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Thursday, February 18, 2016


How do you like your milk?  Before you answer that question I have a few definitions for you.

milk with the fat particles broken up and dispersed uniformly so the cream will not rise.

Now I'm all for my milk being "homogenized" so that I don't have to drink lumpy milk. 
But that's not what I'm getting at.  Let's take a look at some other definitions.


1. To change (something) so that its parts are all the same
2. To make similar


1. Unvarying, unmixed, alike, similar, identical
2.Of the same kind, similar nature or kind

Type "naked men" in your search engine and what do you get?
You will get flooded with countless images of naked or half naked White guys with the exact same body type, short blond or ginger hair (sometimes brunette) staring at you with the same blank stoic expression on their face.

"I'm fucking hot !"  "You want me."  "I'm cool." "I never smile because I'm too cool to show emotion." "Don't you wish you could be as cool as me?" "I think so ! I know so!" 

You guessed it; HOMOGENIZED.

It has even spilled into our culture. 

I went out on the Castro  last weekend and every club I went, there were pretty, young 20 to 30 year old White kids with no body fat jumping up and down like they were having seizures to fast paced techno that sounded like one very long song. It was so hard to determined when the DJ was blending the next song because it all sounded the same.

So what does a 45 year old Black guy with rather visible love handles do in a situation like this? Well, I tried jumping up and down like I was having a seizure as well. Only problem is after 10 minutes of non stop convulsing, I really did feel like having a seizure! So I took my old ass out of the situation and did what I do best; Ass shopping!

I didn't buy anything.  I did consider putting a few on lay away, but I figured I'd use the one I have at home.  It rides well and I don't have to break it in.

Speaking of ass.......... and the topic of  homogenization, I've decided Its time to mix things up a bit. 

What do I have in store for you? Can't tell ya. 
But you will be the first to know........
as soon as I figure it out myself. 

Damn ! Now I'm thirsty.   I think I'm gonna get me some milk.


  1. Yep. My wife and I used to go to the gay club(s) and drink and dance. Had a good time for a number of years. Then, as you say, it all began to sound the same, the people in there all began to look the same. Even the young spastic-looking kids drifted away, and the place is closed. Funny thing is, the new ones are just as you describe. No thanks...

    I'm already looking forward to what you've got in I hope you figure it out quickly!

  2. Excellent post, Mark.

    Diversity and originality are sparks for ideas and invention, art and eroticism, yet are cultivated sparingly and even disparaged. It is disheartening that homogenization, nurtured by 'authority' as a control mechanism, is so willingly accepted by the uninspired majority.

  3. Fortunately I have found a place where the drinks are cheap the people are friendly (mid 20's to my age) and the music is what you put on the jukebox you can play pool or if you want there's a small space to dance
    It's almost like a gay "Cheers"

    1. My favorite Uncle ain't holding out on me are you? Hook a brotha up ! LOL

    2. If you ever get to Dallas we will be there ❤❤❤UB

  4. Well, you definitely have my curiosity up about how you are going to mix things up. LOL!

    Let me know when you go ass shopping again. I am always up to have a shopping buddy for a trip to Gaymart!

  5. I go every sunGAY to a sexy club for gays, where none is homogeneus or homogenized, only deeply homosexual! and there's fun everywhere for everyone!

  6. Mark Green: Forgive the question, Are you black or white ? Not that it matters of course. Just curious. In my old country, Italy, some people call us Sicilians, black, because so many have very dark complexion. One scientific reason, they have retained Arabic, or northern African or perhaps ancient Jewish features from ancestors who roamed the island over 1000+years ago. We are who we are, Children of God.

  7. I'm very much a Black man also known as African American. Ive always had a taste for diversity. And there's nothing wrong with your curiosity. Yes I've heard many Scilians referred to as Black . It reminds me of a funny story. For the longest time I thought Black Irish were Black people that lived in Irland. Only to find out that is mostly used as a term for people of Irish decent that that don't fall into the stereotypical description of red hair blue eyes light What an interesting world we live in.

  8. Maybe I am an insecure person, but I must say I am glad I have a bunch of blog friends who seem to accept me. It reminds me of an e-mail I received very recently from someone who is exactly the opposite of you guys. I guess that is what makes the world go round. Nice people, and not so nice and then the not at all nice. etc. etc. Thank you Mark for being open minded and for your taste in diversity.
    I must tell something I have never told anyone. Coming to America for me was an eye opening experience. I attended and graduated from two local universities in the DC area. Mostly the eye opening experience was in the field of human relations. Meeting and knowing people of different back grounds, religions, cultures made me a better person I think. Discrimination based on social caste, regional differences and other problems was something I had very little experience with in my old country. My late dad though was very much aware. His father fought in WWI and it was at that time that other Italians discovered that Sicilian soldiers had as much balls as anyone else in the country. Suddenly a new attitude was born and in many cases lifelong friendships started and lasted decades. In other words "ignorance" and its next in line sibling "pre-conceived notion" was finally abated so that two men were able to see eye to eye and appreciate and value each other.
    Mark thank you for reading my thoughts and reflections.
    Incidentally I am not gay in the sense that I do not have sex with other men, but I do like looking at pictures of naked guys.

  9. Mark: Today is my day off and before I go out to do some chores I wanted to ask a favor. You know what I look like...I am 5-01, about 120 lbs, very hairy, still black but I am beginning to see gray and even some white especially in the pubes. I still pretty much have a good release of cum. I will be 65 in about a month. Can you give a description of yourself ? I would be interested to know. Thamnks

    1. Well Sir,
      On a good day I'm 5'11" 5'10" when my guard is down. lol
      I'm 180ish lbs (gotta get these love handles under control.They ain't lovely no more.) black hair with some gray. I'm starting to get that Pepe Le Pew thing going on;hopefully without the fumes.LOL Maybe one of these days I will have a picture of me in a crowd and let you guys figure out which one is me? HMMMMM!

    2. That is a nice challenge. Please, do that. HMMMMMM!!!

    3. Dear Mr. Green: The blog picture above obviously belongs to a male, there is the trace of his dick/balls. His pubes is very trimmed. Is he the same guy you were talking about a while back, Thom or Tim ? Cannot remember his name. Thanks bunch.

  10. I'm not recalling. There were so many guys I talked about. Damn ! That made me sound hella slutty ! Well not THAT many guys lol
    Can you give me more of a description ?

    1. Until recently you had a picture of a guy with his bare ass. Not sure if he was standing by a window. I think it was before the current one BJ. If you cannot recall, is no big deal.

  11. By the way the cock and balls in the main blog picture belongs to BJ . HES A DELICOUS LOOKING LATINO IN A LOT OF MY PICTURES. AGAIN JUST LOOK UP BJ. ILL POST MORE PIC OF HIM SOON.


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