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Friday, August 7, 2015


It was a good day.  I had the day off so I figured I would spend the day working on my blog.

First thing I do is jump in the shower, get on a clean pair of boxers, tee shirt and socks to lounge in.
I figure I will spend most of the day working on posts for my blog.

I had this blog for about a month but I was very anxious about its success. I really wanted to share my work with others but I had a very small audience. I wanted something different so I visited different blogs to see what was going on.  I stumbled over the blog Confessions of a Promiscuous Top.

Never have I been so intrigued with erotic writing than with this blogger.
I spent about two hours  in my underwear edging to his escapades of filling dudes up with his jizz.
Even though I'm about using safer practices when I play, I still found myself coming back for more.

Confession after confession I found myself lost in horniness . After awhile I got back to my blog
and came to the realization that dialog and communication is  what I wanted most So I decided to
write about some of my expriences when I was at my sexual peak.

My first writing was  TIGHTY WHITEYS .   It was a recall of events that took place between my roommate at the time and me. Going through the details brought me back to every detail my senses remembered; from the way his butt jiggled when he danced around to the smell of the inside of his hole when I sniffed his butt crack.

Writing for me has always been a great sexual experience.  I've said it before and you will probably hear me say it many more times, the biggest sexual organ on a man is his mind.

Going back and remembering the way his hairy thighs looked in those undies gave me instant wood.
This would turn out to be my new form of autoeroticism .

Often when I write such as with my first writing experience, I would occasionally take a break to stroke myself for a few seconds keeping me erotically charged while I'm writing.

This time to reward myself for completing the story, I went into the bed room, got out my tablet, read what I completed and began to slowly grind my hips into my mattress.  I would open my legs wide and pump my bed in my boxers.  Rolling over on my back I would put my hands in my drawers stroking until cum would seep through the material.  Then I would jump in the shower and take a nap for an hour or two.

Writing for me has proven to be a great way to release both my creative and bodily juices.


  1. a great post!

    glad you liked my Alex Marte

    I had decided to make a post on him long August, but your appreciation for his ass made me decided to publish a post soon!

    1. I LOVE your post on Alex Marte. I never heard of him before I saw your pic on your blog just recently. You are a gentleman and a scholar for sharing amazing beauty with us.

  2. Your writings are so descriptive, it is like being there with you. Love it!

    1. Thank you very much. You know how I feel about you and your blogs. You continue to being us great images thanks for the kind encouragement and support.

  3. Mark, your latest posts have been amazing on so many levels! That includes how well you write, of course, but also the content, ideas and feelings so well expressed! Outstanding!

    1. Thank you fir your continued support. I love your images and especially the gif on your new post Monday post....more art! Keep up the great posts.

  4. Interesting post, Mark. :) And yes, I do understand where you're coming from.
    Writing can be healing, relaxing etc. Keep it up, buddy! - studs.


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