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Friday, December 2, 2016


It happened when we were in a restaurant ordering our food. There were three moments over the Thanksgiving holiday that proved not just that I'm like my dad, but I am my dad. Scary revelation but also really damn funny!

hint #1
A pretty dark brown sistah with two little afro puffs came to our table and said, "Someone will be with you in just a moment!"

"Umm Hmm! Take your time," Dad replied as she walked away; never once taking his eyes off her badonkadonk.

"Hello!" I shouted.

He snapped back into attention, trying to pretend that he wasn't all up in girlfriend's business.
Just a few seconds later our waiter showed up.  

He was this fine ass Latin guy with a baby face and a goatee.

"Hi! Anything I could get for you?"

We both ordered our breakfast:

Steak, scrambled eggs with a dash of garlic powder and biscuits. Everything down to the way our tea was prepared was dead on.  I must say the man has exquisite taste! He must get it from his son. LOL

"I'll be right back with your drinks."

The waiter walked back to the kitchen.

Trying to be a lot slyer than Pops, I sneaked a glimpse of the "biscuits" that I wanted to butter.

Scenerio : We like two different types of biscuits; but provide the same kind of butter !

Hint #2

The project neither one of us had any damn business working on.

So as a father son bonding time, my dad thought it would be cool for the both of us to do something to the car
that was supposed to fix it .  To this day I can't tell you what was wrong with it nor what we did to make it worse. Unique thing; Neither can he.

Hint #3

When your aunt is laughing at you because you're sprawled on the couch like Al Bundy with his hand in his pants watching T.V. While your father has a 30 minute head start on you.

So looking in the mirror I snicker as I notice the undeniable resemblance that is my dad and poke fun at the young punk that swore he was too cool to be seen in public with the man he's become today. Ain't that a bitch! LOL

But I wouldn't have it any other way. 


  1. do you believe if I tell you I'm 44 but I don't feel any age? not young, like 24, not old like 64. NO AGE!! love your fun!!!

    1. You know, that's the way it should be . The more we focus on the number the older we feel .

    2. I don't care of my age, I care to enjoy with sex.!

  2. A beautiful story, Mark. I love the "different types of biscuits, but provide the same butter" closing line. Thanks for sharing because that made me think of my family and some of the same "I am too cool for that" moments from those crazy teen years.

  3. Beautifully written, beautifully told...and something that resonates so well with my own experience. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Both amazing and scary: The moment you realize you have become your parent.

    I'm much more like my mother, so it was twice as amazing and scary for me! LOL.


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