Saturday, August 29, 2015


For all of you who know Uncle Barry, he messaged a few of us stating that he's still very weak but doing better.  Not quite sure what was going on, but we want to thank you for keeping us informed.  We hope you feel better. We miss your humor and wit that you bring to the blogosphere.

Take care of my favorite Uncle.

We love you. 

Here's some chocolate for you.


  1. Great post and - of course - great shout out! All wishes to UB for a speedy and full recovery,

    BTW, I keep gravitating back to the 3rd image - not that the others are of lesser quality. - it's just that that sweet, hot ass is irresistible! Really beautiful image!

    1. That's my booty ! You like my booty ! Yay ! :-)

  2. Mark, I am liking that booty of yours too! Show it off more often!

    Thanks for the update on Uncle Barry. I loved the gift of some chocolate for him! Awesome!

    Uncle Barry, we miss you and pray for a full recovery for you. Sending you much love!

  3. How did you know that Chocolate is my favorite flavor? I would like a double scoop of #3 LOL
    Very much love the shout out and the love i feel from my friends makes me warm and teary eyed
    Thanks again and much love back to you
    ♡♡♡ UB!

    1. Come on now... you don't think I know what my favorite Uncle likes !?


  4. Come on now... you don't think I know what my favorite Uncle likes !?


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