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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


 Man ! Its going to be a busy month! I have so many things to talk about, New models to post, and I'm actually getting requests and questions in my email.... And yes I'm checking my mail more often now ! LOL
This post goes out to a very special friend of mine tonyitalian1951 who asked if I ever published any nudes of myself. After referring him to my tag MARK GREENE I decided to skim through and discovered I don't have an entire post of just me really And very few of me totally nude.

There are probably  reasons but the two that best answers why would be

1. I'm a voyeur. I love to watch. I love to observe a man as he takes off his clothes. The things he does when he's naked in front of me turns me into an animal.  I love seeing a sexy man willing to lay himself bare and vulnerable before me. It shows a level of trust and anyone who can have that trust has a lust and curiosity of what's to come which makes my experience so much more pleasurable.

I'm a voyeur not an exhibitionist.  There are so many layers to me. I hate peeling back many of those layers. (Clothes wise as well as metaphorically.)

2. I have grown quite self conscience over the years as I put on more and more weight. Back in my MISCHIEVOUS THIRTIES I was a thin sexy thing.  I still feel sexy there's just a little more of me.  And as much as i love a little jelly on a sexy guy, its a different thing when that jelly is on me.  But what the hell... I've been requested by a few people to show more of me not just here but on Instagram as well.  So here you go . me and my Jelly ! LOL

                                                              HAPPY TO SEE YOU

                                                           ME AND MY JOCKSTRAP


  1. Well, Mark, I don't see any jelly. I see one hunk of a man with a beautiful dick. Yeah, tonyitalian1951, I agree: I want to see more, too!

  2. I knew you were adorable, but didn't think you'd make me gag! Your just the right size in the right place!!!!! If we lived close, I'm your opposite.... A nice photo spread with white denim. Would you like that?!? I mischievous today........

  3. you look so sexy!!! I wish I could be taken in pics by you!

  4. Mark, what a beautiful cache of your photos. You were kind enough to send them to my e-mail as well. I cannot thank you enough. I love that bubbly cum spurting from your big dick!!!

  5. Mark, I think your photos are awesome. I am sure that you can guess which one was my favorite. LOL! You should pose in front of the camera more often because you are sexy!

  6. You are sexy as heck! Love the photos. Please do more.


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