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Thursday, April 13, 2017


A unique observation was brought to my attention a few weeks ago.  It's a realization that has been evident for some time.  The realization is that I am very self conscious about what I consider my flaws.

This revelation was brought back into the foreground when a familiar gentleman sent me a message.

In his message he sent me two full pictures of him naked.  In the first picture this gentleman was standing with his semi erect penis hanging between his legs.  Yes it was a beautiful sight to see.  But more than that, for the very first time I got the opportunity to see what one of my blog buddies looked like.  It was an amazing moment for me.

I spent quite some time observing every thing about him.  From the top of his head that laid smoothly bald; to his sexy, thin, salt and pepper side burns.  His face was clean shaven and he had deep dark brown eyes.  He had this hair on his chest that I found extremely tantalizing.

The second picture was a shot of his cock fully erect.  There he stood at full attention.  It was very thick; a delicious sight to see. 

The  personal challenge came when he wrote:

Dear Friend:

Don't remember I ever asked you for a full frontal picture of you.  Do you have any ?  Here are two of mine.  Not sure I ever sent them to you.  Enjoy them

Well I did enjoy them..... Over and over and over again.  But when I shot pictures of myself I could not find one good shot. 

First of all I have always been a voyeur not an exhibitionist.  So for me to be in front of the camera is very foreign to me.  Second its to much of a hassle self timing and posing and making sure everything's in focus blah blah blah. but the biggest thing is that my body has changed.  Even over the last few months I've put on so much weight.  

O.K. I do have some older pics I could have sent but I've always had a pet peeve with guys online that send pictures of how they looked ten and twenty years ago and when you meet them in person you are looking for the person you saw in the picture and he's right in front of you.  Not cute!

So as of now I'm working on getting in better shape than I am now.  Because I don't feel sexy at all.  One of the problems with being a photographer / writer is that you use your brain more than any other parts of your body.  

So I guess what I'm saying is ,"Sir, (and I'm  sure you will know who you are when you read this.) I haven't forgot about you nor am I ignoring your request. ( more like putting it off Until.....) But I will meet your request. It may not be this week or next.  But I will definitely fulfill your request.  I just need some time to work on Mark Greene for a moment.  I thank you so much for the pics.  I look at them all the time and drool at your beautiful thick cock. And I promise I will work on doing the same.

Thanks for your support.



  1. Your probably harder on yourself I guessing. We all are. I sent some pics to two of me readers before, because I know they really appreciate the cock!!!

    1. Oh, my mistress, my mistress... You are one lovely lollipop from head to toe! ***lick*** :-)

  2. You are saying what we all have felt at one time or another about feeling sexy. Just remind yourself that a few extra pounds does not delete sexiness. Your attitude, talents, etc., all add up to Sexy Mark. You rock!

  3. We all have things about our bodies which we observe as flaws. My body-image is horrible... My cock is great, and I've gotten tons of comments on it, but the rest of me - - in my mind - has nothing sexy about it. Even as a dancer and in great shape, all I ever saw were the flaws. Yet, still, both women and men tell me I'm sexy. Well, I don't see it but, thank goodness, others do.
    Rock on, my brother. Love what you've got.

  4. I can understand you. Now when someone asks me for pics of me, I give him pics of my dick (so proud), and of my face. But in this period I took a bit of weight. I would like to make and give full-length photos, but until I'll get slim, I can not do them!


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