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Friday, January 8, 2016


It was Saturday night, just one day before the Folsom Street Fair.

For those who are unfamiliar, Folsom Street Fair is an annual event for people into leather and various kinks to get together and celebrate......well let's just call it what it is.......its an annual freak show!  Can't beat that definition.

There were many pre fair events happening throughout the week.  One would be a spank party just for men.

Most of the crowd was older in which I didn't mind.  However there wasn't much going on.  

After about 30 minutes of cruising, I took a seat.  Not too long after, a guy came up and struck up a conversation.  He was a bottom and wanted to be spanked so I kindly obliged.  He was probably in his late fifties.  He was not a bad looking guy at all.  But with most bottoms experienced in BDSM, spanking or any other kind of fetish, it would turn out to be very mechanical.  No matter how hard I smacked his ass or what I did, his response would be minimal.

After a few minutes a group of onlookers would gather around.  In the crowd was a good looking guy observing intently.  I usually hate crowds staring but this guy was hot as fuck!  Not to mention he was actually into what I was doing.

I am really more of a private player but having this attention on me made me want to show off; spanking, caressing and playing with my partner's ass as my admirer watched.

I found myself getting aroused, not by the bottom I was playing with, but by the attention I was getting from this guy.

After seeing no response from my play partner, I brought out a few paddles and a flogger in which the bottom welcomed.  Yet still this guy didn't even flinch.  After about 20 minutes of monotonous spanking and flogging I decided to end our playtime by saying,"I'm going to take a break."

We parted ways and I began to cruise the spot checking out the different scenes going on.

Across the room from where I'm checking things out is the young guy from before.  I notice him checking me out with a huge smile on his face.  I smile back at him in hopes that he would come my way but he doesn't.

Finally I take a seat on a bench a few feet from the play space.  A few minutes goes by and the guy walks past me and smiles again. This time I get a much better view of him.  He was a beautiful man.  He looked like he was Spanish with some other type of exotic ethnicity.  He was a short stocky guy but with muscle.  He couldn't have been more than 5'6" probably about 170lbs or so.  Again, he was a little stocky but was proportioned in just the right places.  With his light brown beard and short dark brown buzz cut, he reminded me of the porn star Francois Sagat but without the hair tattoo and he definitely smiled more.  Actually it was amazing; more than amazing in my opinion.  I'm a sucker for a guy with a great smile.

Everywhere I went  this guy was there.  There is no doubt that this guy is stalking me.

There are stalkers that are plain creepy and then there are stalkers that make you proud to be their prey.  This guy was definitely the latter.

I figure I would play cat and mouse just enough to give him a good tease.

I'm pretty good at reading people.  Just by his body language I knew he would not make the first move as he appeared somewhat shy.  I can tell by his ethnic features and strangely enough by the way he smiled that he didn't speak much English.  And last, I can tell by the way he was passive aggressively stalking me that he wanted something from me.  My goal is to find out what it is.

Finally after a few minutes of having this guy follow me, I turned around, walked up to him and said," Hey how are you doing?" 

"Good." He replied smiling.

(Me) So you are here for the Street Fair ?

(Guy) Yes.

(Me) I saw you as I was playing.  Would you like to play?

With a big grin he shrugs his shoulders. "Yes. Maybe?" He says with uncertainty and a thick accent.

(Me) Where are you from?

 "Where I'm from?" He ask as to grasp what I was asking him. "Portugal." He finally says.

(Me) I will start off very soft.  Its at your level of comfort.

He shrugs his shoulders again and smiles.

I take a seat on a couch in the play space.  He walks toward me.  I motion him closer so that he's just inches away from me.  He's wearing a brown leather police uniform.  I unbuckle his pants.  

Slowly I pull his pants and underwear down as I feel on his butt.  I motion him down.  He bends himself over my knee.

This guy is a wet dream come true! This hot Portuguese cub with a big round furry butt was bent over my knee ready for discipline and he wanted me to bring it.  He raised his furry ass in the air as he looked back with that smile on his face.

(Guy) Soft No?

(Me) Yes soft. I assured him that I wouldn't hurt him... at least not too bad.  Before I got started I spent some time playing with the fur on his ass.  Moving my hand up and down on the hairs of his inner thighs and butt cheeks sent him into uncontrollable spasms.

