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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


"For Lovers Only"

"For Lovers Only II"

"For Lovers Only" is a series I created in 2008 featuring Leo and Lisa. It was originally going to be a series featuring various straight couples. However, due to the challenges of finding couples to participate, lack of funds, and everyday life issues, it was scrapped. Here are some shots from our session. Hope you enjoy.

"Lover's Window Light"


Leo and Lisa were great to work with. There was a great chemistry between them that helped derive an amazing set of images.

Even on break there's no escaping the click of the photographer.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


O.K. I was going to save my shout outs for later, but I just don't want to wait anymore.

I found yet another toy and its called, "THE MALE CASTING COUCH."

Slowly but surely I'm learning the ins and outs of having a blog that I am satisfied with.

It's been a learning curve and I'm still learning so much about blogging.  I'm slowly gaining not only an audience but a blog family.  I thank all the guys that have been supportive.  To those who come and check things out, Keep cumming back. 

 I want to give a special shout out to those who put that special "IT" when they visit.  (Please forgive me if I leave someone out. I should get you on other rounds. )

Sean (The Jeep Guy)  
Just A Jeep Guy 
  When I had NO TRAFFIC what so ever you put me on your bloglist and opened up great opportunities to network and were the first to comment on my blog. You are a constant encouragement with your your blogs, tributes, and "how to" segments  AND OF COURSE THE MEN ! lol Thank you for your help.  You make me want to :

 Thank you for your words of encouragement, your sexy swagger and those sexy ass post on your blog.
Gotta give love to The BUTT BANDITS 

My favorite Uncle: Uncle Barry (waiting for your blog bro !)
For talking dirty when no one else would.  A boy needs a little naughtiness every now and then. :-)

Luke's Cool Ass Blog
For visiting and the great comments.  Check out that bangin' ass of his on his blog.
Thanks for the morning wood.

Guys From Behind 
For the never ending supply of Booty. I'm glad to have come to chat via blog. I
look forward to eating...I mean meeting you one day.  :-)

Mark Gaulding
The Treasure Trail
Thanks for adding me to your bloglist and visiting my site as well.  All of the beautiful men on your blog.

Andrew Hunter
Fuel for Man's Fire 
Thanks for the add to your list, the great conversations, those sexy glasses you wear and of course that sexy mouth.  :-)

Big Whack Attack
For your added knowledge, great posts, and Daily Stiffies.

Queer Heaven
Queer Heaven
Thanks for Bringing back B/W ! Love your posts. Very erotic and gets my juices flowing.

And to The New Flops Boy

Flip Flops Boy
For adding me to your blog list and all the hot post from your blog. Thanks very much.

A special shout to those who follow the blog. Here's to great posts.

Now back to our program :-)


Oh ! One more person !
A few months back I was going through various blogs.  I knew I wanted a gay blog that featured my own photography and showcased the men I photograph but I knew I wanted more than just a blog of pictures. So I looked around and found various topics others were blogging about and I happened to stumble over a blog with NO PICTURES ! I found that to be strange.  I actually found others like his. It was a blog of various experiences this guy had with other men.  It got me to thinking back when I was doing my thing in my thirties which gave birth to my most popular posts "TALES OF MY MISCHIEVOUS THIRTIES."

Thanks CoolTop
Confessions of a Promiscuous Top 
for sharing some of the most arousing experiences and inspiring my "Mischievous Thirties" segment .
Thanks also for adding me to your bloglist.
Please stop by my blog and say "Hi" sometimes.
O.K. I have to admit I have a "slight" mancrush ! WHEW ! I got THAT off my chest !

NOW REALLY. Back to our program !

Most of my blog buddies have two or more blogs that may not have  been mentioned. Please visit their blogs and get the full list to check out. for now, CIAO !

Monday, September 22, 2014


The good old days when film was my medium of choice.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014



Sunday, September 14, 2014

No sex / no masturbation challenge : I gave in on day 11

As many of you know starting September 1st, I decided to go on a journey.  Every so often I go on a journey, somewhat of a fast in which I refrain from sex and masturbation for the entire month.  I do this as somewhat of a purification.  After awhile it all just becomes sensory overload so I unplug and become human again.  I use this as a time for focusing on other areas in my life, regrouping and exercising self control.  There are other aspects to this journey that are more personal but I will say that these are some of the things I focus on during my time of fasting.  During this time, I canceled all my porn site subscriptions and limited my time that I use on the Internet.

Its something that I know many people will not understand. But we all have our own beliefs, our own customs, our own quirks as well as our own forms of expression.  And this is mine.

