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Saturday, October 29, 2016



  1. Replies
    1. A Sexy Ginger Bearded Man......What more do I need to say ?

    2. let me add something: love not so much paled gingers! like #1 & #2!!! I find & feel such gingers hot like fire!
      cum to see my last post:
      happy sungay!

  2. Mark as I promised you the other day I am back. Hope you are ok, and I will look at your blog more often. Incidentally did you ever publish a picture of yourself in the nude ? Face is optional. Ginger guy has a beautiful beard and dick. The older white bearded man has a nice ass. The Latino sailor is well "dicked". Too bad he has little or no pubes at all.

    1. MY PAPI !It's good to see you again ! Don't worry about it. I haven't been as active myself with the other blogs I MUST get back to my blog bros. As for me ?????? Just check the tag under MARK GREENE I will also be posting some more recent pics of me. I've put some pounds on so I haven't been posting much of myself lately but I'm finally staring to be more comfortable posting me with xtra meat. LOL

      Yeah he trims very close. Me myself I like a man to be a MAN ! I like a man with pubes But I would in no way throw that mofo out of bed ! LOL I'm so glad to here from you. Now we have to find out what's up with the Butt Bandit himself...Mr. Uncle B . I wiah you well. and we will chat.

    2. Mark: Man, I love the "MY PAPI" stuff, way too cute!!! Ya, in the next week or so I will check the tag under your name and enjoy what I see. I have signed my e-mail as a follower....
      As I mentioned before I am not gay but I enjoy looking at pictures of naked guys, especially well pubed ones...
      As for Butt Bandit Uncle B I do not know what to write. In late April I was sent to Phoenix Arizona on a reward/annual conference. I called him on my cell phone. He sounded really beat and down. He was having cataract and other debilitating problems. Ever since I have e-mailed him to no success, and even called him. Two days later I would get a call back, but an EMPTY one. I have texted him, same thing. A few months ago I did an obituary search of his name Barry West in Dallas Texas and the name with age of 62y/o(about his real age)showed up. It said survived by a sister in Oklahoma, his home state. Far as he told me he has a brother in that state, but they do not communicate. Of course he might have lied, why not ? I really enjoyed talking to him, but I felt so bad. Anyway, we can only pray and hope.
      Take care and CIAO!!!

  3. Haven't been commenting lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been reading your recent posts...I have and have been really enjoying all the fine images!

    1. Thank you. And of course I've been enjoying your recent B/W post I visit that post often. Thanks for the love. :-)

  4. Hey Mark, great post! Those vaults of yours must be a natural wonder!

  5. Great photos, Mark. The tree photos grabbed my attention - not that the guys with dick didn't. But the composition of the trees hit me. You've got a talent, my man, and I am very glad you share it with us. Thank you!


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