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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


"For Lovers Only"

"For Lovers Only II"

"For Lovers Only" is a series I created in 2008 featuring Leo and Lisa. It was originally going to be a series featuring various straight couples. However, due to the challenges of finding couples to participate, lack of funds, and everyday life issues, it was scrapped. Here are some shots from our session. Hope you enjoy.

"Lover's Window Light"


Leo and Lisa were great to work with. There was a great chemistry between them that helped derive an amazing set of images.

Even on break there's no escaping the click of the photographer.


  1. Both are quite good looking and in nice shape. A series of str8 videos would've been cool - even with just the two of them!

    1. Yes indeed. Way before my little ipad. Back then I HATED any type of video and I sucked at it. Now I could kick myself for not learning video or at least documenting my sessions. I Just getting into it with my Ipad. I still suck but its cool to see someone in action !

  2. I did a collection similar in college only I used poloroids and made them into a small sculpture and several black and white block prints
    Do you still have Leo's number? Would love to give him a call (just to make sure he is still straight ;-)

    1. I don't know if I'll ever see them again. I would love to work with them again. Numbers change, people move. But have no fear ! I'm always on the hunt for booty.... I mean beauty :-)
      As far as him being straight I'm sure there was a slight "bend" here or there. :)

  3. What a beautiful collection of images! Lisa is a beautiful woman, but you know I am drawn more to Leo and his beautiful body. I loved the "Anticipation" shot and the one where Lisa is holding his leg and he is standing. Beautiful in so many ways!

    1. That's one of my favorite shots also. I'm glad you enjoy it.

  4. very nice couple. both of them very sexy!


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