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Sunday, May 1, 2016


He told Rob to put his ass up in the air in which he obliged.  Rob hungry for Tommy's cock as he strokes  it.

What I thought was going to be a routine photo shoot between the two men, turned into Playtime real quick.  

It all started with an idea to do a duo shoot with two of the guys I shoot regularly.  I called each one up to propose the idea of shooting together.  They both agreed.

Photo day:

Me:  Rob this is Tommy.  Tommy this is Rob.

Tommy: Hey how's it going!

Rob: How's it going!

Me: So as I told you guys, "This will be a just like a regular photo shoot except you guys will be posing together.  I'm sure I will find some poses for you guys but I will also capture some candid shots of you guys just doing whatever.  Neither one of you are obligated to anything with each other except for basic posing nude.

Rob: What if he grabs my ass! Can I grab His?

Laughter breaks out between the two.

Tommy shouts,"No you can not grab my ass," as he pulls his pants down and bends over smiling.

As the day goes by I shoot some duo shots and solo shots.  It was when I suggest taking the shoot to the bed room that it really gets hot.

Tommy: So what do you want us to do?

Me: I'm not going to say much of anything.  I want you guys to just hang out for awhile and get to know each other.  If you find an interesting idea or prop go for it.

We shoot for about two hours when I call for a 20 min break. 

Tommy retreats to the kitchen as Robert lays on the bed to rest.

After grabbing a drink Tommy goes into the bedroom.  He sees Rob on the bed with his arm over his face blocking the light from his eyes.  It looks like he may be sleeping but its hard to tell.

"Rob?" he says quietly.  He doesn't respond.  He walks up closer.  He looks at me and says,"You want me to wake him up?" "Sure!"I reply.

He gets on the bed and gently rubs his stomach.
"Rob!" he says a little louder, still with no response. "I know you're awake.  Get up!" he says again as he rubs his stomach. You can tell that Rob is getting excited by the attention but he still says nothing.

Tommy goes down lower to the bulge in his underwear and takes his cock out and starts to stroke.  Rob still laying down with his arm over his head reaches over and starts to stroke Tommy.

Just then Tommy reaches over and starts to blow Rob.
Tommy being an ass man tells Rob to get on all fours with his ass in the air.  Rob obliges.  Rob backs up on Tommy wanting his cock but is thwarted by the suggestion of 69 which he has no problem complying to.  Afterward both guys shoot their loads. 

 Unfortunately I didn't get that on camera. I was too busy stroking my own self.  Normally I am just the observer.  This time I had to take it out and stroke a bit. Its hard being a pervert and an artist at the same time.

Its days like these that I'm glad to be a both.


  1. Love the negatives. They're so cool! What a great opportunity for you - thank you for what you do. And thank those guys for me, too!

    1. Yes indeed I will!And Thank you as well

  2. Amazing post, Mark! WOW...what a hot set..concept and execution..and of course guys! Understand why a pause in professional distance was necessary. Will be be to enjoy a lot! Outstanding!

  3. What a great photo shoot! You are really great at putting your models at ease. Love the entire set but the negative shots are so interesting to me. Love them!

    1. Thank you. Actually it makes my job easier when the models are comfortable with their own sexuality. and these guys have no problems with letting their inhibitions down.

  4. wow. I am loving the negative affect of some of these images. Not to mention, if you were trying to get me to yank my cock out and yank, your days recollection worked,wink

  5. DAMN. I don't blame you one bit...I'd been in on that too.

  6. love your artistic touch! why do you call "pervert", only you love sex with men? you should be called a faithful follower of Eros & Priapus


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