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The Male Casting Couch is my journey as an artist to capture the beauty, masculinity and eroticism that makes a man who he is. The models I photograph are real men with real lives. I love hearing your thoughts opinions and suggestions. I look forward to sharing my journey and experiences with you. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Even with all the bullshit going on. Let’s not forget. So much he has said rings true today.  It’s important not to just pay homage to the man, but to listen to what was communicated and take to action the commission sent forth from the Civil Rights movement. The work is not over.

Thursday, January 9, 2020


There are so Many things to talk about.  There has been good bad and ugly in the last eight days.  I didn't want the first post of the year to be about all of the negative shit that is going on in the world.  Places in Australia is set a blazed, everyone is biting their nails at the possibility of war and I could go on.

I also didn't want to start with just another sex story or pictures and totally ignore what's going on in the world; so I guess this post is going to be kind of all over the place.

First I must say that I am thankful for those who follow my blog.  I am so grateful for those who comment and give their two cents actually more like valuable gold to my posts. People don't realize just how much it means to receive feedback from things expressed in a post. That interaction goes a long way. Whenever I may be down or feeling like shit warmed over (twice!) I often get a smile from the encouragement.

Even those who remain quiet are encouragements knowing that people all over the world visit my blog. It really is overwhelmingly exciting to know that I struggled for months to get followers and now I have hundreds a day.  I often say it's not about the numbers but it does encourage me to keep doing what I'm doing when I see people visit old posts like TALES OF MY MISCHIEVOUS THIRTIES:WHAT MY ROOMATE NEVER KNEW and more.  But true encouragement comes from the interaction with those who comment and share their stories.  I feel like I'm using the word "encouragement " a lot. Well it's really no other way to say it so........ENCOURAGEMENT!!!!!!

Now for the all over the place part :

We are dealing with a lot of crazy shit right now.  The U.S.A. remains divided over how “great America has been made” since the swearing in of The Great Pumpkin. I’m not going to attack those who are die hard fans of the Orange One. But it is pretty scary how one man could have such an influence over such a large group of people.

Up until now I have never shared my political views and don’t want to get to deep in it now; but it is time for us to wake up and understand that things are changing and it doesn’t look for the better. We must really think about what our voting decisions will do for us in years to come and future generations.......if we last that long.

 We have fires burning out of control in Australia. The possibility of war rages in the the back of our heads and people who have no reason to have fire arms are killing people left and right.

In a time when I seem so helpless, the one thing that does help in times like such is prayer.  Will some magical miracle happen? Most likely not. But knowing that others are thinking enough about you does bring comfort. Not to mention it is uplifting for the spirit.

I believe the one thing for me to get out of this crazy thing called life is to draw closer to GOD. (Never thought I’d be sharing this on a sex blog.) and not be afraid to take action toward making changes, whether in my community, my family or on a larger scale.

I’m not going to bombard myself with what 2020 will bring, whether good or bad. What I will do is like I said before; take time to draw closer to GOD, learn to unplug, invest more quality time with Boss and work on having an amazing website and blog for this year. 

Monday, December 30, 2019


Every now and then I'd put a shoutout to some of my favorite fellow bloggers. It is rare that I give a shout out to my followers just because I don't want to put them on blast at the possibility of them not wanting the public attention.

But there is one person that I did want to give a shout to. That is ONLYITALIAN1951.  We would chat sometimes. The last I heard that he was retiring from his job and in the process of moving.

I haven't seen you in any of the blog forums lately. I hope all is well with you and know that you are missed but we do hope you are enjoying your life.  May 2020 bring you much happiness and peace.

And to everyone who follows me and everyone I follow, have a happy and blessed New Year!

                                      The Scruffy Black Guy :-)

Saturday, December 28, 2019


What do you do when you come home to find your roommate masturbating in you friend’s room?  Well this happened and I will never forget what it did to me after seeing my buddy bust a nut in our roommate’s dirty drawers. 

TALES OF MY MISCHIEVOUS THIRTIES: WHAT MY ROOMMATE NEVER KNEW  goes inside not only masturbation, but also touches on voyeurism and the lust between horny roommates.

The arousal while writing this piece was inevitable and I assure you; I had no issue with that.
Check out the current Post With The Most : WHAT MY ROOMMATE NEVER KNEW.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019


Today's Post With The Most goes to the blog FAVORITE GAY PORN. This  blog is the guide for finding blogs that suits your needs in adult entertainment.  There are too many to mention.  But there are many choices on an array of lists to help you enjoy your "tension release."

