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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Leather, S/M, bondage, spanking:

These are some of the themes that have been part of

Domination and power over another person sexually is one of the most arousing, dick throbbing aspects of sex for me.  And anyone who has read my past experiences knows that Domination and submission has had some part of my sexual play in various stories.

Whether I was throat fucking a hot bottom or if I had someone blindfolded and tied, I often enjoyed having a hot bottom boy at my disposal to do as I wish.

Sometimes it was me that was the one on my knees and submissive, so it should  be no surprise that some of the porn I enjoy may include an occasional BDSM scene.

A few weeks ago I was on Tumblr checking out some porn clips and pictures when I stumbled over a very disturbing clip of a guy tied to a chair.

I'm not going to say what was going on. I don't even want to give that kind of bullshit any kind of recognition.  One thing I will say is that the person tied to the chair kept saying "no."

The more he said no, the more the top continued.  Never before have I seen anything so disturbing.  The video appeared as a very thin line between sick amusement for the viewer and a snuff film.

I quickly removed that guy from my list of people I follow on Tumblr.  If I could have reported him I would have.

Recently I made a post titled A LESSON IN ABC'S

In it I described how I pushed this guy's boundaries as to how much oral sex he could take before he had enough.

WHKATTK  one of the readers and a good blog friend asked, "Serious question, Mark: When you do hook-ups like that  do you agree on a safe word or signal? Is it during the back & forth messaging before the actual meeting?"

My answer is yes! I usually always let the person know when we are chatting back and forth that there will be a safe word or some type of head gesture if the person is gagged. I don't even play with people who don't care if a safe word is used or not.  If I don't create a safe word I always communicate by asking how the person is doing. 

Domination is a very powerful type of play.  A good Top knows when to push and when to let off.  But even with that, communication is ALWAYS a necessity in any BDSM scene. 

There are some idiot tops and bottoms as well that just don't care about themselves or others.  And that is the difference between a pleasurable experience and a perversion.  I am sure you will hear me talk about this subject again.  It can not be warned enough!

A special thanks to Whatattk for bringing this to my attention.  I would never want to promote anything that is unsafe and just downright stupid behavior.  Again thanks.  

And thanks to all the visitors who cum and enjoy my blog.

Sunday, June 12, 2016



There's a knock on the door. No answer. He knocks again. Still no answer. He knocks a third time. This time he turns the knob to see if the door is locked. The room is dark except for a small night light on.

The bottom walks in and says,"Hello?"

There's no answer. He slowly walks in further.


  I tell him "Take off everything but your underwear.  Put the knee pads on, located on the table.  Get on your knees and place your hands behind your back."

"Yes Sir."

He begins to undress. He can't quite see me. He can only make out the outline of my body that the light shines on.

I walk pass him to lock the door and make my way to the dresser that has a pair of solid leather restraints for his wrists so he doesn't move. Behind him now, I lower myself and grab his arms to restrain him with the fetters. I stand in front of him still anonymous with my black jeans, white T- Shirt and black cap covering 1/3 of my face.

Like an obedient soldier at attention his stance is straight ahead. The only difference is he's on his knees and his hands are behind his back bound.

I begin to walk around him, checking out his body. He's a cute 30 something White cub. His body is definitely thick but very well portioned from what I can see in the dimly lit room.

 Again I move in toward him with me standing in front and him on his knees. The room is quiet except for the deep breathing coming from his nostrils.  I can see his chest rise and fall deeper as he waits.  I can see him slightly attempting to move his head up to get a better glance without being too obvious.

I tell him, "We'll see each other soon enough."

"Yes sir."

About 10 minutes goes by and he's starting to get antsy. I can tell that he is losing his composure.  He is staring intently at the bulge in my pants.  His breathing is starting to get more shallow. I take two steps up putting my bulge even closer in his face.  I can feel his breath on my crotch with every exhale.  We just stay there for about 5 more minutes without saying a word.  After waiting 15 minutes he speaks:


There's no response


Still I don't respond.

By this time he is starting to squirm from discomfort.

"Please Sir! May I see it Sir?"

I ask,"See what?"

"I want to see your cock sir."

I unbuckle my pants and unzip so that he can see my bulge in my briefs but I don't take it out.

"Is this what you want?"

"Yes sir! Please give it to me!" He begs.

"You want it? You'll have to work for it," I reply.

I walk away and pull out my dark blue hanky that I place over his eyes as a blindfold. I stand in front of him. With both hands I pull his face against my cock .

"Is this what you want?"

"Yes Sir! Please!"

"You want to taste my cock in your mouth?"

His dick is throbbing and  he's breathing heavy as he takes in the scent of my cock in my undies. 

"Please Sir! Give it to me!"

"First you're gonna learn your ABCs. Think you can handle that?"

"ABCs?" he pauses,"Sure!"

"You sound very sure of of yourself. So you think you are good with your ABCs?" I ask.

