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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

BUTT SEX II: How He Got Me to Take His 8 Inches

Just recently I shared how for the first time in three years I got fucked.

One of my online buddies commented, "So I am interested in who seduced you to bottom after three years of being only a top? I may need to use some of his moves !"

Believe me.  You don't need "moves" or anything cleaver.
All you need to do is take my mind.

Take my mind and you have my ass.

The biggest sexual organ on a man is not his dick.
It's his mind.

He actually got me excited about bottoming with his confidence and patience.

It all started when I walked up to the bar.
I was waiting for the bartender when this fine ass daddy
caught my eye.

He was about my age; 45yrs old.
He was a good looking white guy with very fair skin.
He had a silver goatee, and though he was sporting
a Muir cap, dressed head to toe in his leathers,
I could see his buzz cut was totally silver as well.
If anyone deserved the term silver fox, this guy did.

I walked up to the bar in my blue jeans, white tee shirt, leather vest
and I was flagging my blue hanky in my left pocket.

Guy: Woof !

"Woof to you," I say with a smile.

"Let me get that for you," he offers as he buys me a beer.

"My name is Gill," he states.
"Mark; Nice to meet you," I answer.

Gill: I must say, you are one hot stud. 

He motions me over closer to him so that I'm standing right in front of him.  There we are.  He's sitting on the stool.  I'm standing in front of him between his legs.

"So tell me what does the blue handkerchief mean?" He quizzes.
I'm more than sure he knows what it means especially being dressed in his leather
and being in a leather bar.

I laugh, "Come on ! You know !"

"NO! Tell me !" He says with a smug grin.

"Blue means fucking." I say to him.

"Oh really?" he exclaims with that smug look.
"And doesn't it mean something depending on what side you wear it?"

"If its in the left pocket then your looking to fuck. If its in the right pocket your looking to get fucked." I explain.

Without missing a beat and of course with that same mischievous grin, he digs into my pocket and takes my hanky out of my left pocket and places it in my right.

"There ! That looks better!" He smiles.
We burst into laughter.

As I go to place the hanky in the other pocket he grabs my arm, "No! It looks good like that!"
As I agree to move my hand from the hanky, he straightens it in my pocket, patting it down as well as grabbing my right butt cheek. "Now isn't that better?" he says with a smile.

"So I take it you're a top," I assume.
"I know a nice ass when I see one." he says with a grin.

"So are you a top also?"

"What pocket was my hanky in?" I hint sarcastically.

"Well right now its in your right pocket," he replies being cheeky.

"That's because you put it there," I sigh.

"I haven't put it there yet!" he says
as he grabs my waist and pulls me closer to him.

Face to face we look at each other.
Inches away from his lips I feel his breath.

I can also feel his hard bulge
pressing against my thighs as
I'm standing between his legs.

Gill: You want to come over?
Me: Sure!

We get to his place. He offers me a drink.
But all I want to do is get him naked.

We begin to kiss.
As we are kissing I unbuckle his belt and begin
to pull his pants down.

Grabbing, I could tell he has a nice ass.
At this point we're at a tug of war.
He's grabbing for my ass. I'm grabbing for his.

Finally out of what I could tell was frustration, he
snaps,"Turn around!"

Without waiting for my cue, he physically prompts me
counter clockwise until my back is facing him.

He grabs my shoulders and walks me in front of his mirror.
I look at the reflection of us together naked.

Normally I'm not very happy with my body type when I see myself naked.
But this time I wasn't worried about any of my imperfections.
This time what I saw was two sexual beings;
Me rock hard oozing precum and him standing behind me
holding me around my waist.

"Let go," he says in low but commanding voice,
"Let go and relax.  I know you don't bottom often.  If it happens
It happens.  If it doesn't, it doesn't.  Right now Its about us feeling good.  Let me make you feel good."

We continue to stare at our reflections in the mirror.
I'm deeply concentrating on our bodies in the mirror
as he's nuzzling my neck and the back of my ear.

His hands are all over me.
"Look at us," he says, "Look at how fucking sexy you are."

He starts maneuvering me from the mirror to the bed.
Still behind me, he lays me flat on my stomach.

