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Monday, June 1, 2015

Vote : Man Of the Month

 Gentlemen,  May has been a crazy month with work. Also my internet was horrible so I couldn't be online like I wanted.   I'm back but my internet still isn't great but I look forward to chatting with my buddies, and getting back to checking out the man candy I missed out on all my favorite blogs.  But for now we have the Man of the Month.

Vote for the guy you want to see naked for the month of June.

Each guy will have his name under his image.  Just comment on the person you want featured for June or post his name in the comment section. Voting will start June 1, 2015 and will end June 8, 2015. The model with the most votes will be featured throughout the month of June. Let's keep it at one vote per model and a maximum of two models.

 If this is successful, I may continue with it Every other month or so. Lets see how it goes !


Michael Diamond


  1. For me Darren is the sexiest!
    thanks for have CUMmed back to us!

    1. thank you for your friendship and your awesome blog.

  2. Sorry to hear about the computer issues. Hope all has been properly and permanently addressed. Thanks for visiting my blog, and the participation! It's so greatly appreciated.

    Oh... My vote goes to Jon.

  3. My God !
    I liked all them! I'd love to see a Latino man ( BJ ? ) representing the Latino men like me!
    But, all them, are really Hot! Damn!

    Anthony with his beautiful smile! My God!

    Mike, lying in bed, this provocative position ... I'm boner here! (Laughs ) ...

    Anyway, I'm impressed with the beautiful body from Jon (He did a good job with your body, not you think?) ...

    I think the chosen MUST be HIM. So, my vote to Jon .
    Let's show mature men!
    A really hot daddy!
    I would like to be his son!  (LOL)...

    1. Hey Breno,

      I'm working on various themes. You gave me an excellent Idea to have a month dedicated to Latin Men.
      It may take some time casting and scouting. But I will work on that. And YEEES! Brown skin is a beautiful thing !
      But hey ! Anyone who knows me knows I will test out all 31 flavors ! :-)
      Stay tuned.

    2. I'm glad to help!
      Wow! 31 flavors... hehehe... I would not do better!
      I'm waiting anxiously for these Latino men !

  4. I gotta go with Jorgen.... he looks like he would br really raunchy and love lots of cum play!

  5. I have to go with Jon also. He's hot and coming from a guy that's 55, I get tired of twinks all over the place. By the way It looks like he has a big one.

  6. All hot, but I have choices!
    1 - Anthony - love the small, and so hot!
    2 - Jorgen; right after Anthony. So sexy, and intriguing look, sparkle in the eye!

  7. I'm thinking Terry would be fun to service.

    Now if I were in a barn on a farm in Texas somewhere, I'd be on all fours in the hayloft (or in a sling) with Jorgen. He looks like a dirty, dirty man to me.

  8. I think my vote is for Terry as well, with several others (Robert, Jorgen, Anthony) all ready to take Terry's place should he be unable to fulfill his duties as Man of the Month!


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