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Monday, January 30, 2017


As an artist I know the importance of knowing what to show the public and what not to.  You often hear about artists and musicians with vaults of unpublished material.  Every artist has his/her reasons for keeping somethings unpublished for awhile.  A lot of times it may be a situation of the material is just not good enough and they want to display their best work.  Sometimes its a matter of finding the right concept in the later years.

Sometimes for a photographer there is one photograph out of a photo set that is the money shot.  Sometimes if it ain't broke don't try to fix it; you could end up fucking up the whole program.

For me  GAPED WIDE OPEN is that shot. Not only is it the shot but it is also the text that brings out the eroticism of this post.  Written expression is just as important as the image; as it  narrates a special message.

Taking its popularity in the two years of this blog,  I decided to release some other stills from this shoot.  I'm plunging into taking the chance of posting more shots even though GAPED WIDE OPEN does excellent by itself.  Hope you enjoy.

Loving those hairy thighs, that huge bulge and wonderful gap.


  1. Thus proving that complete exposure isn't always necessary to making something sexy and enticing. Very nice, Mark.

  2. usually I love colours, but here I prefere B/w pics!

  3. Beautiful set, mark...I feel like you really captured Burt in these images... especially in the ones where his facial expression is provided, but also in the he shows himself. Be are great, but warmth of color works well too, as in the last image. Technical quality is excellent throughout.

  4. Nice to see this sexy guy. He has nice DSL.

  5. Lovely set of photos, especially the first shot (to me). I think that the bulge is so great and the legs apart offer just the right about of sexy. Yum!

  6. Thong guy is back! Nice bottom for ravaging.

    1. Hey Ryan ! Long time no see. Yes He keeps disappearing on me. I'm going have to tie his ass up and lock that fucker in my closet until I need him for my next shoots. Gonna have to get him in a thong again especially for you stud !


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