He begins to grind his cock on my ass.
"Man I want you so bad !" he exclaims.

His cock feels amazing as he lays on top of me
gyrating and thrusting his hips.

He lifts up and begins to kiss my back.
He goes lower and lower until he gets to my crack
in which he buries his face there.

He probes my hole with his tongue.
I can feel the spit dripping down my nut sac
as he salivates.

He's got me in another world right now.

He crawls on top of me and says, "You ready baby?"

I feel his hard cock pressed against the opening of my hole.
He slowly pushes in.  I gasp trying to get some comfort.
He goes deeper and I make a loud grunting sound as I tense up.

Gill: You got it baby! Just relax.

I felt a searing pain as he started to go deeper and deeper.

"Slowly!" I exclaimed feeling his thickness hitting the nerves of my walls.  He took his time with me, getting me used to his cock inside me.  I've been fucked many times in the past.  But it has been three years and I wasn't used to his thickness.  He was about 8 inches long and I don't know how wide.  I just know I wouldn't have survived without his extreme patience.

"BREATHE," He whispered in my ear from behind.

Even at a snail's pace I found his meat somewhat overbearing for me.

Slowly but surely, what once was pain and agony 

turned into sheer ecstasy.

He began to pump faster and faster.
It got to the point that you could hear our bodies clapping together.
All I could do at that moment is grip the sheets and whimper
as he plowed in and out my hole.

He positioned me so that we were both on our knees.

From behind he began to forcefully pound 
harder, faster, and faster.

I actually got more pleasure and comfort from his fast, hard pounding than from his long strokes.

Those long deep strokes actually felt like he was going to tear me
from the inside out!  They were almost unbearable.  But he was excellent in easing the pain.

He would talk to me and tell me how sexy I was for taking it like a good boy.

And when he fucked me on my back, whenever it was too much
he told me,"Look at me !" 
We would look intently into each others eyes. 
It was as if he was communicating with his eyes easing any pain.

Never have I ever felt as eager to take a cock as big as his and actually enjoy it.  He could tell in my eyes that I was loving every inch of him.  He slowed down for a moment.

Gill: You want it?

"Yeah give it to me" I begged.

Gill: Come on take it like a good boy!

"With one long, hard stroke he slammed his dick in me.  My eyes opened wide and I let out a high pitch scream for a moment.

He grabbed my calves and spread them as wide as he could.  He forcefully thrust himself into me as I laid on my back grimacing
from the intensity.

Gill: You're O.K?

I just shook my head "yes" as I couldn't get the words out.  I was too busy concentrating on breathing.  Somehow he hit the right spot because a stream of cum came out even without me stroking.  That drove him crazy.  He began to pounce on me like a jackhammer. All I could do is close my eyes and wrap my arms around his upper torso and ride the forceful turbulence out.  Within seconds he broke out of my grip and began to thrust himself in me with fast powerful strokes.

He's breathing harder and harder.  He starts to make the sound of a man on the brink of shooting.  And then it happens.  He pulls out and shoots his load all over my chest.  He shot pretty hard.  I actually got some on my neck as well.  He begins to spasm  as he holds his cum drenched cock in his hands.  He collapses on me.  I can feel his chest rising and falling rapidly. He lays there for a few seconds.  As he begins to get up I pull him back on me. The feeling of this man on top of me is more than amazing.  We spend about 5 to 10 minutes just laying there.  Within minutes he was asleep and I must have followed suit not too long after.

The next morning we woke up and I fixed him breakfast.
He gave me a big kiss and told me to keep in contact.

Gill: I look forward to round two.

Me: I'll be waiting.

Gill: Take care.

Me: Take care.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Redefining the masculinity of a man

I just love how it feels after being fucked in the ass.
I feel different.  But it's a good different.

I feel very masculine.
My virility is authenticated.

There is something very liberating about taking it up the ass.
Maybe its the rebellion of how society views a man who likes it up his butt.

All I know is after its done, I got my clothes on and I'm going throughout my day,
I stand taller, I feel stronger and I never embodied more masculinity than after a good man on man romping.

