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Monday, February 27, 2017

AND THE WINNER IS............L M A O !

Anyone who watched the Oscars last night, knows the climax of the show which was the announcing of ....Uh Hum ! *clears throat* ........Best Picture. (If you don't know what went down, just turn on your computer.  I'm sure you'll get your answer in a matter of seconds.)

First and foremost the small fiasco started out with Faye Dunaway (looking beautiful at 76 I must add) and Warren Beatty (still getting his stud on at 79) taking to the stage to announce Best Picture.

It was not difficult to tell that something was strange when Beatty hesitated to announce the winner. 

He even was so stumped that he turned to Dunaway for clarification.  
Well, long story short, Best picture went to La L....OOPS ! My bad ! Moonlight. L M A O !

Many are talking about the flub in which fingers pointed to Warren Beatty.  One columnist even went as far as calling him brain dead.  

My take on the situation : 

The man was just going by what was given to him.  Give the man a break !

Maybe I'm just sensitive because I was crushing on him last night.  Hell, at 79 and still looking that good, he can make as many mistakes as he wants ! ...........*Yes Mr. Beatty. All you have to do is stand there and look pretty......Fluffer on the set !*

Now my homework assignment is to watch La La Land and Moonlight and decide which one makes for Best Picture in my opinion. 

I will announce the winner...................via Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty .  

: - )


  1. I'll wait from you the winner! The true winner will be the one you'll choose!!!

  2. Ahhh... But, see, that columnist wasn't paying attention. Beatty looked at it, looked into the envelope again, looked at the card again, looked at Dunaway, looked at the card...when she nagged him, he showed it to her and she blurted out "La La Land." He knew there was a problem - SHE didn't read the damn card. In big letters it read "Emma Stone, La La Land, Best Actress"

    Having seen all the nominated films, IMO, "Moonlight" deserved the win. Well done, acting was solid, and very little in the way of wasted moments (frames) on the screen. Everything moved the story forward. That can't be said for the rest of the films. "Fences" had some real continuity problems; "La La Land" wasted moments; "Lion" had some timeline issues; "Hacksaw Ridge" a LOT of wasted moments of unnecessary gore and repeated info; "Hell or High Water" lost focus at some points; "Arrival" had timeline issues; "Hidden Figures" could've made the grade but for some unnecessary footage; "Manchester By the Sea" just had a jumbled story arc; all leaving "Moonlight" as the tightest film overall.

    Happy Tuesday. And, I do think you'll enjoy both films.

  3. I agree with you that it was not Warren's fault (or Faye's) because they were given the wrong envelope. I keep thinking "How hard is it to give out envelopes?" I know stuff can happen, but this is the Oscars and the pair who had the envelopes were too starstruck to focus on giving out envelopes. Ugh! I will do it next year for them if they like.

    I thought everyone on stage handled it as graciously as possible. And I look forward to hearing which movie gets "The Mark"!


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