTRAP

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