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I haven’t done a photo shoot since February last year.
It felt great to pickup the old camera again.
On my journey out and about yesterday, I ran into a guy I photographed years ago. He agreed to get together. It took some time to get used to shooting from a distance than usual. But all in all it was a good session.


  1. nice pics and guy (a bit too inked)!

  2. I adore how men's bodies age. How he's filled out. How gravity has taken a bit of a toll... lovely. We need to embrace all our frailty - even when presented in such a strong, vital package as this. Sexy knows no bounds...

  3. This virus has changed us all.... We need to embrace the changes as we age.

  4. I remember him! He's sexy!

    If I ever get picture done like these and get back out that way, I want you to do them. Not even met, I know I would feel comfortable with you.

    Hope your well cutie, and all is well.

  5. Nice work , Mark! Like playing an instrument, gotta keep those camera skills in peak form. Nice poses..a good intimate portrait!

  6. Nice work all right Mark. I want to send you a selfie if I may. I just turned 70 last Monday.


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