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This is a small victory. But this is FAR from Justice.  Justice is when ALL men and women sworn to protect and serve the public are held to the same accountability as ALL other Americans; not just some.  It’s when Black and Brown Americans will stop being the targets of a racist system that continues to subliminally declare that our lives don’t matter.  Black, Brown, Asian and all other lives matter.  This is just the beginning of a long fight. So tonight we celebrate a small victory but in NO way is this called Justice.  The fight continues. 👊🏽



I haven’t done a photo shoot since February last year.
It felt great to pickup the old camera again.
On my journey out and about yesterday, I ran into a guy I photographed years ago. He agreed to get together. It took some time to get used to shooting from a distance than usual. But all in all it was a good session.


It was such a beautiful sight watching Dakota ride the big black bull and leaving a sexy mess on the table.

Do I ever regret him not riding my black bull and making a sexy mess on me ? 

Although I often think about it; Goodness knows I’ve beaten my poor buddy to a pulp stroking to his images. I still wouldn’t change a thing. 

There is something about having self control and being focused enough to get some amazing images from our session. And yes I enjoy being a tease, just like I enjoy being teased. And you don’t see all the dirty things these horny, sexy men do that sends me into orbit. 


 I’m back at it again; using my blog originally intended for sharing my erotic pictures and stories to share my social frustration and concerns. There is a trend of hate crimes against Asian Americans that is happening. Innocent people are being pushed, attacked hurt and even killed for no other reason than hate. 

The thing about it is these cowards have the nerve to attack people they feel are easy targets. Most people who do these crimes don’t have the guts to pick on someone they think can stand up to them. But what’s even worse is that many witnesses do absolutely nothing to stop or help them. And yes video of the incident is helpful for authorities. But can SOMEONE put the phone down and help? I’m not saying put yourself in harms way. I’m just saying someone can call 911, a group of people can prevent further attack by scaring them off; anything than just staring.  We live in an age where everything is reality entertainment.  Yes phone footage has been helpful in catching offenders and recognizing them. But if I had the choice to watch someone get injured or murdered before my eyes or help the victim in any way; I would like to think I would choose the latter.  I can’t say for certain how I would respond.  Fear is a weird thing but damn ! I would have to do something.

And for the for those who think they are doing something big by bullying citizens they think are easy targets, take heed from your little buddy : 




The myth must be real. A rare sighting of Mark’s booty was seen early this morning located in the Northern bathroom of the Greene household. Tune in for tonight for more breaking news.



 Today's post with the most comes from the one and only MISTRESS MADDIE With SO LONG. I just want to wish you a peaceful time away. Hopefully you will have some great posts as usual to share when you come back. And may you find comfort in your recent loss. Anyway ! We love you and you are missed. Take great care. And hopefully we will see you soon.


Alpha in every way, he made it easy to capture his masculine traits. I had the opportunity of being in the right location at the right time.

Surrounded by white walls, white bed sheets and a white fluffy pillow; The contrast on his ebony skin screams out the parallels between that moment and the reality of being an underrepresented, unappreciated gem in a media that only celebrates the status quo.

Not realizing his awesome unscripted pose; when showing the image back to him he said stoically and nonchalantly, "Pretty badass." and got back on the bed to finish the session.

His usual stoic demeanor makes it hard to tell if he is enjoying himself during the shoot. And then the layers finally starts to peel once he realizes how enthralled I am by his masculinity.