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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


It was no more than ten seconds after Bill and Andre entered the apartment, that Andre leaned in to kiss Bill for the second time.

Bill interrupted the kiss by saying, "Whoa, wait!  What the hell are we doing?  We're close friends!"

"Bill.  Do you remember the dare you did less than 10 minutes ago?"

"Yes," Bill said sheepishly.

"Good!.... Give me your hand."

Andre grabbed Bill's arm and guided it down to his crotch.  Andre's bulge was at full attention and hard as a brick.

"It looks like someone's happy to see me," Bill joked.

Andre reached down and gently grabbed a hold of Bill's bulge.

"You must be just as happy as I am!"

They both smiled with an embarrassed look on their faces.  

Overcome with lust, Bill finally coaxed Andre to the couch in the living room.  Taking off their shirts; Bill began to kiss Andre's lips.  Then he went down to his neck, running his lips down to his nipples.  The excitement of seeing Andre's dark skin was more than arousing for him.  The contrast between their bodies was very foreign for Bill.  He had never been with a black guy before.  This was something he had always fantasied about but never acted upon.  However, tonight his fantasy was right in front of him on the couch, shirtless and with a hard on in his jeans.

Bill kissed Andre down to his navel.  He stayed right there as the tip of his nose caressed the only hair that was on his torso.  Curious to know more about this trail, he unbuttoned Andre's jeans.  Out sprung Andre's dick that popped up in his boxers like a tent.

As Bill's lips and nose drew closer to Andre's crotch he could smell the masculine scent of his musk which drove him crazy.  Unable to control his urges, he pulled down Andre's shorts just below his balls and began to swallow as much of his dick that his mouth would take.  Bill always prided himself with having excellent deep throat skills.  This one would prove to be his first challenge.

Andre, being as horny as he was; pushed Bill's head down lower.  He gyrated his hips deeper in Bill's mouth causing him to gag and spew spit out the side of his mouth.  Then he grabbed the back of his head and started to give his mouth long deep strokes.

As much as this was a major challenge for Bill, he took ever inch with delight.

The only sounds that were made were the wet sloppy slurps, the moans that came from both men, and the sound of Bill gagging, followed by the gurgle of spit that would run down Bills face.

"Man I love your cock!"  Bill said as he came up for air.

His face was beet red.  His eyes and nose were runny and somehow the sight turned Andre on all the more.

Andre started to get really excited.  He started to slow down on pumping when he warned, "Fuck! I'm close! I'm close!"

As Andre attempted to pull out, Bill grabbed hold of his hips, bringing him closer so he couldn't pull away.

"Fuck Bill! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" 

Andre tried hard to pull out but Bill had him captive.

"Bill I'm going to........."

Before he could finish his sentence, his warm load flooded Bill's mouth.

Bill made sure not to stop until as much of his jizz was swallowed.

Andre then violently spasmed as he pushed Bill away.

After a few seconds Andre opened his eyes and looked at a red faced Bill with spit and splooge covering his chin.

"Wow!" He exclaimed.  "I never felt anything like that!"

"Really? Never?" Bill repeated in amazement.

"I never came in anyone's mouth before!"

"How did you like it?"

"That was fucking awesome!"

"Wow! I can say that I officially popped your cherry!"

 "Yes you can," Andre laughed.

"And I can also say you you popped mine."

"Really how was that?"

Very nervous to mention that Andre was the first black guy he's been with.  He made various hints around the subject until Andre finally caught on and asked,"Was I your first black guy?"

"Yes," he said  quietly.

"Hey Bill! Its no big deal!"

"Yes it is! Its hella big.......and thick; almost made me choke!"

They both laughed.

"Would you like to stay over?  I can make you some breakfast tomorrow."

"Sure I would like that," he paused. "So what are we going to tell the guys?"

"We don't have to tell them anything for now. Let's just see where this goes. Cool?"


"Well, I don't know about you but I'm getting tired," Bill said.

"Where would you like for me to sleep?"

"Really? I just drank a gallon of your jizz and you're worried about where to sleep?" "Sleep your ass on the floor!"

Andre looked at him frozen.

Bill laughed,"I was just joking! You are such an idiot! You're gonna sleep in the bed with me silly!"

Andre had a relieved look on his face.

"You're gonna have to get a sense of humor," Bill teased as they walked into the bed room. 

They stripped down to their underwear and got ready for bed.

Later in the middle of the night, Andre began to toss and turn.  He turned over on his left side which was the same side Bill was sleeping on.  Bill being half way awake moved his back closer to Andre.  

By this time both Andre and Bill were awake but both pretended to be asleep.  Slowly Bill backed up on Andre.  Andre placed his arm around Bill putting them in the spooning position.

Andre felt himself getting aroused in his underwear.  Not wanting to break this code of pretend sleep; he continued to spoon Bill without saying a word.

Andre was ready to burst open with lust but didn't dare make any moves without some type of body language from Bill.

Just right then Bill backed up on him so that Andre's hard on was pressed against the crack of his ass.  

Andre was going insane inside trying not to make any moves.  But all he could feel was Bill's warm butt cheeks radiating on an already throbbing cock.

To relieve the agony Andre gave in and started to grind his hard dick between Bill's cheeks that were barricaded between both of their drawers.

Horned up and ready; Andre pulled his boxers down and began to probe between Bill's cheeks giving him the most erotic wedgie he's ever had. 

If he pushed hard enough he could have easily torn through those tighty whities with that raging hard on of his.  But instead Bill took off his underwear allowing Andre's cock to play around his hole.

"You got some lube," Andre asked.

"Whoa! I'm sorry! We need to stop!" Bill said.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry. I was hella horny.  You were hella horny but we need to slow this down."

"But I don't understand you were into it. I was into it.  I just.."

Bill interrupted, "Please forgive me.  I really didn't mean to lead you on.  Maybe staying here wasn't a good idea."

"I will respect your right to say no, but damn Bill! You have to give me some type of explanation! I mean you went down on me.  You invited me into your home.  You let me push up on you.  What the hell? I'm not mad or anything.  I just don't under...."

"I'm positive!"  He yelled interrupting him.

"I'm positive," he whispered gently, as they looked at each other heartbroken.

"So what now," Andre asked with a trembling voice.

"Good question," Bill said as he walked away.

(To Be Continued) 


  1. great story. I loved these words:
    Before he could finish his sentence, his warm load flooded Bill's mouth.
    Bill made sure not to stop until as much of his jizz was swallowed.

    1. True story. I didn't realize how turned on I was writing this until I got out of the chair to do something and noticed a wet spot in my pants. I got wet enough for me to see the spot through my pants. I write so much and work on erotic photos so much that I don't even realize I'm walking around the house with a boner or a wet spot in my drawers. I don't know if that's good or bad.

  2. Damn good, Mark... Looking forward to the next installment!

    1. Thank you very much. I always enjoyed writing. But I never knew I would be as excited to build a story like I have been lately

  3. Wow, read the text and... It's quite an interesting read, I gotta add! :)

    Lots of love, Mark!

  4. I am looking forward to the next installment. :-)


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