Anyway, I've been out of town for almost a week and a half visiting family.  However when I got back there were many doors that I was unwilling to close that brought me to the breaking of my challenge  for September. 

Number one:

Even though I canceled all of my porn subscriptions, I didn't want to stay away from my new blog friends.  My blog is just starting to 
pick up more visitors and I've been having such a great time with other bloggers and watching all the erotic images and hot stories of 
others, I wasn't ready to put the brakes on this so soon.

Number two:
After being away from my partner for about a week and a half  I was very happy to see him.  And he was very happy to see me.  So when I came home Thursday the tension was strong.

Later that night as we got ready for bed I didn't even expect to do 
anything taking it was a work night for both of us and I figured he'd be really tired.

 As soon as we got to bed we did our nightly routine of kissing each other goodnight and turning opposite sides to go to sleep. Well this time I turned toward him which automatically put us in the spooning position.  I just wanted to spoon. HONESTLY ! LOL

And low and behold I'm sporting wood ! Usually when he feels a hard dick pressed against his booty he'll remind me how tired he is and how early we have to wake up.  But does he do this? No! He starts grinding his booty against my wood !

Without going into explicit detail, we got busy.  I must of had a lot built up because less than five minutes after I shoot my first load I start to get rock hard again ! I know that he wouldn't be up for round 2 so I go to the bathroom, get my lube out and rub another load into my cum hanky.  

So there you have it. I will begin my journey when I know I will be more ready.  But for now, time to unload . 

Thursday, September 11, 2014




Jumped in the shower
Dried off
Put my plain white tee shirt on
Leather vest
Put comfortable yet bulge revealing blue jeans on
Trimmed my goatee -( Didn't have to trim nose hairs
We're talking bout 8 years ago in my thirties. Didn't have to worry bout that then.)
Brush my buzz cut
Black ball cap
Put on my black Leather boots with the buckle



Picked up keys, headed to the Loading dock in South of Market.


Walked into the bar and order a beer.

The atmosphere is dark.  Not a bad turn out. The crowd is a little thin downstairs but there are plenty of hairy muscle bears, otters, Daddies, and Daddy's bois to enjoy as eye candy.
I was even lucky enough to spot two other brothas in the place besides me !


Finished my beer and got ready to cruise the place.  The thing I loved about this bar is that you didn't have to pretend like you wanted to start a deep conversation , blah , blah, blah or play this cat and mouse game of is he interested or not.  The guys here were just as horny as I was and it showed on their faces.  Everyone wore a hard-on their sleeves....(O.k. corny play on words. But real all the same.)


I spot one of the Black guys that I saw earlier.  He was about 5'8" to 5'9" medium complexion with dreads.  I go up and introduce myself.  Within 3 minutes he lets me know he's only interested in White dudes.  No problem : We all have our preferences!  A large part of my experience with other Black guys is that they preferred Whites to Blacks, which, again was no problem.  Being the international lover I am, I've been fortunate to appreciate many cuisines of the male spectrum.  And it never failed.  Being one of the few Black guys that visited, these White dudes would be on me like white on rice.  


I make my way upstairs where the real crowd is. 

To the left:  A guy bent over another guy's knee getting spanked bare ass.

To the right: is a dude dressed in leather head to toe walking his "pup" on a leash.

In between are circles of guys blowing and being blown and a guy with his pants below his ankles getting plowed against the wall.  Every thrust was like pounding a nail into the wall. That had to hurt, not only for his ass but for his whole front body that was being pounded against it.

The smell of leather, spit and all other bodily excretions were heavy in the air.  

Being so mild mannered, my friends would shit bricks if they knew this side of me.  What attracted me to these places?  All I can say is that we all have a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. Tonight Mr. Hyde was 
looking for his fuck toy.

Walking through the room I got stopped twice by two different guys who were looking to fist.  After making it known that NOTHING was going up my ass, I was complimented on how nice my hands looked. "Yep ! Time to go !" As I headed downstairs the 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Well, this month I am taking the challenge.  Its the No Sex / No Masturbation Challenge.

For the entire month of September, I will not have sex nor will I masturbate.  I will continue to post on my blog as well as continue to comment and support my fellow bloggers however, starting the first of the month I closed all my accounts to the various porn sites I subscribed to.  Though I haven't told my partner yet, I will let him know that this month I am going on a no sex no masturbation journey.   He has always been supportive in the past and I believe he will this time.  This is my time to regroup, grow in my self discipline, as well as focus on other areas in my life . I just just feel sorry for my partner come October 1st !

Ciao for now .

Here's to great posts !

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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