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Saturday, March 4, 2017


It was Saturday evening and Tommy decided he would host tonight since he really enjoyed putting together fun events for the crew.  It would be the usual gang which consisted of Tommy and his boyfriend Rick.  There was the husband and wife couple James and Carol, Bill who was bisexual and single but had a major crush on Andre which was the shyest out of the group.

Tommy really liked hosting events especially for the straight couple because they were the first people on the block to invite them to dinner.

It had been a rough few months in the neighborhood with all the funny looks and stares they got being the only gay couple in the neighborhood.  It was refreshing to to have a couple of neighbors as open and friendly as them.  Besides James wasn't bad to look at either.

The gathering started around 8:00pm.  They ate pizza and drank beer and enjoyed each others company.  As the night moved along Carol asked, "Hey you guys have any games?"

"Damn! That's what I forgot to pick up today!" Tommy Exclaimed.

"How about cards?" yells Bill.


Everyone pretty much came to that agreement.

"How about truth or dare," suggest  Rick.

"Eeew! The crowd yells in unison.

"Wait a minute! This might be fun! It would be a good way to get to know each other even better," Carol explains.

After a few minutes of coaxing they all agreed to play.

"Since you're so gung ho Little Miss Thing you're first," Tommy says to Carol.


"Truth or Dare. Did you fuck James on your first date?"

"Hell yeah! What kind of girl do you think I am?"

They all burst out in laughter.

"O.K. Now your turn. Truth or Dare. Who takes it up the butt? You or Rick?"

Everyone started laughing hysterically and gave her hi fives for having the guts to go to that level; Everyone but Rick who is very private about what goes on behind closed doors.  Tommy looked at a mortified version of Rick and said,"Dare!"

"O.K. I dare you to eat this hot pepper."

  Everyone knows how much he hates hot peppers which caused major laughing and teasing from the dare.  Two bites into it and he was at the sink spiting while the rest of the gang were on the floor laughing.

"Oh you're so gonna get it for that one!"

"Bring it," she says with confidence.

"O.K. James Truth or Dare."


"Have you ever fucked Carol in the ass before?"


"No going back. you said truth."

Knowing that he was just as private about their sex life, Tommy said, "I will give you a break this time but you have to do the dare."


Tommy got out the whipped cream, dipped his finger in it and to him to lick it off.  And not just lick it but to suck it.

Hesitantly he cautiously licked.

"Suck it!"

Embarrassingly he began to suck on his finger.

His wife looked on in both shock and amusement.

Eager to get revenge James picked Rick.

"Rick is there someone here that has a crush on someone else?"

Rick knew that he was referring to Bill having a crush on Andre. Rick choose the dare which was to chug a 16oz beer. Rick is in no way a drinker but he completed the dare.

After the dare Rick turned to Bill and said, "Truth or Dare."

Bill, being afraid that someone would ask him if he liked Andre, decided to take the dare.

"I dare you to tongue kiss Andre for 60 seconds."

The crowd went crazy.  Everyone but Andre knew about the elephant in the room and now the challenge was on.

"Are you crazy!" Bill exclaimed.

"What I'm not good enough for you?" Andre snapped jokingly.

"No. its just.."

"Come on you know you want to," James yelled.

Just then Andre grabbed him by the waist and planted his lips on his.  Bill closed his eyes and opened his mouth to invite his tongue in.

As things heated up Andre reached around to grab his butt.  That kiss felt like it lasted 5 minutes.  At the 60 second point James yelled, "Time!"

At that point Bill said," Its getting late Rick can I get a ride home?

"I was planning on staying here tonight but sure."

Andre added,"You know, I can give you a ride.

"No I can't put you out your way."

"It's no trouble at all!"

On the ride home there was total silence.

Andre parked the car walked Bill to the door and asked," Is everything O.K.with us?"

"Sure why wouldn't it be?"

"I don't know. I just want to make sure that we're cool."

"Oh yes I'm just a little tired."Bill said. 

And then he continued," I do have one question.


"When we kissed, you grabbed my butt." 

"Can I take a dare?"

They both laughed.

"Well I've seen how good you look in your jeans.  I always thought you had a nice butt.  I figured this is my opportune time to get a grab......Sorry."

"Oh please! don't be sorry."

Then Andre said ,"Truth or Dare."

"I think we stopped playing that about an hour ago."

"O.K. then I'm just going to go for a dare. "

That's when Andre walked up to Bill and grabbed his butt again and started kissing him.

Bill, nervous, said in a trembling voice, "There's a dare I've been wanting to do all night."

"Do it!"

That's when he cautiously lowered his hand and gently touched Andre's crotch and squeezed gently filling his hands with a semi erect bulge.

"Well. It's getting late maybe I better get out of here before something happens," Andre says.

"You don't have to leave. you can come in for awhile if you like."

"Well maybe for a little bit."

They both smile as Bill opens the door.

(To Be Continued)


  1. very erotic!!! happy sunGAY!!!

  2. Oh boy.....truth or dare has got me in trouble many times. Excuse me now........

  3. It was just getting juicy and it is a "to be continued"! Mark, you are a tease! LOL!

    1. Yeah baby ! That's my nick name LOL True story! I'm not doing my job if i don't leave you coming back for more ! LOL

  4. Once. Once I agreed to that game. Ended up having to admit in front of a whole group of people (some I knew, some I didn't) that I had indeed sucked cock. A few shocked faces, but lots of laughter....

  5. I want to play this truth or dare. I'm a very bicurious str8 guy recently divorced and anxiously excited to suck my first cock.I just don't know how to hookup with someone locally that is also willing to break in a true cock virgin. I'm only interested in being a bottom at the moment. Someone help please. Desperate to ride and swallow in San Antonio

    1. Anonymous , First thank you for reading my story. I hope you continue to read and enjoy my blog. I hope you find a good experience. The first can be the greatest experience or it can be a nightmare. I would say be very careful now days it's very crazy with so many STDs and HPV and everything else out there. (Not to be a kill joy but ) Really be careful. I would be curious to know if you are looking for just a quick experience or a relationship. if its something quick and easy there are plenty of phone apps to check out . If you ever want to chat about whatever You can reach me at . I'm not the best at checking emails but I am starting to check it more often. (I actually have fans that hit me up every now and then.

      Good luck and cheers !


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