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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Its a new year and I did some reflecting on last year. 

I learned from some of my mistakes but most of all I am moving forward to my goals and resolutions. I used to hate using the term "resolutions" during the turn of a new year, because it has been thrown around so much that it seemed to have lost its effectiveness.  But for me there are goals I have as well as things I would like to resolve.

I won't get into many of my personal goals and resolutions but I will share some that pertain to me as an artist and a blogger.

(In no specific order)

1. Last year I wrote a piece called "HOMOGENIZED MILK : WHY ?"  The story had nothing to do with milk but the cultural homogenization that we have grown so accustomed to in our society. My goal is to represent more diversity in ethnicity and race; to represent a wider range of body types as well as a wider range in ages.

2. I get a large amount of traffic to my blog.  I get hundreds a day.  But for quite some time my amount of followers stayed at 59.  My goal is by the end of the year to have 100 people following / subscribed to my blog. This is something that I have no control over.  It is up to the viewers to decide to subscribe to my blog....SOOO!  Just go to the right of my posts, under the the title "Casting Crew" are a bunch of images of people currently following me.  Under all those pictures is a button that says "Follow" click on that button.  And you are now following my blog.  That simple! let's turn 59 into 60 and 60 into 100.

2a. Shameless self promotion! If there is something I want from my viewers I'm going to ask. Staring now! SUBSCRIBE TO THE MALE CASTING COUCH ! :-)

3. I also would like to have more dialogue.  For many of us bloggers, we look forward to hearing comments.  It lets us know that there are people out there that really get what we are doing.  I would like to see more interaction with my fan base.

4. I want to comment more on others' blogs.  Last year I slacked on doing so due to my schedule. This year I want to get back to having great dialog with my blog buddies, as well as feature new blogs.

I remember when I first started, it was difficult getting noticed.  It was with the help of my blog friends that I have a blog that's not doing too bad.  So If I could help others I would love to do that.

5. I have one goal that I'm working on. its still up in the air but once I get it going, I'll let you in on it. but for now, continue to enjoy my work.

Here's to great shots!



  1. Those are some great goals, Mark. Of course, I've been following for quite some time.
    The "follow" thing has really slowed down for everyone. I lost more than 100 followers during the great Google purge last year; and Blogger now requires you to have a gmail account in order to follow any blogger blogs. I think I've gotten maybe 25 or so who returned. But, the number of page hits per day has increased. Go figure.
    Anyway, I hope you meet each any every one of your goals.

    1. Thank you so much..... I did forget about that. Google really made it hard for the bloggers. Ironically my hits went up a great deal also. Well it would be nice. BTW I taking your near year is coming off to a good start!

  2. I'm already following you, also by mail.
    The problem with followers and their number, it's so simple in my opinion. Why has become so hard increasing the number of followers? because before there was not instagram and other social medias. I saw blog(spot)s with over 3000 followers, but without any comment for their posts. So, I asked to me: do ypu prefer increase the numer of your followers, or improve the quantity/quality of comments getting a dialogue? no doubt, for me. And I love to call the bloggers commenting my posts and whose posts I use to comment: my blog family! so, if you want me to tell you the truth of my point of view: you can call lucky if in 2017, you'll get other 10 followers. The numbers of bloggers who use blogspot is falling down.

    1. Again you are very much correct. And you are right. The quality of those who comment and share their ideas are so much better than the numbers. I guess I should appreciate those who offer valuable input like you and the rest of the gang. Thanks so much for your insight. :-)

    2. glad you appreciated. I had your thoughts about followers number and now I share my solution.

    3. not forgetting twitter & tumblr. There, it's so easier to get more and more followers! But there comments are so rapid and short: tweet & retweet; post & reblog! You can be happy is you get in a blogspot 5/6 comments. I have 183 followers (January 19, 2017) so where are all comments from the other (at least) 100?

  3. Mark, as a fellow blogger, I get the desire to get more followers. I smile when I see that I have added 1-2 more. But Xersex is correct in that the conversation is really what gives a blog that sense of energy. I think your goals are great and I should do the same. I am going to make sure that I am following your blog because, as you already know it but let me say it again, I am a fan!

  4. Mark...comments hopefully follow...but just wanted to acknowledge how much I enjoy your posts...even if comments don't always happen. :-)


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