So what can it be?
The answer for me and maybe only me, lies within the lines of these sentences:

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting fucked for the first time in three years.
It all started as he laid me on my stomach .

I laid there face down moaning with pleasure 
as he buried his face in the crack of my ass.

Soon after I would feel his hard rod pressing against my anal cavity.
I felt a searing pain as he started to go deeper and deeper.

"Slowly!" I exclaimed feeling his thickness hitting the nerves of my walls.
He took his time with me, getting me used to him filling me up with his manhood.

"BREATHE," He whispered in my ear from behind.
I began to take deep breaths as if my life depended on it.

Slowly but surely, what once was pain and agony 
turned into sheer ecstasy.

Then he began to pump.
He began pumping in and out my butt with major force.
All I could do at that moment is grip the sheets and whimper
as he plowed in and out my hole.

He positioned me so that we were both on our knees.
From behind he began to forcefully pound 
harder, faster, and faster.

Like the doggie position he had me in, I howled.

Believe it or not I got more pleasure and comfort from his fast, hard pounding
than from his long strokes. Although the impact was intense from the hard pumps,
I got more relief than the long deep strokes. Those fuckers felt like they would never end.
They were almost unbearable. But he was excellent in easing the pain. He would talk
to me and tell me how sexy I was for taking it like a good boy.
And when he fucked me on my back, whenever it was too much
he told me,"Look at me !" 
We would look intently into each others eyes. 
It was as if he was communicating with his eyes easing any pain.

The only things that one would be able to hear in that room was
The sound of our bodies clapping together and me hollering
in agony, ecstasy.....whatever the hell it was.
And whatever it was felt great.

So what does this have to do with a man's masculinity?


There is a physical and mental strength one has to posses to be able
to take such a powerful force  entering a very sensitive  part of the body.

Butt sex is a very virile and powerful activity 
between two men.

The intensity when you stare into each others eyes,
the grunts, the sweat:
Its male eroticism amplified.

Today as I'm at home relaxing
I could still feel the sensation
of my hole being gaped open.
 Its like he's still inside me.

Imagine the irony of society's view.

Butt fucking has been seen as dirty.
Some see it as perverse.

For decades gay anal sex has been the butt of many comedian's jokes.
pun is intended.

And for the man who receives it
he is often seen as weak, a sissy, or less than masculine.

What society has failed to understand 
is the power exchange between the top and bottom.

What they don't see and won't see
Is the sexual strength both men posses behind closed door.

Butt fucking is NOT for every gay man. 
Many gay men don't like it. And that is alright
because we are all different.

But for those who do like it 
and for those who practice it PROPERLY,
it can be the the very essence of masculine bonding. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015


When I think of sexual tension, I'm reminded of a former coworker from an old job. The occupation had a very low male population.  As a matter of fact, for two years I was the only man working in my department.  When it came to various tasks that involved lots of lifting, I was often the one every one called on.  Needless to say that when I found out they were hiring a male partner to work with me I was ecstatic.

Finally I would have someone I could relate to and someone to help carry the physical work load of the job.  Never did it cross my mind what this guy would look like or for that matter how my body would respond to him.  When I work, my focus is on work.  This guy was definitely going to change that.

Just as usual I would make my rounds throughout the facility to make sure all my morning tasks were completed by 11:00 am.

Around 9:30 am my boss comes in with the new guy.  He was a young Italian guy with very dark brown hair.  His age was 25.  He had very soft skin, a baby face, and beautiful blue eyes.  Even with his somewhat pretty looks he had a very masculine build and I could tell he had a very hairy chest by the way it peeked out of his tee shirt.

He was about 6 feet and had some solid arms.  Even though he was pretty tone, (you could tell he worked out) he still had a little jiggle around some love handles that were probably only noticeable if you were intently examining his physique like I was.  However one thing that did have a noticeable bounce to it was his butt when he walked; especially in those work scrubs he was wearing.

"Mark this is Brian.  He will be working with you.  Show him around and get him used to the floor so that he will be able to assist you," says my supervisor.  "Sure thing," I reply.

"Nice to meet you," he smiled.  I smiled and returned the salutation.  From the time he look at me and smiled I knew I would have to fight back the arousal I was already starting to feel in my pants.

