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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Very Very Late On Thanksgiving Wishes
So Happy Holidays Instead !

I hope all had a great time this Thanksgiving with family and friends and may this time of year bring you happiness .

Happy Holidays guys and possibly even gals !

Peace !

Mark G.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Very Sad Evening

It was a very sad evening for me .  I'm not sure what I am most sad about :  Whether Justice has been thwarted, a young man's life was taken by an officer or the reaction of those out rioting and destroying their own neighborhoods and businesses. What do we gain by destroying our homes, businesses, and families ? Who wins? What messages are being sent to the world by such actions ?

 Another incident of a cop shooting a young teenager. I'm not even going to add Black to the scenario because race at this point is irrelevant of the fact that a teen is dead. Our Youth !

I wasn't there. I have no idea what went down. There are allegations that the teen charged the officer. If so, would things have turned out different?? Which leads me to another anger:

At what point is it ever o.k. to get physical with authority? I have heard how youth talk to their parents and other adults and there have been times when the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I would cringe listening to the disrespect and rage coming out of such little bodies. I'm not saying he did something wrong because again, I was not there. I am only speaking of what I have witnessed in many young adults and pre-adults. We need to teach our children to respect those in authority......scratch that. We need to teach them to respect period ! It is important for them to understand how to communicate properly and not always through rage .

Second our judicial system is BROKEN ! There is a code of ethic that an officer is sworn to live by. Even if an office swears by these ethics, there must be more accountability. Just because an officer is an officer, doesn't make him or her morally superior to every one else. Nor should they be above the law. They lie like everyone else. We need to demand more accountability from our officers.

We need to boycott, write our congress, complain, bitch, sue, vote and hold our authorities accountable. But burning down our homes??

I had two different post I was going to submit this week and next.  However I have decided to devote the rest of this month and next in silence for all the families that have suffered directly or indirectly in situations like this .  I devote this month and next month to a non violent solution.
And may a change come for the better.

Mark G.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Giving You S'More !

Here's some more images and video from my session with Robert "Take It Off."
Dedicated to.......You know who you are. :-)

"Take It Off"

"Aroused B/W"



Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ode to Black and White

Tommy and Robert

From the photo series "Sweat"

"Take It Off" 


Sticking It In

Shoot On It

 Three Buddies

Jon Smiling


Jorgen In Jockstrap

Thursday, November 6, 2014

On Your Back: Legs Open Wide or
Face Down Buried In The Pillow

I love to fuck !  There are very few men, gay or straight, I met that don't.  However, for those few that are out there, we welcome you to the join the topic anyway, because whether you are a Top, Bottom Versatile or none of the above, we all enjoy some form of sexual intimacy and we all have our favorite positions.

For me, I am 90% Top.  I don't consider myself a Versatile Top because the average of me getting fucked is usually once every year and a half.  Talking about being a tight ass !  LOL 

When I'm with a hot stud there are various positions I like.

Legs open wide, hairy hole begging to be fucked as he's staring in lust is always a big turn on !

But there is something about getting a guy on his belly, face down, with his ass ready to be plugged as he grips the bed sheets. Yes This is my favorite position.

This position allows me to be more in control.  It gives me the ability to really thrust my meat deep inside him and It gives me direct access to his hole.

There are other fun positions like spooning and legs over the shoulders. But the one that gets me the horniest is Face down no doubt.


What are your favorite positions when fucking or being fucked ?
Why ?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Mike In Red

Mike dressed in red Shirt and Jockstrap ready for bed.

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