Some of the lists are :Best gay porn blogs,  Free gay tubes and Best Blogspot blogs, which some of my Blogger buddies are on.  There are others like Gay porn directories, Free gay spanking and Gay porn stars Twitter. These are only a small few categories from dozens upon dozens of  categories to look for.  Also when you find a category, don't forget to scroll down inside that category that you are looking in because there may be more blogs in that category hiding . Be thorough and scroll if it will allow. You may never know what will tickle your fancy. 

Happy Blog Hunting!!

Sunday, December 22, 2019


It's been a long time since I been on the prowl.  No beating around the bush.  I'm just going to get to the point. It was a Tuesday morning.  I just dropped Boss to work.  I was horny all morning so I knew I would be looking for head,  Do you believe people still cruise bathrooms?

I get out of my car and look around.  Slowly I walk into the restroom.  It's only minutes after that a good-looking Latin guy in his mid forties comes in soon after.  

Quickly he bends down and starts blowing me. I must say I wasn't amused at all by the head I was receiving.  First; the location is public which makes it hard to be into what you are doing.  Also for me. I am not fond of someone bending down to suck my dick.  I like a guy to be on his knees looking up at me. I just feel the person really does a better job on his knees.  Maybe that position says a lot about my character.  There's definitely  a sense of power and maybe even dominace that one hold when your feeding cock to a hungry mouth.

By this time another person walked in.  He was a thin guy, also Latin. This guy was hot. And I enjoyed the head I got from him. 

The first guy was good but when his buddy came in; he stepped back, watched and stroked himself.
The second guy got on his knees and sucked me till completion. He wanted every drop of my cum and I gave it to him.

When we were all done I got in my car and went home.  Even though the feeling felt good for the moment, It just wasn't like it would be with my partner.

I don't know.  Maybe my hunting days are really behind me now.  But damn! Why do I still get that urge??  I crave it. I hunt it. I pounce. But when I'm done it does nothing for me.

We are all animals. We hunt, we prey, eat, sleep and fuck just like any other animal. But there is this one thing that separates us. ( And only by one unique difference) We have this conscience that bugs the hell out of us. or at least I do. And there is not enough ass, dick or sexual gratification that will change the fact that Boss is the one that truly matters and all else may feel real good for the moment but it's just temporary. 

Now if you excuse me; This animal has to deflea before Boss gets home.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Last week I shared about my encounter with with a guy named Do Dirty from  CHRONICLES OF THE SCRUFFY BLACK GUY : THEY CALL HIM "DO DIRTY" 

I found some footage from that shoot. I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


I've gotten numerous messages in my mail asking where all my erotic writings went and why I'm not writing as much.  Well, my writings are still on my blog.  They are a little harder to find because every so often I change my blog format to keep it fresh.  I often add and take away as I change my blog style.

And yes It has been a very long time since I wrote new material for TALES OF MY MISCHIEVOUS THIRTIES , CHRONICLES OF THE SCRUFFY BLACK GUY , and /or the TRUTH OR DARE series.

Since I will have one of my websites dedicated to my erotic writing, I am saving my works for my upcoming sites.  And if I hear one more person ask me "What's taking so long," I'm going to SCREAM! lol It has and continues to be a labor of love as well as a pain in my backside.  But it is coming.

For those eager horners and hornetts who are eager for a new juicy story, check this out:


It was definitely a different type of photo shoot than I was used to doing.

Usually I would set up equipment, rent a nice hotel room or find a unique location outdoors to shoot.  But taking that my funds were low and I was driving out of the city, I decided to go with the request of shooting at his place.  

I packed up my car with loads of gear; my cameras, lights, backdrops and outfits galore.  

As I reached my destination and walked into the small duplex like home, I realize that I packed way too much stuff, so I brought in the basic necessities.  

The apartment living room was small and the background was limited.  I really didn't know how to make this shoot work.  The place had very limited access to natural light or any light for a great shot.  Then it hit me: This didn't have to be a glammed up photo shoot.  I finally had a man in his natural habitat just doing what he does.  I went with this idea and began to document.

The gentleman came to the door and greeted me. 

He was a white guy; shirtless and wearing some baggy jeans with a chained wallet connected to the loop of his pants.  He had some tats on his chest and arms.  His style of dress; along with the tattoos, was that of someone who was definitely streetwise.  He obviously experienced and or seen a lot. 

He was a thick guy with somewhat of a belly on him.  He was kind of a bear type but he wasn't hairy at all. 

