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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


The song that's in rotation this week is "When Will It Be" performed by Howard Hewett and Anita Baker from the album Howard Hewett.

The album came out in 1990, however the message of that particular song is so relevant to this day and age.

The lyrics begin with

           When will it be

           a world color free

           Whenever we try.

           Tell me when will it be

           We all live equally

           I'm willing

           I'm willing to try....

I grew up on R& B music so I know I may feel the melody, rhythm, and arrangement different than someone who grew up listening to rock or any other genre of music.  But one thing that is universal is the power of the message and the passion that's felt in their voices.

With everything's that's going on not just in Paris, not just in the US, but all over the world, there is a definite need to listen; not just to a song, but to each other.  Although not much will change, it is good  to know there are some with a positive message.

The song of the week will be available for this week.  I hope you enjoy.
Ciao for now !


  1. quite off topic: Ciao for now, sounds so italian!!!

    1. Yeah I know, it's been brought to me before."Get back to the naked men," "Where's the juicy stories?"
      And "off topic" are some of the things I've heard.

      I blog, I share my thoughts, I give movie and music reviews, I talk about current events, I shoot erotica and I share my sexual encounters. This is who Mark G. Is. One of the big reasons why I stopped hooking up was because all people wanted and expected from me is sex. And though The Male Casting Couch is a safe place for me to show my most uninhibited, sexual and freaky side of me, it's not the only facet in my life.
      Once it gets to the point when the only thing expected of me is to get you off, it's time to quit . I look forward to continuing dialogue on all topics and thanks for your support .


  2. I love Howard Hewitt, from his Shalamar days to his solo days. "Say Amen" is an awesome song too. Beautiful message in the song. Always share what's on your heart, Mark!

    1. Say Amen is a beautiful song. Very touching. Shalamar was the group back in the day! I fell in love with Jody Watley. I remember not quite being 10 years old going to their concert. Jody, Howard, and Jeffery were putting on an amazing show. I remember the first time I saw the dance now known as the moonwalk. Jeffery Daniel did it on stage from one side of the stage to the other. I nearly lost my mind ! LOL two years later Micheal Jackson did the exact move on his "Billie Jean" performance. What a great time . There were some great childhood moments.

    2. I saw a TV special about Soul Train and they mentioned Jeffrey was an early moonwalker and that Michael Jackson came after that. I may have mentioned that I love dance music from all decades. Shalamar had some great dance songs too like Dead Giveaway and Dancing in the Sheets. I think I may be slightly younger than you, but I can talk about some old school music! LOL!

  3. That's a very touching and informative piece. How I wish it could be that we finally get it through everyone's head: Underneath our skin color, we are all the same; we laugh, we cry, we grieve, we celebrate. There may be cultural differences but, especially here in the US, we should be to a point where we look beyond them. Hugs, my man!


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