"Where are you from?" I asked.

"Jersey, and you?" he said.  "Native Californian" I replied.

As the day went along we shared some basics about each other.  After awhile we were very comfortable with each other.  Then the awkward "Are you married, do you have any kids?" questions came up.  I always hated those questions because I usually don't disclose my sexual orientation at work.  But it sparks more curiosity when they discover I'm not married and past 35.

I quickly ask the same.

"No not married. I have a girlfriend I've been with for three years," He says.

He talked about wanting to marry her and wanting a large family.  "So do you have any kids?" He asked. "Nope," I responded.  "No wife, no girlfriend, no kids," He said curiously.  I could just see the wheels in that skull turning.  Although he didn't say anything else about my situation I knew he had questions he was refraining from asking.

As the day went on he would do what every typical guy would do and point out all the girls he thought was hot.  There was no doubt he loved his women, although He smiled at me quite a bit.  Every time he would look at me with that smile I would have to walk around or do something to distract me from getting aroused.

The next morning on our 15 minute break he shared about one girl he dated but it didn't work out.  Reminiscing, he shared about how good it was behind closed doors with her.  He never got overtly graphic but he did talk about how she would scream whenever he went hard and deep.

After our break we were to take some items out of one part of the facility to the other part.  I remember looking at him when he wasn't paying attention and staring at his body, envisioning him fucking this girl really hard.  I started to get semi erect.  Our uniforms were pretty loose but if you wore the right undies or none at all you could definitely see it swinging.  Mine wasn't that noticeable but it was getting there.  At one point he kept looking down at my crotch area.  I was starting to get embarrassed but noticed he was starting to get a boner as well.  His, however, was much more noticeable. We looked at each other's crotches for a moment but totally avoided eye contact for the longest.  Then he directed me over to help him move the couch out of the office and it was back to work as usual.  I don't know if it was more uncomfortable for him because he was straight or me, but the rest of the day was spent pretty silent.  The next day he started making conversation again but honestly I couldn't remember what it was about.  I just remember taking occasional glances at his tool while he would check out the rise in my uniform pants.  We never discussed what we felt we just went on about work as nothing was going on.  About three days later, he left.  He found a better job making more money.  Often I would think of him even to this day I get a tingle in my shorts.

Sunday, July 19, 2015



I had an o.k. time last night at The Eagle. I only stayed for two hours and left. I was planning to go out tonight as well but decided to cancel since I got called in for an early shift tomorrow morning. Here's some more BJ. Enjoy

Thursday, July 16, 2015


DEAR JON         

Thursday, July 9, 2015


The Casting Couch Turns 1 Year old July 19th.

I know this is going to sound so cliche butt.........When I started The Male Casting couch I really  didn't have a clue how successful it would be taking that I started a blog years ago that went nowhere. But one year after creating this blog, I can say that I am quite pleased with the number of viewers that come to visit.  And I definitely want to thank all the guys that comment and share their love on my posts.  You know who you are !! :-)

Looking back on my very first post I realized just how much improvement I needed to make.  I want to thank all who showed me a little technical stuff to help me out.

As a mini celebration, I'm heading out to The Eagle Saturday July 18th and  Sunday, July 19th from 6pm till about 8pm for a few bears... I mean beers. :-) 

I would love to meet and greet some of my online friends.  Stop by and say hi. 

You can't miss me.  I will be one of the VERY FEW Black guys in the bar. And to make it even easier, I'll  have my black SF Giants cap on with my favorite black Folsom Street Fair tee shirt.

Hope to see you there !

Ciao for now!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


What a fun evening it was. My latest  meeting was with a young Latino gentleman by the name of Jose. He sent me a message in my email expressing an interest in getting together. We met through a friend of his that I played with.  Our mutual friend suggested that he give me a text so he did. 

He was predominately a top and had an interest in exploring his submissive side.

He asked if we could meet before we got together since he was a little apprehensive playing with someone to whom he was unfamiliar. I agreed to meet him at my favorite bar. 