We sat in his living room and got to know each other.

"So what I'm going to do is get some shots of you and get some behind the scenes video footage as well."

"Cool," he replied.

He didn't appear nervous much but he did get a little shy when I started interviewing him on camera.

"Have you ever done any thing like this before?"

"No," he replied, but did confirm that he was fine.

I pointed the video camera in his direction and began to recording.

Talking into the mic, I began,"Okay, I'm working with a new model for my blog and we're looking for a hot porn name."

There's a short pause of silence as he smiles.

"And we're coming up with nothing," I joke.

"There's my street name."

"What's your street name?" 

"Do Dirty," He replies.

"Do Dirty! So we're gonna have Do Dirty!" I introduce.

"So, do you consider yourself gay, straight, Bi or Bi curious?"

"Bi curious," He answered.

"Have you ever done anything with another dude?"

"Yes," he answered.

Doing this for as long as I have, I have learned not to be too surprised at the amount of straight guys who has experimented with homosexuality.  But when he said,"Yes," it did somewhat surprise me.  

I guess the fact that he talked a great deal about his girl friend and the bond they have and also the fact that he had such a street mentality kind of threw me off.  But hey, even guys in the game need a lil sum, sum every now and then.

I continued,"What did you do?"

"Got head," he replied.

"You liked it?"

"Yeah. I loved it!"

"Anything else?"

"No," he answered.

"So you're more interested in getting head than giving?"

"Yes," he replied.

"Typical straight dude!" I joked.

We laughed a bit.  It was obvious that he was pretty comfortable so explained to him how my shoots usually goes.  Then I asked him to start taking his clothes off.

When he got to his boxers he pulled them down standing somewhat sideways exposing both his penis and his butt.  Had a nice penis which was still flaccid.  But he had an ass that gave me instant wood.

"You got a nice ass!" I complimented.

"Thank you," he replied with a smile.

"So if I wasn't here what would you be doing?"

"Probably jacking off watching some porn," he responded.

"So get to it!" I ordered.

Although we talked about it before I asked in the interview if he had a girlfriend in which he said yes.

"So what do you like?"

"Sexually? I'll try anything once."

That definitely caught my attention.

I asked him to tell me about a fantasy he had.  He talked about how he always wanted to get with a transexual.  As he was talking about it, his dick instantly started getting hard.

I told him if he didn't have a girlfriend I would give him some serious head.

"She wouldn't have to know," he said as he looked my way. 

As much as I wanted to get on that dick I had to refrain.  What was more tempting was that sexy ass of his.  He had this big round ass that I just wanted to attack.  And on top of that, his ass was a virgin.  I could just hear him moaning as I would stick my dick up in him.  But being a man that don't fuck around with other's property unless the other party is alright with it; I stood my ground. But don't think for a minute I didn't smack it and play with it a bit.  

The one thing I would have loved to do is break him in with a dildo.  I would have loved to have seen that.  I told him that the next time I saw him I would have some toys available.  He agreed. 

The shoot took place back in 2015 and I never went back.  I'm sure someone has taken that ass by now.  But to have one more visit with him; next time in my environment where I'm more free to experiment would be my ultimate goal.  But for now I will just enjoy reliving that sweet ass in my spank bank files.


Tuesday, December 3, 2019


After a somewhat lengthy hiatus I discovered that even if I don’t have any guys lined up to shoot I have to keep myself ready. I did find a gentleman online that I’ve been wanting to shoot. We chatted and it looks like we are going to film a shoot with him and another male model.

This will be a very interesting shoot as I will be both taking pictures and getting video footage.  And though I have done video clips before, This will be my first time filming a full length sex scene.

I have always allowed the models to explore their sexuality in front of the camera as much as they wished. But never have I’ve planned with a model a scene like this.

Like my photography I want to capture the beauty, eroticism and creativity of the set. But I don’t want to stage it and lose it’s realness. I want it to be authentic and real but I don’t want it to be cheep and dirty neither.

The line between smut and art can sometimes be a thin one.  I ain’t gonna lie.......I like both !
But when it comes to my work I want my work to be held in the highest esteem possible no matter how explicit.

Am I going to direct this in a specific direction or am I just going to let it go and let what happens happens? Hmm 🤔

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This blog contains material of an adult nature. If you are under the legal age (18 or 21 depending on where you are) do not visit this blog. If you are offended by nudity, acts of homosexuality, and explicit language DO NOT go any further and leave this site.

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