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Sunday, April 2, 2017


Come Visit The Moist Spot My latest Tumblr project.

The Moist Spot  Is somewhat like The Male Casting Couch.  It will feature some my photography and writing but it will also feature reblogs of some of the images on Tumblr that makes me horny.  You will also find more video clips of my behind the scenes work taking that I am having difficulties posting video on blogger.

The Moist Spot is really my instant gratification blog while The Casting Couch remains my creative station. Follow reblog  and enjoy.

Speaking of which, Check out Gabe's Tumblr NAKED MEN ALLOWED. Hot Hot and more Hot!  Let me know if there are any more Tumblr bloggers. Lets follow each other. And yes. That's me in that picture.  That wet spot belong to me...Well, actually Boss would beg to differ. LOL


  1. Love the photo - - Boss or no Boss, the little pre-cum spot is nice.

    Now, I must go check out the other site.

  2. I'm already following Gabriel's blog with my
    Now I'm following you as well!!!

    1. Cool I'm so following you. I'm loving it

  3. First, let me thank you for the shout out! Now let's get to that photo. Love it! We all know what it is like to have that first wet spot as we get horny. Lucky Boss!

    I will be sure to check out your new endeavor. Congrats!

  4. That is a cute spot. A CUTE SPOT indeed.

  5. Totally enjoying "the moist spot" ....excellent addition to this blog!

  6. Loving the new blog... But, you aren't abandoning this one, are you?


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