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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Special Announcement :

Before I tell you about my latest adventure, I have some good news to share with you.   First I learned how to embed my videos from another platform other than You Tube. Easy task once I learned what the embed button was for. lol Well, better late than never.  
So now I don't have to worry about content issues. I already uploaded one video from the post RAPE HIM ? WTF !  that was previously deleted.

I have many more to upload.  Since I have to search my computer to get my videos back, it may take some time I will get there.


I created another series of writings titled "CHRONICLES OF THE SCRUFFY BLACK GUY."

As you may know, the series "TALES OF MY MISCHIEVOUS
THIRTIES" is an account of events that took place in my thirties.
"CHRONICLES FROM THE SCRUFFY BLACK GUY" will be from my most current encounters.  However I definitely don't have as many stories to tell in my 40s as I do in my 30s due to the fact that I don't hook up as much.  I'm pretty content with my Love at home.  Sorry guys you don't get those stories! That was a specific order from the boss. LOL

Anyway I hope you enjoy both segments.

Now on to the story.

click read more to continue

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Xtube On Blogger

Hello people.

As many of you know, my videos have been removed.  I send a letter attempting to get an answer to why. But in the meantime, I am curious how other bloggers upload their videos through X Tube. All of the bloggers I want to contact in regards to this don't have a way to contact them personally. If anyone knows how I could use X Tube or any other porn hub for my platform instead of Youtube That would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Week # 2

The scuff is definitely taking form.

I definitely decided to sport the beard for awhile.  Mom and Dad likes it so that's all matters. LOL

Monday, March 23, 2015

F*ck You Tube and The Broked Down Horse It Rode On

Well those sons of bitches suspended my account. I had everything private and they still axed me.
It may take a while for me to get my videos back up but I plan on re posting them with another video platform.

                                                                  SIT N SPIN FUCKERS!

Friday, March 20, 2015


I had a notion that this guy was going to be a little wilder than I was used to.  There is a slew of guys online that describe themselves as "submissive," however get them behind closed doors and there is a total agenda along with a script to match.

 I knew that I was dealing with an aggressive bottom from the moment he opened his mouth to give me directions to his place.  But I decided, "I'm out now and my partner's away. Why turn home and do nothing?" So I continued.

I get to his place and follow the instructions he left for me: Walk up the drive way, walk toward the back fence, open the fence door, follow the trail to the back sliding door where he would be laying in his grey underwear, ass up waiting.

Although it was a very hot sight to encounter, I am not used to going by a script and I am used to being more in control of the situation sexually, as well as setting the atmosphere.  But tonight I'm going to go with the flow and see what happens.  Besides, this guy looked good enough to eat !

He is a cute bearish white guy.  His body is definitely thick but very well portioned. He had one of those body types where he had plenty of jiggle when you smacked it.

 There's enough light for me to enjoy seeing the hair on his chest and some on his back and how his grey undies hugged  around his booty slightly below his butt cheeks. 

I definitely scored me a baby bear !!

I shared with him that I would like to get some clips of us for my blog which he agreed on the condition of remaining anonymous.  I just have to say that trying to get good footage while fucking a guy is a bitch ! 

So I walk in, taking in the sight of that voluptuous ass. Quickly without any foreplay I get my condom and lube out and prepare his ass to be fucked.

Opening up his hole I get him ready for my cock. He's just as eager as I am. I am rock hard at this time and I'm ready to go in. He lays there and gets ready for me to fuck him.

Talking about Plush ! And Warm ! And Moist ! I felt like I could have came just going in ! I had to pace myself because this guy was nice. He had an ass that gave me pleasure for days! Just thinking about this guy's ass has got me hard. This guy was one of those macho bear type with a deep voice. I was in ecstasy when I heard him moan and sigh.  He had a squeaky bed that gave it even more of an erotic effect. I thought I would lose my mind from the excitement . 