"Yes Sir!" He says.

"Show me,"I snap.

He begins to quickly run off the alphabet as in a race for a medal. 

(Bottom) A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H........

(Me) Stop! Again.

Again he speed through the letters in a hurry. By the time he gets to the letter "P" I interrupt. "Stop! This time slower." I exclaim. 

He recites slower. Again I stop him and make him repeat. This time I place my finger in his mouth as he recites. He gets to "H" and I stop him. I have him recite again. This time with three of my fingers in his mouth. His pace slows down.  His speech becomes more slurred but he continues with somewhat ease. 

By the letter "Q" I stop him again and place four of my fingers in his mouth. This time his pronunciation is distorted and he has definitely slowed his pace.

A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,....By the letter H, I place the four fingers deeper in his mouth. His pronunciation becomes more slurred as my fingers get moist with his saliva.

(me) Louder.  

(Bottom) I,J, K,L 

His word are totally slurred. 

(Me) Stop! Again. I thought you were good with your ABCs?

He Starts the alphabet again. This time slower and with much more caution.

  "A,  B,  C," he drools taking longer pauses.

As he is reciting I take my dick out of my drawers and put it in his mouth. 

Barely able to speak he says," D, E,F." 

Placing my cock in his mouth, I order him to continue. 

"Ahhh, urr, ahhh," as spit is gushing out of his mouth.

By this time He's drooling all over my dick trying to get the words out properly. I just thrust my meat deeper as he begins to gag and spit. 

(Me) I can't hear you! Louder.  

By now he's drooling and coughing with watery eyes. 

"Be a good boy and finish your ABCs!"

 He begins to gag as he attempt to finish the task. Not taking my dick out his mouth I ask if he needs a break. 

He nods "Yes." 

 By what sounded like the letter P, I let him rest keeping my dick firmly in his mouth. He begins to look for comfort from all the spit. I show him how to gasp without taking my dick out. I wipe the water from his eyes and order him to continue. By the letter Z he was gasping and spitting on my dick like crazy. 

His wet mouth felt so good but he definitely needed a break.

When I took my cock out of his mouth he dropped his head spent from the physical task he went through yet eager to take my load.

"Please sir. may I have your load," he asked numerous times.

I never said yes. I never said no.

I removed the restraints from his arms, kissed him on the forehead and told him I had a great time.

Needless to say he was a little disappointed. But like we negotiated online, I said that play for me is not about me getting off but about the erotic power that is given to me.

"If you are interested I may cum next visit. Then I may not. Give me all of you and you may get your wish."

"I did give all I have." he stated.

"I know I'll have all of you when at the end of our play you won't need anything else."

I gave him my phone number. 

He called me one time after that and we got together but no other time with him was as good as the night I taught him his ABCs.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Its been awhile since I've really made conversation and comments on my buddies' blogs.  No excuses, other than I've been selfishly focusing on my own blog not to mention, writing on other erotic platforms and networking with like minded kinksters such as myself.

I have been watching.  I've just been under the radar lately.

With this post, I wanted to share with my viewers some of the posts that I enjoy.  Not all are erotic in nature.  Some are deep and will make you think. Some are for sheer amusement while others will rise your, um,"temperature" (along with other things.)

These are really in no order, however,  I did put in order the first few by design, just because they are posts that I can definitely relate to, being one of a darker hue than probably you.

So here you have it:

ABG MEAT MARKET'S POST; GROWN UP MEAT  Showcase one of the hottest brutha's I've seen in a long time.  Although I picked this gentleman in general you really must check out the entire blog. It features some of the most beautiful Black men you could get your mouth on.  I love this blog especially being a Black man myself. It is very hard to find quality blogs of Blacks that don't fetishize,  No offense to the lighter shade......but "Stop it with all this interracial cuckold bullshit!" O.k. my rant is over.  AGB : Check it out.

WHITE MEN CAN'T THUG from A{GAYTEKEEPERIAM} tackles a lot of the issues I was pointing out previously about how Blacks are portrayed in the "Industry." a frustration that annoys the fuck out of me. Check it out.

ALEX MARTE: the post that gave me instant wood is one of my favorites from XERSEX just take a look at that handsome face and that ass. OH THAT ASS! I definitely need him to cum and wash my car for me. This man is hot sex on a platter! Thanks Xersex.

MUSKETEERS - MOUSQUETAIRES V/VI is the post if you love oral.  I can't do this one no justice. Just see for yourself.

LATE NIGHT WITH....PRINCE is excellent for those who are music lovers such as myself especially of the late great Purple One himself. Brought to you by the lovely MISTRESS MADDIE.

If you like to masturbate with a group of hot men, try out TRUE J/O CLUBS from BIG WHACK ATTACK.

Get your freak on with LUKE'S COOL ASS BLOG. ECLECTIC MONDAY is his latest post that has enough hot action to keep you well entertained.

