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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


There is a spirit, a need to be uninhibited sexually, creatively and spiritually.
Phaunos is that place. August is that man.

His blog is that of beautiful poetry and written expression. You will also witness the personal and sometimes explicit eroticism of his self portraits. Visit more of his erotic imagery at

                                                                               Photography by August Phaunos
                                                                                               Model: August Phaunos

He is definitely a writer and expressor of word.  Having the visual eye that I have, especially for the male body, I must say what really gets me going is seeing  him in the essence of his sexual arousal.

I have had the privilege to talk with him personally and I must say not only does he arouse me with his hot images and video clips (Which I really hope he shares with the blogger family) but with his mind as well.

I strongly urge my followers and friends to check out his various sites: 
Writing and Poetry. Hopefully we will see some of his self portraits and clips as well ???
Poetry and Images
More poetry

Comment on what you like.

 As an artist myself I know the importance of hearing from my viewers. That's the fuel that keeps us doing what we do. So please follow, comment and enjoy.

And to August, 

I look forward to what you got in store for you blog.

Until we talk again my friend.



  1. With your recommendation, I will absolutely check it out and report back! Thanks, Mark!

  2. Thank you for the shout out. I appreciate it.

  3. Some beautiful words on the Google Blog. Stunning photos grace the poems on Tumblr. I had to leave a message for you, August!

    Right now, we need all the beauty we can get. Thanks, Mark!

  4. Lovely post and a lovely image. I will be sure to check out his blog.


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