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Friday, November 27, 2015

Off The Market

It's been quite awhile.  For the first time in about two months I'm lying in bed with my note pad, putting my thoughts down for my blog.  It feels good to be writing again but to be honest, it's not like something I totally missed.  What I missed most is the camaraderie of my fellow bloggers.

But as of late my attention has been more focused on my family. 

I could share some stories about some of my latest escapades (which I probably will In the future.)  But as of now my focus is on spending quality time with my man.  It's time to get back to having dinner ready when he gets home from work.  Yes I wear the apron and it fits quite nice. lol  

 I'm ready for us to share about our work days over dinner, turn on the boob tube and just enjoy each others' presence. 

As for posting, I could create some hot erotic fiction of some fantasy I had for you to get off to, but I'd prefer to keep my writing as close to my real life experiences as possible.  So long story short.......I don't have much for you now.  I figure if I don't have anything to say, why post?

I did have two recent photo shoots in which I'm editing for the blog so stay tuned. 

Its time for me to visit my favorite blogs and comment and chat with my buddies.  But again after awhile, consuming all the countless naked men and gay sex on the net just makes me numb to it all. 

Sex can be a very healthy part of our lives and erotica is a good way to stimulate your mind as well as the bulge in your drawers.

But over stimulation makes it boring and that high that you get isn't there anymore, hence the reason why I'm posting some of my non erotic work as well.  I'm not just a sexual being.  I'm a being.  That is part of what The Male Casting Couch is to me as well.
Maybe some day I might post about my hook up with this cute submissive white guy who got on his knees and took every drop he could from me.  Yes there is the sex party in San Francisco I attended where the fun seemingly didn't end.  There is the creepy guy that came over that will never come back again.  As hot as these stories may seem (well, with the exception of the creepy guy story)  they all play a factor to me taking myself off the market.

It all comes down to the 80/20 rule thing.  You have a partner that will never fulfill 100% of your wants or needs.  At most he or she will provide 80%.  But then someone comes along and have the other 20% that's been missing.  Often times we are ecstatic that we found someone with that 20% only to discover that all that person has to offer is that 20%.  

Meeting this person and hooking up with that person has made me SO content with my 80% at home.  So does this mean I'm closing the relationship to total monogamy? I never considered myself totally monogamous And I've always been up front about that.  But what has happened or what is happening is that I am finding contentment with the one I love.  The idea to go out and find satisfaction elsewhere just isn't appealing to me as much.  

The intimacy that has been built in the last 11 to 12 years can not be matched in 30 minutes, an hour or a night. And to be honest most of the guys out there have shown what they're about.....and it ain't much!

So for Now The Scruffy Black Guy is on semi retirement with an occasional juicy story POSSIBLY.  That means no ass but the ass that's waiting for me when I get home and as for now The Boss has made it clear that what happens behind closed doors stays there, so no juicy stories there. 

But I'm sure I will be doing some sexy photo shoots in the future but for now.............



  1. what a pleasure see you back to us!!!

    1. Thanks Xersex I'm glad to have a blog family like you

  2. I echo Xersex's comments. It is great to see you back at your blog and sharing your thoughts. I agree with you that it makes for a much richer blog experience to share some thoughts that are not just sexual in nature. I am so happy that you have someone special who brings joy to your life. Keep cooking dinner and cuddling up on the couch to watch some TV. Much love to you and welcome back!

  3. I've missed stopping by here - and I would check in every few days just to see if you'd posted anything. The home life should take precedence over the blog; one can get so wrapped up in other things that life slides by unnoticed.

    Be good to your man, be good to yourself. We all will be here upon the occasion of your posting your work. Many hugs, bro - WHK

  4. Hey Mark, finally hearing from you. Been visiting anyways, glad I saw this update. I completely understand your situation & I wanted to tell you that it's perfectly fine. Enjoy your life & the time you have but, have in mind you're welcome online, & come back when you feel like it.

    All the best man, from [url=]Fit Studs[/url]. ^_^

  5. So glad to see you posting again!
    And I'm sure I mirror the thoughts of all of your friends and followers when I say you be sure to blog whatever you feel ❤❤❤
    Your favorite Uncle 💋


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