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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


"I'll take the guest room and you can have the master bed room," Bill mumbled.

"There's no need for us to sleep in separate rooms," Andre said.

"No.  I think we should.  I just need a little time to myself."

"No problem," Andre said disappointed.

The next morning Bill woke up, washed his face and walked into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

"Andre! how do you like your coffee?"

There was no answer.

"Andre!" He shouted again.

He walked toward the room that he was sleeping in.  As he opened the door he saw that the bed had been made and all the blankets were folded but there was no sign of Andre.

"He left!......Fuck!"

He knew in his heart that he would be gone the next day, but it didn't make it any less painful.  Closing his eyes he took three deep breaths and said,"I will get through this," and began to make breakfast.

Meanwhile at James and Carol's place:

Carol was fixing pancakes while James was reading the newspaper.

"That was a crazy game last night!" Carol said to James.

"Hell yeah it was!" James exclaimed.

 He continued,"Do you think Bill and Andre will hook up?"

"Please! Their asses hooked up last night.  I'm sure!..... 'Oh I can give you a ride Bill!'.... Yeah, I bet he gave him a ride alright!"

Laughing, James said,"Yeah they were all over each other."

After a moment Carol hesitated and began to bring up the game.  "During the game Tommy asked if we ever had anal.  Do you tell them about our sex life?"

At that point James got really nervous.  After a very long pause he said,"Well, sometimes we talk about certain things that's going on in our lives...I didn't mean to gossip or anything."

"Honey, honey!" She walked up to him and caressed the side of his face.  "Its alright. The only reason I asked is because I know you are a very private person and you don't share a lot of private things with outside people.  It was just surprising to me.  I believe that you and Tommy have become very close and I believe its important to have at least one friend other than me that you can talk to heart to heart."

"You're right.  I am glad that I finally have someone I can talk to.  Although I have to admit there are things we just don't connect with."

"Well of course there's going to be differences. You guys have two different lifestyles.  But you both communicate so well with each other and you guys genuinely enjoy giving each other a hard time."

"True!"  He said with a chuckle.  "Speaking of which,  I told him I would go jogging with him around noon since I didn't go to the gym last night."

"That's perfect because I was going to visit Laurie."

Just then James received a call from Tommy asking to move their meeting up earlier.

"Babe! He wants to move our time."

"You guys go anytime you wish.  I will be with Laurie most of the day anyway."

James arranged to get together with Tommy as soon as he was done with breakfast.

"Hey what's going on," James said.

Tommy replied, "Well not a lot but it seemed like a lot went on with Bill and Andre last night."

"Carol and I figured they would eventually get together last night."

"Well they did but it didn't turn out to be a honeymoon made in heaven."

"What went down,"  James probed.

"Bill didn't give me specifics on what happened but he didn't sound to happy.  I'm supposed to meet up with him later tonight."

"Well, that's too bad.  They seemed to be alright last night."

"I know.  The way they were going at it at my place; I just knew they would hit it off."

"Oh well  I'm sure things will  work themselves out," James replied.

"Yeah, I'm sure it will work out. So what's Carol up to today?"

"She's with he friend.  They're spending the day out together since she moved and don't get to see her as much.....Speaking of Carol, she asked me about some of the things we talked about.  She was surprised that I talked to you in detail about our sex life."


"She wasn't upset she just was stunned that I would be so open about it. "

Tommy stated, "Well I know how private you are about not just your sex life but stuff in general."

"Well its hard to find a true friend that I can trust and open up to."

"I totally get it."

"She did tell me that we would  see things differently because we have two different life styles.  And I do admit there are certain things I don't get . But I do feel comfortable talking with you."

"Yeah I get it.  Well when I talk about my sex with Rick does that make you uncomfortable?"

"No! Not at all! I just don't understand what would make a man want to have another man's penis inside him.  I mean, when I see carol and she's naked I get so horny.  There's nothing like seeing her round pink nipples.  And her soft skin is amazing!"

Tommy said, "You like fucking her in the ass though."

"Hell yeah! I love it when she moans and screams and it seems that when we do it, it makes her pussy even wetter once I do get in it."

"Exactly! It's the same with me and Rick.  But we have something that she don't have; A prostate. Once you hit that spot just the right way, it can be like paradise!"

"Yeah, but having some big hard dick in me just don't sound appealing and kissing something that is not soft and pretty? Nah, I'll pass."

"You may not like the idea.  And everyone is different.  I will ask you this; how often do you masturbate?"

"About once a week, sometimes every other week," James replied.

"Is that it?"

"Hey I get plenty of pussy from my wife."

