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Casting Crew

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

Gaped Wide Open

Hairy thighs gaped wide open,
his underwear rides high
giving only a glimpse of his flesh.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Sincere Thanks

Thank you to all who visit my blog. To get updates of new posts follow me by clicking the blue "join this site" button.  Thanks for your support.

Here's to great shots!

Brown Sweetness

Under the Tree

Nocturnal Emissions

 I asked him if he's straight gay or bi. "I only been with women. I love pussy.  Nothing like it  !" He replied.
" So you don't have a problem posing nude especially in front of another guy? "I asked.
 "No, I think I am an exhibitionist at heart.  It may take awhile to warm up but I'll be o.k." He responded.

I told him to get naked, and immediately as soon as his pants drops he has a raging hard on in his shorts.

I got him on the bed and positioned him in various ways.
When I prompted him to get on all fours he happily obliged asking, " Is this good ?"
"Perfect !" I shouted.

As I shot him in various angles,  he began gyrating his hips and hole in the air. He was really enjoying himself.  All the time his dick stayed rock hard.

After awhile of shooting him in this position I told him to take a few minute break.
Still erect, he sat up on the bed and relaxed for a minute.  At that moment we captured this.



Skin like porcelain
He lays on his back.
With a gentle thrust
He finds the threshold. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shadow Dancer

Posting comments, enlarging Photos, rating posts (Part II)

Last weekend we went over posting comments. To review this you can visit the archive at the bottom of the page entitled Posting comments, enlarging Photos, rating posts  

To view a larger version  of a photo is very simple.  Just click on the image and " Voila ! " You have an enlarged photo. Just a note : Not all pictures will be a large file, so what you see is what you get with some pics.

Now for rating Pics:

Not all bloggers have a rating box.  I happen to have one for mine because I enjoy knowing what people think of my work.  just click the one that suits your opinion and your done !

Well, here are a few tips that are probably very elementary to most but were revelations for me.
Remember we aren't all tech savvy.  But if I can impart some of the things I learned to someone that may need it, I've done what I set out to do for that day.

Well for now I'm gonna say, "Ciao !"

 Here's to great shots !


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Sexy Marine Guy

Every gay photographer should have one.
Here's mine . 

What kinda guy does it for you?

So what kind of guy does it for you?

Victory !

Minor victory ! I found the gadget to allow you guys to follow my blog ! Whew ! Now i just need some followers . lol  but for now ............

Looking For New Direction

Creating a successful blog is much harder than it appears.
Although I have had a few hits here and there, I have yet to capture the attention
of others with my work.
I've gone on line a checked out many blogs
and though I belong to some great blogs with pictures of hot guys
and interesting stories, I want to stay with posting my own material.

I will continue to check out other posts and see what formula brings in the masses.
I guess for now all I will do is continue to post and see what happens.
Any suggestions ?


Monday, July 21, 2014

Introducing Tommy Gunz

Tommy has become somewhat of a muse of mine. Definitely look for many images of this guy.

Rock Hard


Clothes Off !

Another Shy Guy

More Pictures of Anthony

Some people are a little more inhibited than others.  Anthony was quite shy at first.  I almost cancelled because I didn't know how it would work out.  After twenty minutes into photographing, He opened up.  Thank goodness for stealing his clothes !  Just kidding...........kinda :)

Good morning

Just waking up. Thought I'd post some pics. Any request ?

Wet spot

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Posting comments, enlarging Photos, rating posts

Writing a comment on a blog is usually a simple task but it is often easy to forget how its done.

Here are two ways I'm familiar with : 

1. Click on the title of the post you want to comment on.
A good example is this one.

The title of this post is called "Posting comments,enlarging photos, rating post." Click on that title and it will bring you to a page with just that post. Scroll down and you will see a box entitled "Post a comment a comment." All you have to do is type your comment and click the blue button "publish" and you just shared your thoughts with with us !

2.  Another way to comment is to scroll down at the bottom of the post and it will show how many comments were made. Right now mine says "No comments" because I'm all alone out here in blog land :-(  Click on that and it will bring you to that place where you can type your deepest darkest fantasies in that box. And make it juicy ! LOL press the blue publish button and we are good to go. 

Whew ! All this typing has made me tired ! I'll come back with part two : enlarging photos and maybe even part three: rating post after my oatmeal break. 

Ciao for now !

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Men



Like a smooth ebony statue he arched his back.  That moment was all that was needed to capture Anthony at his finest. Skin as smooth and rich as deep dark chocolate, he crouches in a moment allowing only a few seconds to capture the essence of his beauty.

What would you do for a moment with a fine backside as such ?



I met this gentleman back in 2007.  He was one of the few people that was actually on the Casting Couch. 
And no not that way ! (Get your minds out the gutter !)  Although I haven't seen him in years, I often think about him and long to run into him to capture more great images of a beautiful man with great body. The quality isn't as good as my scanner is not the best.

Click on the title : Mr. DEE to post a comment. Share your thoughts.

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