(Me) Stay still!

He's giggling trying to get up but I hold his shoulders down with my forearm as I continue to graze his butt hairs.  He looks back and looks into my eyes and smiles.

(Me) I'm not done with you yet.

I grab a chunk of his booty and let go watching it snap back and jiggle.  I spent some time playing with his cheeks spreading them, caressing and rubbing them.  

I lifted his shirt up and began to run my middle finger from the center of his back down to the crack.  I began to play with his hole.  He's squirming and begins to moan.  I can feel him getting hard as his cock is pressed against my inner thigh.

By this time he's horny and ready for anything I give him.  I give him a light tap on his butt.  He jumps a little as it was unexpected. He looks at me with that big smile.

"Smiley that's what I'll call you." I tell him.  He laughs and says,"yeah?"


I apply more force.

"Umm" he murmurs as he flinches.


He flinches again.


I do three in a row as each one gets more intense. At this point that hard dick is starting to go limp and his main focus is channeling his energy into what he's enduring.  His smiling face has more of an intense look on it by now.

I give his ass a good rub and then with great force.............POW!
He grabs hold of my right arm and grunts loudly with each smack. He's holding tightly to my right arm as I spank him with my left. I give about 10 good hard whacks before I let up.  His ass is red and warm by now.  I begin to rub on his butt.  You like that?  I gently caresses his cheeks.  He's still holding tight to my arm.  I raise him up so that we are face to face. 

(Me) You're o.k?

 He motions his head as to say yes but still with an intense look on his face.  "Do you know what a safe word is?"I ask.  He looked perplexed.  I patted him on his ass. 

(Me) If its ok say,"green." Too hard say, "red." Understood?

(Guy) Yes 

(Me) Get on the couch.

I prompt him to stand up and lay face down on the couch. I cover his eyes with a leather blindfold offered by one of the men in the play area.

I take his pant all the way off and  begin to run my paddle between his thighs slowly tapping the sides of his legs.  Gently I begin to paddle his butt.  "O.K?" I asked and he answers yes. 

(Me) Green?

(Guy) Green.

I begin to paddle his ass that is still somewhat red from the spanking.

I begin to paddle harder and harder.  He clinches and squirms and at some point he lets out loud yells but he has a great tolerance to endure pain, although he is much more squirmy and responsive than the first guy. By the time we were done his ass was a bright red.

As we wind down I begin to gently massage his back and butt making sure not to add to much pressure to the areas I spanked and paddled.  Running my face up his thigh I begin to gently blow on his backside.  Something about blowing on one's body is both therapeutic and erotic at the same time.  It's something that most people that have plain, non-kink sex don't ever think about doing.
But it is a great sensation.

 I crawl on top of him and maneuver him on his side so that I am spooning him. I hold him in my arms and kiss the back of his neck. "You've been such a good boy.  Thank you." I whisper in his ear.

He smiles and kisses my hand that was wrapped around his waist.  We spent the last 15 minutes enjoying each others' company.
What a way to start a weekend.


  1. I absolutely love that the city allows things as they do on Folsom St. We should have that type of place for such openness in every city.

  2. You Are One Lucky Bastard!
    And I'm Proud To Call You Nephew 😂

  3. That was a very hot and erotic adventure. So descriptive. I could really picture the hot guy with his furry ass. Wish I could have been there to watch in person, but this story was the next best thing to actually being there. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Loving the image of the dsy with that man looking in the mirror. Nice!

  5. It seems you're partial to a backside that wriggles and squirms.

    I'm fond of the wilderness, but sometimes miss the wildness of the city. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Yes indeed. I love a nice backside. But actually I'm more of a home body. I enjoy the quietness of being at home. But I like the concept of an occasional wild night. Visiting you blog has actually allowed me to appreciate nature much more.

    2. You will let me know if you are ever in Dallas 😆

    3. UB I hardly ever get to Dallas but I have been twice. Who knows.... I do have a friend that lives there. I would love to meet you.

  6. Great story, well told...particularly from the viewpoint t of who also really admires a nice backside!

  7. adorable way of telling your adventure!!!

  8. handsome greetings

    We are interested in exchanging links?

    A kiss

  9. Thanks you so much. I add you ;-)


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