"O.k. I'll give you that.  Obviously you like the way it feels or you wouldn't be doing it right?  Well the next time you start to jack off either get on your knees or lay on your back.  Lube your finger and place your finger slowly in your asshole and see what kind of orgasm you have."

"Hell fucking no!  Not hell no, but hell fucking no!  Ain't nothing going in this mother fucker!"

Tommy laughs, "Could you be any more passionate about that statement?" He continued, "Well you won't know until you tried it."

"And the same could be said for you and pussy," James said.

Tommy rolled his eyes and said,"You're such a dufus!"

"Yeah, that's what I thought!" James replied with a laugh.

Right then, Tommy got a call.  It was Bill.  He wanted to meet up with him as soon as possible.

"Can  we meet up somewhere?"

"I'm hanging out with James right now, but.."

James interrupted,"If you guys need to talk I could meet up with you later."

"No! That's o.k. He said he don't mind if you're there."

That afternoon they got together at the coffee shop downtown.

"What's going on," Tommy asked.

"Well after coming back from your place I invited Andre over to visit for awhile.  Things got a little heated."

Tommy and James looked at Bill with a grin.

"Really, a little heated?" Tommy asked sarcastically.

"O.k. things got really heated!  Later in the we hours he wanted to...."

He hesitated.

"What? Fuck?" James asked Bill.

"Don't think you're going to corrupt my innocent ears because I'm straight," He laughed.

"You know if you guys want some privacy...."

"No stay here. You're fine.  Any friend of Tommy is a friend of mine.  I just didn't want to weird you out with all of our gay shit," Bill said.

"That ship sailed a long time ago!  I already know it don't get any weirder than this," he joked.

Bill chuckled.

"That's what I want to see.  I want to see you laughing and happy," James said.

"I will.  I'm just a little disappointed right now," Bill said.

"But that's what I don't understand.  You guys both wanted it.  What happened?"

"I stopped it," Bill said looking down.

"Why did you say no," Tommy asked with a concerned look on his face.  He had a suspicion he knew what he was going to tell him.

"Bill looked down in fear being silent and still.

"Bill, are you...."

"Positive?  Yes," He said as his eyes began to water.

There was a long silence.  Then James said, "I don't want to sound insensitive but you could still have sex with condoms right?"

"Yeah I could.  I guess I was just still devastated because I found out about two months ago.  It was always in the back of my mind.  But when things went the way they did, it was there right in my face again.  I told Andre that I wanted to have some time to myself so we slept in separate rooms.  When I woke up he was gone.

"Have you called him?"


Tommy said,"I'm going to call him."

"Please don't!"

"I won't let him know you're here.  I will just call him like I usually do."

When he called, the phone went straight to voice mail.

"So he's avoiding us."


 Writer's Comment:

O.K. I've been having a ball writing. I have really enjoyed the process. Yes I am very much an amateur.  I'm still learning the rules on writing and punctuation. But it is a blast creating.  I guess as an artist whether it's with photography, poetry, stories or any other form of expression I love the creative process. I hope you enjoy each Chapter. My goal is to get to Chapter 10. who knows maybe I will just keep going. Let's see what happens. 

Please feel free to let me know what you think. The good, what needs improvement. I love your feedback. Its your honest opinion that helps me grow.  Hope you enjoy.

Ciao for now!


  1. I am enjoying each chapter and I think you are doing a great job. I am already interested in finding out what happens next.

    1. Cool ! I hope you enjoy the next installment. I am already working on it. cheers!

  2. Another good chapter... You ended this really well - leaving us wanting to "turn the page." Your punctuation is fine - nothing popped out at me. A couple of minor spelling errors. Keep an eye on which character the chapter belongs to; in other words, whose point of view it's told from. That determines what thoughts and actions can be seen. At this point, I would say that you could be a seriously good writer! Bravo, Mark!

    1. thank you so much for your feedback. I kind of thought the same way. I still do.
      In the past I would tell exactly who was talking. Example:

      Tommy: Have you called him?

      Bill: No.

      Tommy: I'm going to call him.

      Being taught by various mods in writing groups that I should use quotations and that i don't have to use he said , she replied for every line. I figure I would try the format that was taught. However like you said its easy to get confused on who's talking. I may either go back to my old format or continue with quotations and just make sure I put who's talking such as:

      Tommy replied, or Bill said.

      Thanks for the information I really appreciate it. I will definitely check my spelling. There are times when I go back to my older posts and still correct mistakes I missed! LOL

  3. Visiting once again! And also... Reading! ^_^

    1. So very cool ! I'm so glad you are enjoying the series! I hope you continue to come back !


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