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Thursday, August 20, 2015


 Every movement your flesh makes in me,
sings verses of the most erotic poetry.

The way you arch your back.
The way the light hits your muscles
to every stitch that firmly hugs your buttocks.
As I crease deeper between your walls
I feel the warmness of your nature.
To be the very stitch that supports your flesh
and fills my threads
with the aroma of your sweat
is the true reward for being wrapped around you.

It's the sweat that is
produced from between your thighs.

This sweat leaves an aroma

only to be consumed by the luckiest pair.
No man has had the privilege .
Yet you allow me.

You allow me to consume this aroma,
not just once, not just twice,
but everytime you choose to put me around your waist.

Sometimes in the early morning

when it's just you and me
you shoot off a warm explosion
seeping through me  
filling me with
the erotic stench of your excitement .
What a delight 
to hug the furry loins
that belongs to you.



  1. VERY well written, Mark!

    Thought I hate wearing briefs now...back to commando for me!

    Enjoy your weekend, buddy!

  2. I agree that it was a very well written and erotic piece. And in response to that gif at the end, I have to say "YUM"!

  3. Love the commentary and the well done shots! I found it to be very hot as I really get off pumping and grinding in briefs with another guy...especially the ass. And these guys are amazing.


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