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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


It was a Thursday afternoon when James and Carol talked with Tommy about Saturday's get together.

"How about we do something at our place.  I think that would be fun.  And it should ease any tensions between Bill and Andre," James told Tommy.

"Well you don't have to worry about that because Bill already said he wouldn't be joining us this weekend, " Tommy announced.

Carol: What! That's crazy!

James: You know He will be there.  He has to. There's got to be a way to get him out of this funk.

There was a long pause.

James: I got an idea.  Don't worry he will be there.

Tommy: What do can you do or say that's going to be more effective than me; his closest friend?

"Just sit back and learn," James laughed.

Saturday evening came.  James and Carol had dinner prepared, Tommy and Rick arrived on time.  Andre showed up just a few minutes after.

About 20minutes later while everyone was still mingling, Andre asked,"Where's Bill?"

Tommy said, "Bill won't be.....," When he was interrupted by the doorbell.

It was Bill.

"Hey Its good to see you," James shouted.

Tommy stood flabbergasted.  He wrestled with how James could get him to the party and he couldn't; especially being one of his closest friends.

"Will you guys excuse James and I for a moment,"  Bill snapped.

Bill: James! What the hell is Andre doing here! You told me that he was not going to be here!

James: O.K. I know it was a rotten thing to do.  But the truth is you really like this guy. And no matter what happens with your relationship, you guys need to stop avoiding the issues and deal with them.  And besides I care for you.  My wife cares for you.  And we don't even have to mention how Tommy feels about you.  I totally apologize for being a dick.  If you want to be mad at me I'm willing to accept the consequences of my meddling in your affairs.  But think about Tommy.  Think about how it hurts him when you isolate yourself from him and the rest of us.

Bill:  You're right.

James: C'mon. Let's get something to eat.

Later Andre went up to Bill.

Andre: Can we talk?

Bill: sure.

Andre: How are you doing?

Bill: Fine.

Andre: No how are you really doing?

Bill: I'm really doing fine!  How's you roommate?

Andre: Roommate?  How did you know about that?

Bill: We had a nice little chat the day you were so tired you couldn't go to the door because you had a long hard night. Tell me, is your roommate walking normal again?  I know how it is when you wear somebody out.

Andre: Fuck! Terrance! That asshole! Look that was a one time thing.

Bill: Oh really? Does he know that?  Because according to him you begged him to move in.

Andre: For real? Do you really think I want him?

Bill: Well why did you fuck him?

Andre: Because I'm stupid!

Bill: Well that does explain a few things.

Andre: Excuse me?

Bill started to laugh,"You know I don't think you're stupid.  A little slow maybe."

They both started to laugh.

Andre: You know I want you to know that I like you a lot. And no matter what your status is I want to get to know you better.  The only reason I didn't call you is because you told me you need your space.  And as far as Terrance is concerned, He is there for three months tops. 

Bill: So what do we do now? Well I don't know about you but I'm starving.

Later that night Andre came home. 

"Hi honey,"Terrance said as he gave Andre a kiss on the cheek.

"Hello," Andre replied.

 Terrance: what did you do today?  I haven't seen you all day.

Andre: Oh, every Saturday I get with a group of my friends to hang out.

Terrance: Oh That's going to leave little time to see my handsome stud.

"And who will that be," Andre asked as he walked to the bedroom.

"Of course you, silly!" Terrance exclaimed.

"Awe! So cute," Andre said with a smile as he moved items from the main bedroom to the guest bedroom.

"So what are you doing," Terrance asked.

Andre: Oh I'm moving some stuff from the main bedroom to the guest bedroom would you like to help?

Terrance: Sure I'll help!

Terrance: Hey! All this stuff is mine!

Andre: Yep!

Terrance: What's up with that!

Andre: Oh for the next three months this will be your room.

Terrance: But I don't understand.

Andre: Oh You don't understand?  Let me pronounce it more clearly;  For........The..... Next.....Three Months..........This.....Will.......Be.........Your.......Room.  Did you you get it?

Terrance said, "Why are you doing this!"

"Shhhhhh! It'll be O.K. No need to worry.  I will make sure to leave the bathroom night light on for you.  Oh and by the way, if any of my friends come over for me especially Bill, can you make sure to wake me up.  I believe I'll have plenty of energy to visit with him."

Andre walked back to his room and closed the door.  Right then Terrance yelled out, "Fucking son of bitch!"

"Good night Honey!" Andre yelled out to Terrance with a chuckle.


  1. Nice. (Toward the end, you attributed Andre's dialogue to Bill.) And, I swear I keep waiting for Bill and James to get down on each other. LOL.

    1. Really ? Bill and James? I'm trying to figure out why them? Hmm, Wow! i never thought about that! O.K. now you have to give me your point of view on this!

    2. There's something about James - he's kind, he cares about his friends; he shows real concern. I thought he'd be trying to comfort Bill, and know, there it is. It just happens.

      BTW, here's the dialogue you attributed incorrectly:

      "Awe! So cute," Andre said with a smile as he moved items from the main bedroom to the guest bedroom.

      "So what are you doing," Terrance asked.

      Bill: Oh I'm moving some stuff from the main bedroom to the the guest bedroom would you like to help? (THAT SHOULD BE ANDRE, RIGHT?)

      Terrance: Sure I'll help!

    3. OH my goodness! You are right! Thank you so much for catching that! I'm changing it right now! As far as Bill and James? Hmmmm,You gave me something to fumble around in my head!

    4. you saw how carefully your story is read

      Happy month of april

  2. Terrance needs to go, go out the door, don't turn around now because he's not welcomed anymore! LOL!

    1. Oh my goodness! You almost made me spit out my soda when I read this! LOL


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