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Monday, June 24, 2019


I never got into major raunch.  But having a kinky side,  I did decide to answer the message on my Recon account inviting me over for a night with a horny bottom.

The scenario was to go as followed:

The bottom that went by the name "Piggy" was to be fucked and jizzed out of his gourd while his dominant partner "SIR" supervised.

We spent time chatting back and forth.  SIR mentioned how he liked my profile and how he was looking for another Top to help him fill up his boy.  Back in my thirties I was much more inclined in kinky activities and experiments.  Leaving all inhibitions as well as expectations behind: I accepted the invitation.  

When I got to the hotel room and opened the door, there was Piggy on the floor on his knees with nothing on but a jockstrap and a collar around his neck.  He was a good looking guy.  He was white with short brownish hair and barely enough peach fuzz on his chin to notice.  His body was very smooth with the exception of his arm pits and his bushy butthole that looked just like the pit of a peach when he bent over.

SIR was noticeably older than Piggy.  I would have guessed at least 10 to 15 years older.  He was handsome but more rugged looking than his partner.  He was dressed in some faded blue jeans, black leather boots, a tight white tee shirt, black gloves and a black baseball cap: Almost Identical to what I was wearing except I didn't sport my leather gloves and my shirt was black.  And to be honest, he wore his tee shirt three times better than I did.  He was all man with his big chest and rock hard arms.

He gave out a chuckle as he said,"I never knew I had a twin."

"Different fathers possibly?" I questioned sarcastically.  

We laughed at the scenario, especially taking that he's White and I'm Black.

"Come on in," he motioned.

It was obvious that Piggy was getting ready to please SIR.  He was on his knees leaning forward unbuckling SIR's belt. And by the bulge in SIR's pants he was definitely ready.

"No! Not yet!" SIR ordered his boy.

"You have some work to do first," he commanded.

The young guy obediently stopped, turned and scooted on his knees toward me.  He looked up at me as to get the Okay signal.  

I looked towards SIR as he had his hand on his bulge, squeezing it gently to ease the swelling.  He pulled out a cigar, lit it up, barely raising his head and gave me a nod.

I said to the young man, "Boy!"

"Yes Sir."

"I believe that's my cue," I said as I unzipped and grabbed the back of his head.

(To Be Continued On New Website...Coming This Fall 2019)

Thursday, June 20, 2019


There seems to be an enormous weight on erotic artists to create artwork that is not too racy.

If the model is male and he's spread eagle it's considered smut.  However a woman in the same pose can be artistic.  The double standard of what is considered pornography and what is art is one that has baffled me since I began my journey almost 15 years ago.

The line between porn and art has always been a thin one. But no matter what, eyebrows will always be raised bringing tighter rules and regulations to the art world. Various platforms won't even allow images showing buttocks or anything that shows a male erection.  Forget the erection;  Many won't even allow a penis at all to be seen.

The ever so growing trend of naughty pictures without being naughty is totally crap.  An egg plant emoji is not part of my art concepts.  A peach does not substitute a round fuzzy ass.

And now to not offend anyone with our manhood we have tucked and hid our members out of sight and out of mind. The male image now has a mangina.

Well this is where I draw the line ! Give me a piece of that ass, give me manpussy, give me your cunt, give me your bussy; but mangina ??? Fasten your chasity belts darling, it's gonna be a prudish ride!

I consider myself an erotic artist.  I never wanted to equate any of my work with pornography.   But guess what ! Some of my material is pornographic.  And you know what ?  I'm okay with that.  I've learned to take pride in my art form. So the answer to the age old question to art or porn is, "It's THE MALE CASTING COUCH." 

Take it or leave it; but this is The Couch !

Now excuse me as I get back to my smut.  :-)

Sunday, June 9, 2019


Actually had a good time today @ Gay Pride. We did have to wait a long time to get in due to protesters blockading all entrances. I’m sorry but denying others the opportunity to enjoy themselves because you don’t want the cops there is the silliest thing to me. Yes there are some not so good cops out there. I’ve experienced some but I’ve experienced some really good ones as well. And to make people who are there to protect and serve our community unwelcome is no different than discriminating any other group. Stop screaming about wanting to be included when you are excluding others yourselves. My soapbox is done and happy Gay Pride everyone ! 🏳️‍🌈🎉

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


It was very good seeing an email from model Anthony that I worked with about six or more years ago. 

 He is as handsome as ever.  

We caught up on old times and was able to get him in a tight fitting jockstrap that hugged in all the right places. Enjoy !

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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