TMCC powered by XTube

We fucked for a bout 15 minutes and then he asked me if he could taste my cock. so I unwrapped, rinsed off and he got on his knees and started to blow me. At this point I wanted to see him in a different light. He had a red jockstrap on his dresser.

"Put this on ." I said. "Yes Sir." he responded. He got in the jockstrap. I ordered him on the bed.  He lays on his back with his head hanging over the bed.......And that's when things got a little strange.

 Bearboy: Rape me!

Me: What !?

Bearboy : Rape my throat ! 

Now we did talk earlier over the phone. He mentioned that he likes it rough. I explained to him that I am an assertive Top when it comes to D/s play but I am not really rough. He really got off on having his power taken, however I am more about gaining control through trust. 

We both agreed to play things by ear but I guess he figured he would incorporate it into our play.

He sits up and grabs my hand, places my hand around his throat and shows me how to fuck his face.  So he's laying there head over the bed. I'm grabbing his throat slightly chocking him as I'm ramming my dick down his throat.  His face begins to turn red and his eyes begin to water.  That's when I let up and pause for a moment.  Now I must say. I HATE violence and breath play is way too deep for me!  But being able to ram his throat like that was an amazing sensation. Not to mention there was a surge of control and power I felt. I'm not going to lie. It was an amazing feeling. The only problem was that's a power I'm not used to and I don't think tapping into that power, for me, is something I'd want to do again. He kept requesting for me to do things that were just a little too sinister for my taste so I suggested maybe I wasn't what he was looking for. 

No ! Don't leave! I just wanted you to try something different." He exclaimed.  " I tried it. I didn't like it." I said. 

Me: Maybe we can come to a compromise.  

Bearboy: There is a darker side to you. It came out when you were chocking me. I heard it in your voice. You have it, you just won't let it come out.

Me: I'm sure I do......But that's not how I prefer to get control of my partner.

Babybear: So what can we do?

Me: Do you like to be blindfolded?

Babybear: Hell yeah! 

So I get my blue bandana out and tie it around his head so he can't see. I love blindfolding my boys and gagging them with my underwear. Its something  about hearing their muffled moans in my drawers that drives me crazy. So I place my dark blue jockstrap that I was wearing in his mouth and begin to fuck him. He's moaning and loving every inch.

                                             Bearboy Gagged

Fucking the Bear powered by XTube  We fucked for a good time. We fucked so long that the lube that we used started to make an oozing cream. It was so good I just stepped back and watched his body in amazement. 

                                          Ass Cream

Ass Cream powered by XTube

After we were done we laid up a chatted for awhile. I got my clothes back on and took off. I later text him to thank him for hosting. I knew I wouldn't hear back from him nor did I expect to. He was in a league of his own with his extreme play. But I can say I did have a fun time getting well acquainted with that ass.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Scruffy Black Guy

Well its about day five of my head cold.  I'm feeling much better.  My partner has been giving me much TLC.....with caution I must add.  I don't know what's funnier, me blowing my nose every three seconds or him spraying the place with Lysol every time I sneeze.  Either way, Its been quite the sight.

So, I'm just at home on the internet in my PJ's, scratching the five day old scruff on my face, when a cool thought came to me. KEEP THE SCRUFF !

The ultimate taboo for every Black man in America.  I found this article and I had to crack up.
There's lingo that will go way over your head if you aren't part of the club. But its a unique look at how some cultures could get away with the grunge and others will be executed by the fashion police, death by embarrassment.

Lets see how far down the rabbit hole I can take this venture before crying UNCLE!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Sun Will Shine

I'm a little bummed. Yesterday evening was a gloomy one for me as I sat in my room looking out of the window.

I'm sitting here sick, blowing my nose to oblivion, thinking about all the shit that's going down.

First, I got this terrible head cold which has put me out for the last four days.  Not to mention I have a  large group of blogger buddies that are leaving blogger. Even though blogger decided to keep the policy the way it is, the notion of them policing for commercial porn is driving many of these comrades away.

