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Tuesday, October 25, 2016



Every so often you come into a kindred spirit; someone who sees exactly what you see.  Antonio is definitely that person for me.  He is an artist himself and has such a great vision.  It was totally surreal discussing ideas and our passions.

Laying his hand down to rest, I'm given the opportune pleasure to enjoy every hair that caresses his thigh. 


I had such a pleasure shooting many parts of this man's body........................for various reasons !

 The problem is getting this 6'4" body into an entire frame. Mr. Antonio laughing as I share my new found dilemma.

                                                 More to come
                                           Here's to a great vision.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Man there are so many post for me to post this week.

It's hard to figure out which one will be the next one. There are at least three good posts I have. I try not to post too much at one time because I want the audience to take in and comfortably enjoy each post.  I try not to release too many posts as to get the previous one lost in all the stimuli.  Sometimes I wait longer than some viewers would like. But I've been getting better with that. There is a reason for that, which will bring me to the reason I chose POST WITH THE MOST :TAKE TWO first.

Let's start with

I was shocked to find that one of my blog buddies decided to take a break from his blog for awhile.  He reassured his visitors that nothing is wrong and that he is taking time to figure out if what he post is too often and if he comments too much.  I found that to be a bit strange that he would think that until I visited his other blog  GUYS FROM BEHIND in which his post TO ALL YOU BUTT LOVERS OUT THERE talked about how he received certain feedback.

 I'm assuming its about his posting or how much he posts.  I have no idea.  But whatever the situation, I thought it was very important to share this because like he mentioned, blogging should be fun. 

Me personally, I try not to blog EVERY single day for the simple fact that I like to keep my posts visible enough for my followers to see what was posted as well as have time to really enjoy the post before going to the next.  I just don't want anyone to miss anything. 

Sometimes I just step away for awhile to get away from the internet.  As much as I love blogging, its easy to take criticisms and remarks to heart. 

My advice : Its cool to get away to become human again and enjoy some time unplugged.  Its very important to have quality time with nature, friends, family and yourself.  

But don't allow what someone else thinks to change your behavior if it is what brings you joy.  I look forward to great comments. I look forward to great posts. My charge is, "Be the best blogger you can be if that is what brings you satisfaction. Because even though your viewers bring in the numbers and it's important to appreciate your fans, It's YOU that is doing the hard work to put your artistry together. 

One of my favorite artists, Prince used to put out albums felt like every week. The record companies and critics said it was too much. It didn't stop him from putting out some of the greatest music to date. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! 

That was my rant for today.......LOL But truth be known, I did have to post this because as an artist the number one thing is making yourself happy with your work. The love and admiration of others will soon follow.....So will the haters.  But you continue to do you.

On a lighter note we have BEACH BUMS by NAKED AUSTRALIAN BOYS 
As a man that loves ass as much as I do, this post got me more than ready to pounce.  Seeing those short bikinis riding up those buns are more than entertaining.  You will just have to take a look for yourself.

BY TOMASS HAWKKE'S NAKED NATURE What can I say this man is amazing not only as a model but as a photographer as well. This is the post that is the inspiration for my post THE FRUIT INSPIRED BY TOMASS HAWKKE. You are a true genius my friend.

HOLLOWEEN AND THE OLD ODD COUPLE by THE ONE AND ONLY MISTRESS MADDIE will put a chuckle in your gut. But far be it for me to give away the secret. You my dear will have to visit yourself !

And last but definitely not least, we have A BLACK & WHITE GALLERY by LUKE'S COOL ASS BLOG 
This post is a journey into black and white presenting the best in fine art erotica. Check him out tell Mark sent ya ! :-)

There are so many great posts to see.  Just check out my blog list and enjoy.

By the way, I have a new guy that I photographed yesterday.  He is an artist himself and decided to be in front of the camera instead of behind.  His name is Antonio. 

Our session was so amazing because we have a kindred vision for our art.  It was so refreshing not just shooting, but also getting to know this guy.  I think I may have found my muse.  Look out for Antonio this week.

For now cheers !

Here's to great shots.


Thursday, October 20, 2016


Every now and then a handsome man just gets a response from certain viewers that demands attention. Jorgen has definitely roused that attention.  After weeks of not checking my email, I found yet another email for a request.

You would think after posting MY APOLOGIES FOR BEING SUCH A BAD HOST I would be more on top of checking my messages. Its just, I really don't get much mail. I get a lot of visitors but not actual mail. But my mail checking IS getting better.

Anyway this is the message:

(I will keep the name anonymous as always out of privacy and respect.)

"Dear Mark Greene,
                Would you please, please repost your series of Jorgen pics on your blog, The Male Casting Couch? To me he is the sexiest man ever, and the pics I'd saved got deleted!

Thank you kindly"

Long story short....

I responded and shared that I would repost some pics in which the viewer was most gracious. 

So like this new friend of mine, I must let the rest know that the last time I chatted with Jorgen, he was convinced that he was through with doing nudes.  What can I say ? Some people just move on. 

But I will be reposting some old favorites. And what the heck! I'll even throw in some Unreleased shots from The Vault.   And for the record If there are any models or types of genres you may be looking for, you could always search the "labels." I know that I change the format of my blog pretty often but I will keep the labels up for least until I get tired of them and can't take it anymore. lol

Now without further delay..............HEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE'S JORGEN!



This one's is last year's most viewed post THE GARDEN And there is no need to ask why.


This man makes everything he wears look good.

And nothing look better !

I want to thank my newest follower for the flashback request as well as inspiring me to putting some of my unpublished stuff out as well. 

 By the way if you are still checking me out I noticed that your name appears to be somewhat gender fluid (To the person that sent the email). It would be interesting to know your gender. I always assumed that my audience were all male, gay, straight or otherwise. If there's any ladies in the house I would LOVE to hear from you and get your perspective. Let's get the conversation going ! 

But for now.....

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