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Saturday, July 30, 2016


Cleaning out files on the computer never was as fun as this!
The crazy sh*t one finds in one's archives.


10. Halitosis a.k.a. Dick Breath
  9. Yesterday's lunch on Mark Jr.  (Use your imagination. You'll get it eventually. EEEEW!!!)
   8."Oh give me that big black dick!"..........REALLY??
  7. "I love black cock!"
  6. "I've NEVER been with a real live black man before!"(Do you see a theme going on here?)
    5. Meth / Crack heads
  4. Bottoms that tell tops how and where to stick it. ( A.K.A. a dominate bottoms)
   3. "That will be $50 bucks please!"
  2. "That was great! How much do I owe you?"

And the number one Top Ten Erection Killer for 2013?

  1. Emproper Englush. 

Oh this is fun! Lets see what else is on this bad boy!

Friday, July 22, 2016



What's more arousing in homo - erotica?

Pick Top Two
1. Men in white briefs
2. Men in boxers
3. Men in jockstraps
4. Naked
5. T shirt / tank top only
6. Showing penis
7. A hint of penis / Bulging
8. Showing ass 
9. G Stings

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


About three days ago I received a text from a model I shot a few times in the past.  It was quite a pleasant surprise taking that I haven't had much contact in the months of our last shoot.

It was both refreshing to see his text as well as what he had to say:

"Mark - We need to get together."

"Yes indeed," I replied.

"I have been reading your blog with interest.  I actually got aroused by the thought of being dominated, tied up, and abused (mildly at first)... I've never considered it before," He text.

"You seem like the guy I should allow to place me in bondage.  "You could film the whole event."

He then sent me a recent picture of himself.

I really didn't need a recent image.  I assume he hasn't changed dramatically since  the last time we got together.  But I do appreciate it when the guys send me a recent pic just because sometimes their hair style may change.  They may have facial hair when they didn't prior or may be clean shaven when they had facial hair.  Either way its not always a necesity but its good to know what I'm working with.  And besides, I love every opportunity to see a sexy guy's mug anytime they want to send me a pic.

He then sent me a message, "I also appreciate your comments when people go too far," referring to my post DOMINATION VS. PERVERSION.

I responded, "I would love to chat with you about it and see what your interests and limitations may be.  I'll try to text you tonight.  As of right now, I'm letting someone use my phone so I can't talk right now."

Evening came and I received another message, "Mark- any more thoughts on the subject?" Wow! by now I'm really flatter, excited and turned on.  A lot of times guys will talk about something, but soon it will die out.  But he seem interested in exploring, which would be interesting for me for two reasons.

First: This is something totally new to him and I get to break him in.

Second: I haven't played with anyone but my partner in about two years now.  I am pretty much done with hook ups and one night stands.  And even though I do know this guy, its been such a long time since I did anything with anyone else but Boss.

Last year, after a break from blogging, I wrote a post called OFF THE MARKET.

It had been awhile then, but it was as if that post was me sealing the deal with my belief that I'm pretty much done.  Now of course I love sharing about my different experiences and I'd be lying if I said I don't get turned on during writing, even releasing some fluid ever now and then.

But my desire to venture from between Boss's legs isn't as prominent as before.

However I did reply, "Yes indeed.  I would start out with a blindfold and experiment with your senses."

"You wouldn't have any problems with video?"

"No problem with video." He responded.

"I remember you allowing me to taste your delicious cock. Do you have a preference? Sucking or being sucked?"  (The same gentleman from A TASTY SURPRISE)

"Yes I remember. I like both but I'll take being sucked...I just saw a vid where a guy takes a piece of ice and rubs it in another guys dick and balls.  The receiving guy was blindfolded," he said.

"I would love to experiment with you.  Have you ever played with any anal toys?" I asked.

"Yeah, some different sized butt plugs.  Being a top, I haven't done much anal, but willing to try more.  My nipples are very sensitive and found clamps painful.  Doesn't mean they can't be played with."

"Well I'm more about trying out sensations than actual pain.  Although I do like a little roughness.  Again, its an exploration.  You will let me know what's good for you or not.  One thing I would love to do at least once, is spank your bottom.  I would love to see your reaction over my knee.  I'm getting aroused thinking about it," I said as I sent a picture of my hard on.

"Sure, I'll take a spanking.  I'll have to go back and read your blog.  You have a way with words."

"I'm on my way to bed.  You have a good night.  We will definitely continue this conversation.  Good night for now."

"Sure. Nite."

So as of now I'm not quite sure what will take place taking its been such a long time since I've played outside of my relationship with Boss.

Nor do I know how he would respond to my interest in meeting someone for playtime.  Its kind of strange when you go from an open relationship to an exclusive one then decide to discuss opening it up again.  But whatever the outcome, it will definitely be something to write about.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


I've been shooting erotic photography for 10 years now.  Although I am not a professional photographer, I treat my hobby very much like a business.

One of my policies have always been my "hands off policy" in which I don't ever touch my model unless given permission. Yes there is often sexual tension and flirting but I try to keep it as professional as possible, yet still fun.

About two years ago I got the opportunity to work with a handsome gentleman.

I won't disclose his name but I'm sure when he reads this he will know who he is.  Again I take the respect I have for any of my models, friends or hook ups seriously as well as their anonymity.

Anyway, he stood about 5'10" with a nice body and an amazing looking cock.
His salt and pepper colored beard and hair made him look mature but in a very sexy way.

He had a very virile  look though he was very soft spoken and mild mannered.

From the time we shot to the very end, he had an enormous erection that would not go away.  He would caress and stroke it for the camera and every now and then he would get drops of precum that was more than teasing for me.  Not wanting to be intrusive, I would go on with the shoot refraining from making any inappropriate requests or propositions.  Like I said I don't usually make any type of sexual advances during my photo shoots unless the subject initiates or we have played before.

 As we were wrapping up the shoot, this guy was still hard!

He leaned back in the chair and kept stroking.  He asked if I minded, which I replied, "Hell No!"

It was a pleasure seeing him stroking his thick cock as he rubbed his chest.

The sight of him was getting me to precum in my pants.

Now, by nature I'm a horndog and I definitely won't turn down a meal if the plate is in my face.  But like I said, I don't go there unless its brought to me.

Seeing him stroke, I was hoping he would go there.  Every now and then he would look up at me in the chair with an inviting smile.  He must have known how much I wanted his tool in my mouth because he finally nodded for me to come near.  Cautiously I knelt down.

"Go ahead!" He said.

 I started to stroke it for him.  After concentrating intently on his hard on, I finally looked up at him with a horny and eager look and ask," Do you mind?" as I lean forward.

"No, Please do!"

I lean my head forward and slowly began to taste him with my tongue.

Before you know it he was standing up and I was on my knees with my mouth full of this man's gorgeous cock.

It was such a delight looking up at this guy and seeing him close his eyes as he felt the warmness of my mouth.

I began to go down deeper when he said, "Look up at me."

For some reason he really got into me looking up at him.

"Your eyes get so wide when you look up at me." He said.

"Its like you are really intent  in what you're doing."

"I really enjoy your taste," I smiled looking up at him.

I didn't suck on him for a long time.  It was just long enough to get a good taste.

He said that he would love to return the favor.  I smiled with an anticipation for that rain check.

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