Yesterday was not a good day for me. And today isn't much better. But I know eventually the sun will shine.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Must Read From the Blog Erotic Poetry: Tabacco Lips

A Must Read From the Blog Erotic Poetry: Tabacco Lips

Visit the site.  Great poetry.  Encourage and support by commenting and leaving you thoughts at Erotic Poetry

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


One of my best times at my old hang out was the night my ass turned red.
At the bar was this bartender Keith. He was a good looking White gentleman.  He was definitely a Daddy type with salt and pepper hair, nice strong shoulders and biceps.  He had somewhat of an intimidating presence with his size, and his stare was intense especially with people he was not familiar with.  But he became one of my favorite bartenders, even if it was at a price; a price I didn't mind paying.

It was my 33rd birthday. The bar was well attended with hot guys which was even better.
As usual most of the guys had their own social circles in the bar.  I never was a big bar person. My main motivation for going to the bars was to cruise.  Outside of that, I didn't go out much.

Not having my own social circle, I figured I wouldn't stay long.  I pulled up a chair and made my request.  He starts off jokingly harassing me about how young I looked.  

Keith: What are you doing in here!  

Me: Getting a drink!

Keith: Hold up! Let me see your I.D!

Keith: What! Are you shitting me ?

Me: No Sir! I'm not! And by the way where's my free drink!

Keith: I'll give you your free drink! Get your ass over here!

He walks from behind to the edge of the bar where the last chair is.  He motions me to him and pats his knee as to communicate for me to sit.  I walk over to him with a big grin because this guy is HOT but also with slight embarrassment from all the attention.

Keith: Today is....

Me: Mark

Keith: Mark's Birthday.  He thinks he deserves a free drink!

There's Laughter in the crowd.  "You're gonna get your Birthday drink but you're still gonna have to pay for it." he says mischievously.  

Keith: Today Mark is 33!

The crowd cheers. He turns to me and begins to pull my pants down. "What the hell are you doing!" I shout in laughter and amazement.

He bends me over his knee and he begins to smack my bare ass right there in the bar for all to see. "1!" the crowd shouts. Smack ! "2" again jeering and laughing.  At this time I'm laughing along and still wincing with each strike but having a great time. This was my first time ever being spanked and I must say being over this guy's knee with his strong arms holding and spanking me got me excited. Close to the last strike, my butt was burning.  Even as dark as my skin is there was a red hand print on each cheek.  He pulled me up with my butt still exposed, and whispered in my ear, "You liked that didn't you?" "It was alright." I shrugged with a slight grin. 

"I know you did. I felt you getting hard when your dick was on my knee." He said with a smile.
Now I was even more embarrassed yet still turned on at the same time.  Keeping my ass toward the bar he slightly tugged on my pants to see my cock. "You're still hard." he said then he gave a quick yank on my dick and pulled my pants up.  I kid you not if that man would have bent me over the bar and fucked the hell out of me in front of everybody I would have let him do it !

"Happy Birthday!" he said with a smile and offered me my drink of choice. 
For about a month I would go in every Thursday night that he was working for a public spanking. We never had sex because of his committed relationship but he made me hot enough with his spank sessions. 

Shortly after, he moved out of town with his partner.  I often think back to those times. I think its time for me to get spanked again.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Do You Want Me to Stay or Not ?

Well as many may know, the ban on porn has been rescinded.  But many have been left in the dark about the change.  Many other bloggers including myself received the letter stating that Google would make private any blogs that violated the new policy.  What they failed to do is send out the statement saying that they would not go on with the ban. Fortunately for those who did receive the second letter, They took it upon themselves to inform as many bloggers as possible about the change.

However there are still a number of bloggers out there ready to move to the competition or abandon their blogs altogether. One would think that if it is communicated that something is going to affect a blogger to the point of leaving and they changed their minds to keep their consumers, that they would communicate to the consumer the incentive to stay???

Just a thought!

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