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Thursday, March 23, 2017


"No need to jump to conclusions.  There may be a dozen reasons why his phone is off.  Besides, right now I'm not worried about Andre.  I'm more concerned about you," James said.

"I'll be alright.  I just needed someone to talk to," Bill replied.

"Well we're here for you," Tommy said as they got ready to leave the shop.

Later that evening after everyone retreated to their homes, Carol asked James about his day with the guys.  James filled Carol in without disclosing specifics about Bill's status.

"Wow!  Sounds like he's dealing with a lot whatever it is," she exclaimed.

"Yeah, it would seam so," James agreed.

"So how was your day?

"It was great.  We just talked," she said.

"Oh really?  What did you talk about?" James  asked.

"Just girl talk," she said.

"That sounds real vague," James said with a grin on his face as he walked towards her.

"Well not more than your elusive information," she said teasing as she leaned in to give him a kiss.

She continued,"We did talk a little about you."

"Oh really?  Please elaborate," he commanded as he unbuttoned her blouse.

"I can take my own clothes off for bed.  Thank you," she said clutching her shirt.

"You can but you won't.  Put your hands down!" he barked.

"Man!  You're bossy,"she snapped with a playful grin.

"That's because I'm the boss baby," he said pulling her closer to her.

"Oh really?" She said sarcastically.

"So what else did you talk about," he repeated as he began to kiss her neck.

He moved in closer kissing her neck down to her exposed chest.  She had a pink bra on.  Slowly he began to lower one strap off her shoulder then the other.

"Go on," He told her as he kissed all over her neck and chest.  "What did you girls say about me?"

Breathing heavily she mumbled,"She said.....she said."

"What did she say," he questioned as he took her bra off and started licking and caressing her breast.

"Baby, I can't think," she whispered.

"Very interesting," he said softly in her ear.  "You can't think of what you were just talking about a few hours ago?" 

He began to chuckle.  He always got such a kick out of teasing her and making her intoxicated with horniness.

"You love to torture me, you son of a....."

"Shhhh!  Be a good girl.  No potty mouth or I'll have to spank you.  But something tells me that you might like that. O.K. I will stop distracting you so you can tell me what you guys were saying about me."

"Ahh, we were just talking about things you enjoy," she said in a stutter. "She told me about the importance of keeping things new and fresh behind closed doors.  She said one day I should surprise you and take control in the bedroom."

James snickered,"Really?  You really think you got what it takes to control me?  You want control?  Take it!" 

"You are a son of a bitch." she whisper with a horny smile.

He pulled his pants down to reveal a nine inch cock.  "Take off your panties."

He threw her on the bed as he went for the drawer to get some lube.

Slowly he put the tip in teasing her and making her even more horny for it.

"You want it baby!"

"Yeah give it to me!" she replied.

He kept teasing her only putting the tip in.  Eager for it, she began to gyrate her hips so that she could possibly get more of him in.

"Come on baby, stop teasing!  I want you in me," she pleaded

"You want it?"

He gave her one long stroke pushing all the way in.

"Ooh!" she yelped.

"Come on baby take it!" He encouraged as he started to pump.

She grabbed hold of his back as he pumped into her.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" she yelled in ecstasy.

He could feel the muscles in her pussy contracting.  He knew that she was ready to come.

As soon as she came he pulled out and asked her where she wanted it.

"Where ever you want it," she said.

"Get on your knees," he commanded.

He stroked until he shot in her mouth.

She always loved tasting his cum. She was very candid and open about a lot of things in her sex life with her friends but no one knew just how much she loved taking her husbands cum in her mouth.

"I love you," he told her looking down.

"I love you too." she said with a smile, as she licked the rest of husband's residue off her lips.



  1. Another really good chapter. (Especially for a guy like me who appreciates cock and pussy. LOL)

    Your writing groups are correct. The quotation marks are best. Stick with them... Just remember that "said" and "replied," etc can get tedious. Using character actions - as you have with some of this - puts us deeper into the story, let's us know what they are hearing, smelling, tasting, the sensations they're experiencing. Using all five senses draws the reader further in. Show instead of tell.

    This chapter is all in James' POV. Until you hit this: "She always loved tasting his cum. She was very candid and open about a lot of things in her sex life with her friends but no one knew just how much she loved taking her husbands cum in her mouth." How does he know these things, particularly the final phrase about no one knowing just how much she loved tasting his cum. Suggestion: Have him ask her if she wants it in her mouth; if she loves the taste; if she's told anyone but him how much she always wants him to cum in her mouth?
    You're on your way to becoming a terrific erotica writer! Give us more!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the input. It's somewhat challenging writing fiction. When I was writing my non fiction it was much easier because everything came from my own point of view and experiences. But again, I am loving the process. thanks so much for your advice.

  3. I am gay, but I found this to be VERY hot. Wow! Looking forward to the next installment.

  4. "She always loved tasting his cum. She was very candid and open about a lot of things in her sex life with her friends but no one knew just how much she loved taking her husbands cum in her mouth."

    you can not imagine how rare are the women who love cum!

  5. Mark would love to pose for you again,may someone giving me spanking or email is this is scott thanks

    1. My baby! How are you! I will get in contact with you! we need to catch up!


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