Monday, September 26, 2016


Butt crack, Butt cheeks, Barking spider, asshole, badonkadonk, Cupcakes. 

These and many more are names to describe the booty A.K.A. Culo. 

Whatever you want to call  those fleshy round objects that separate the East from the West with that tight but ever so warm moist hole in the middle . Gimme some mo'!

                                             Warm explosion afterwards


  1. Well I do love some hot asses! The guy removing his shorts is hot and I love the dildo action/feet in the air. Awesome!

  2. culo is the italian word for ASS!" thanks for the italian shoutout!

  3. WOW! Really enjoying this post...the words (east, west, warm hole), the images ( underpants gif and sweet wriggling as in the following gif)! Hot set!

  4. LOL. Xersex beat me to it!

    Love that he's only been with women, yet isn't afraid to go for it here!

  5. Replies
    1. Man what happened to you? Your blog just disappeared ! So is this link a new blog?


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