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Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Like a pirate searching for gold
He found his treasure buried deep.

Looking on in lust 
He lay naked and tumescent 
As he watched his lover plow.

He watched his lover dig deep
The treasure into another.

The howl of the young man-boy
Could be heard throughout the halls.

All the young man could do
Is grip the sheets and prepare for the
Thrust of masculinity that would flood
The insides of his walls.

The observer watched 
As his lover showed no mercy 
To the tender.

Nineteen innocent years
Busted all over the sheets.

The brute of a lover 
Let out a forceful yell
As he pumped every ounce
Of manhood deep into the man-boy’s body.

He leaned back and let out a sigh.

His manhood still stiff and pulsing
From the overflow.

The observer 
Now parched with desire 
Greedily swollows the sticky phallus
Leaving not one drop wasted.

He turns and realizes 
The true treasure 
Is still buried deep within.

He looks at his lover.
His lover looks at him.

Then with the force of his tongue 
He digs to find his riches.

The brute commands.

The young man pushes
As he is pierced
By the long wetness 
That violates his inner part.

As he pushes 
The lover that once 
was a voyure 
Feels the warm salty
Cream that warms his tongue.

It slides down 
The back of his throat
Like a warm creamy treat.

All three men delirious 
And worn out 
Lay sticky with the stench
Of sex in the air.

Each one elated 
With the gift 
Of possessing 
The buried treasure. 

Monday, September 3, 2018


Sometimes silence speaks louder than words.
And eyes will reveal more than we are willing to share.

Sunday, September 2, 2018


It's 700am.  The golden rays from the morning sun shines through the sheer curtains of the hotel room.  I chose to spend the weekend in a comfortable hotel. 

Even though it's just a few miles away from my home, I still wanted to just get away from everything.

I turned my phone off.  Not even Boss came with me.  This is a time to enjoy the peacefulness of solitude.  So what did I do ? Last night I stripped butt naked. 

For the first time in a long time I felt free. There were no worries about body image. There were no questions why I did something one way or another. It was just me.

I did some writing.  I also watched some porn and masturbated. 

This morning I'm definitely going to masturbate. But I will not do it to any porn.  Today I'm going to allow my mind and body to take me there.  I'm actually getting aroused thinking about it.  For a few hours I'm going to unplug and explore myself. And it's all going to take place on this plush bed. No interruptions no additional visual aids, just me. So I guess you can say I have a date with myself. LOL And I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

Saturday, September 1, 2018


Hello September.
It's good to see you again.

Believe it or not
I've waited all year
to greet you.

The sun is setting
and the dusk sky
radiates the room
as I write with pen and pad
the joy it brings to see your face.

I choose to use the natural light
even though the room dims
minute by minute
as dusk turns into night.

Something about the way
the soft evening light fills the room
creating shadows and highlights
only this time of the day can create.

And now I begin to strain.

I fight the fight 
until I need supplementary light.

Call me crazy for writing in the dark.
But it is this dim light.

It's this time of day
that converts into night.

It sparks the creative fire
that burns within.

Welcome back September.
And may evening
give birth to a new spark.

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Twenties; Whatever.  ABSOLUTELY LOVED my thirties.  Forties suck!  Is it over yet??? What will my fifties bring?? Stay tuned.

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