If you're an ass man like I am,  then QUEER HEAVEN'S  THURSDAY edition will definitely get you UP for the day.

There are so many posts and blogs I haven't touched yet.  GABE, TOMASS and the rest, I will get to you on the second round. As for now, I'm out!


Friday, June 3, 2016


I read an online erotic tale by Sir.

He mentioned how he teased his woman so much that it made her dripping wet.

He would grab the back of her head ramming his cock in and out of her mouth saying,"You like that you little cock sucker? Stay on your knees and service my big fucking dick you dirty little slut!"

"You like being a cock sucker don't you?" He asked in sheer delight.

"That's right play with your pussy while I ram my dick down your slutty throat," he continued as he gyrated deeper in her mouth.

As she began to gag he warned, "Don't you dare take my dick out! Choke on it!

"Your pussy is so wet. It wants me in it. The only thing you'll get is my cum in your mouth," he continued.

By the end of the story there was a flood of comments (all women).

The response was quite interesting.

Thirty-five percent talked about how they enjoyed the writing and how they wished they were the writer's "cock sucker". They also boasted about being cum whores that loved big dick.

The other sixty-five percent were appalled by the fact that this young lady wasn't even treated like a human, but an object that should only delight in sucking Sir's cock.

As a matter of fact, there was never any mention of what her delight was.

What we do know is that she was on her knees sucking dick. Sir gave her direct orders such as,"Play with your pussy. Get it nice and wet. Go all the way down. No! Not yet! Stay down! Good girl."

We know that he told her she loved being a cock sucker, and that he ordered her to play with her wet pussy that obviously got that way because he was such an amazing man, At least according to him.

But we never heard from her.


Maybe she was so busy bobbing her head, she didn't have time to speak.

Whatever the situation it didn't change the fact that there were many women not amused by this erotic story.

Some claimed it as not being erotic but a chauvinistic example of what's wrong with society today, while others scoffed at how far fetched it seemed to have such a weak character with low self esteem as to be referred to as a slut and a cock sucker.

But is it really so far fetched, taking that there were some "whores" that would have jumped on the opportunity to be on their knees?

Well, let me say......
I am without a doubt a cock sucker.

I've been told that I'm a pretty good one at that!

The feeling of being on my knees, having a stiff cock in my mouth as spit dribbles down my chin is amazing!

Seeing my Sir smile down with pleasure as he smacks my face with his cock makes me want to please him even more. I get so wet when he holds my head down and makes me gag on his huge cock, as he tells me that I'm a good little cock sucker.

Oh and one more thing....
I'm a dude.

I point this out because it's usually assumed in anonymous situations that the subject being face fucked is a woman.

Let me assure you. I am 100% man.

And yes, I am an excellent cock sucker.

Does that make me a dirty little slut?


As a matter of fact if I heard someone call me that, I just might raise up from my cock lunch and sock him one!

So wouldn't being called a cock sucker be just as degrading as being called a slut?

The answer lies differently for each individual.

For me, my answer came from a curiosity to understand the word more clearly.

I looked up the word cock sucker and this is what I found:

The first definition I found was "a person who performs fellatio especially a homosexual male".

The second definition, which is the one that came up more often was, "a mean or contemptible person" or
an insulting term for people who are stupid, irritating or ridiculous.

I also discovered a synonym which described the word as a "sensualist" which is one who enjoys sensuality or a person devoted to physical, especially sexual, pleasure.

Obviously the term is often used to offend, piss off or embarrass a person.

Guys are notorious for calling people they hate, or want to embarrass, a cock sucker.

I've decided to take that word and give that power, my offenders tried to take from me, back to me.

Working as volunteer bartender one summer, I learned first hand how idiotic some guys can be.

Often guys would get drunk and obnoxious and would be asked to either pipe down or leave the premise.

One guy thought he was being so cleaver by telling me, "Man you're fucking cock sucker!"

I just looked at him and told him nonchalantly, "You're damn right. And I'm excellent at what I do. What are you good for?"

The crowd was hysterical, and even applauded after he was left speechless and heading for the exit angrily.

Two of my friends that witnessed the exchanged laughed at the humor and praised me for putting dude in his place.

At the time, they gave the statement no thought as they've seen me with numerous women. I was never the one to brag about any of my sexual encounters, whether male or female. However they've witness a great number of women visiting my place so they thought of my statement as a joke until I started having more male company stay the night at my place.

Only one of my friends had the balls to ask what was going on with me. I told him about my love for pussy as well my desire for being on my knees. Fifteen years later, we are still close friends.

The conclusion I came up with is that being a cock sucker is to be a sensualist that enjoys giving pleasure as well as receiving it down their throat. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

The next time Sir has me on my knees and is pleased at me being a good cock sucker, I will look up with delight and say,"Thank you Sir," until that motherfucker calls me a slut. Then its on!

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