9 PM sharp he walked into the room.  He was a very good looking Latino guy, beautiful brown skin with short wavy hair, and a goatee.  He had a very viril presence. We sat down and talked for about an hour.  He mentioned that it was vary rare that He bottomed and that he would love to learn how to deep throat.  I told him I would teach him how to be a good cock sucker. I could tell by the smile on his face and the look in his eyes that he was eager to learn.

After our chat we headed back to my place.

First thing I do  when he walks through the door is tell him to take off everything but his underwear.  Slowly he begins to strip down until its just his tighty whiteys.  His body is hot .  He's got a ripped torso, dark brown skin, short thick goatee and a furry treasure trail leading into his drawers.

"So what now!" He says with a slight accent.  The next command is for him to get on his knees. He stood there in his underwear looking at me.

Me: What's up!

José:  Nothing, just it's very rare that I'm on my knees.

Me: You don't want to be on your knees?

Jose : Sure! I would love to for you.  I just got to get used to it.

I walk over to where he is. I stand in front of him smiling.

I'm going to train you how to be a GOOD cock sucker. O.K ?
I began to coax him down to his knees.

  He looks up with a big grin .  "Take off your clothes," He orders.  I grab the back of his neck and declare,"I'm in control now!" He looks at me humbled by his desire to learn his new found submission and frustrated that he has yet to get his request.

What's your name again? I ask. 
I remembered his name but I asked that for a reason.

"Jose," he responds.   

Me: I'm gonna call you J.

He looks at me with a lustful smile and says, "Yes Sir."

I begin to tease him immensely by moving in front of him so that my bulge in my pants are just inches from his face. He begins to grab for my waist. "Hands behind you back!" I command.  Quickly he snaps his hands back. 

I slowly unzip my pants and begin to pull his face toward my crotch.  I'm wearing my blue and white boxers.  He begins to take in the scent of my crotch and begins to pull my drawers down. "Hands behind your back!" I snap.  He lets out a frustrated sigh and scowl.
"I got something for you," I tell him. I head for my room and pick up my black leather restraints.  His eyes widen with either excitement or nervousness.  Its pretty hard to determine.  I grab his arms and begin to lock his arms in the restraints. I pull my pants down lower and wave my cock in his face.  He eagerly attempt to catch it with his mouth. "Open up" I tell him.  He quickly opens his mouth.  Slowly I place my self inside him. 

"Umm," he begins to moan.  For someone who claims not to have much experience, he does a great job on me.  However the goal is to get him to deep throat. 

You want more? I ask as I push deeper in his mouth.  He begins to gag and choke as spit runs down his chin.  After only a few minutes he begs for a break so I unlock the restraints and we move into the bedroom in which he collapses on the bed.

With him face down in his chonies, I begin to crawl up just enough for me to bury my face in his ass. Something about a hot ass in chonies makes me want to sniff him like a horny dog. I spend a good 4 to 5 minutes just sniffing his crack, wedging his drawers higher and higher up his beatiful brown  butt.  My dick is rock solid by now.  And as much as I want to mount this guy I'm not.  Instead I tell him to turn over and place his head over the edge of the bed.

I know this may be advanced for a beginner but tonight I'm going to take him as far as he lets me.

ME: Open up.

I cautionsly enter his mouth not wanting to be too forceful.  I slowly push deeper and deeper.  He begins to make loud gargling noises and begins to choke a little.  I stop pushing but I keep my cock in.

Me: You ok?

He nods "yes" the best he can. At this time, I place a blindfold over his eyes that I got out of my dresser.  Some of it was for the excitement of what's to come, some for power and control, but mostly because it helps to take away a lot of distractions and its easier to focus.

I begin to push in deeper. At this time there are gobs of spit pretty much all over his face and his face has turned a beet red. He's had enough.  Just as I pull out, he rushes to his knees motioning me as if he were expecting me to resume thrusting his throat.  So I walk up and start to pump again. Within seconds, he's gushing in his underwear with his hand gripped tightly on his cock. We look at each other.

Me: Where do you want it?

J: All over my face. 

Within seconds I spurt streaks of cum on his face. 

After that we wash up and he takes off. The next day I receive a text thanking me for a good time and looking forward to the next go round.


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