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Thursday, July 23, 2015


When I think of sexual tension, I'm reminded of a former coworker from an old job. The occupation had a very low male population.  As a matter of fact, for two years I was the only man working in my department.  When it came to various tasks that involved lots of lifting, I was often the one every one called on.  Needless to say that when I found out they were hiring a male partner to work with me I was ecstatic.

Finally I would have someone I could relate to and someone to help carry the physical work load of the job.  Never did it cross my mind what this guy would look like or for that matter how my body would respond to him.  When I work, my focus is on work.  This guy was definitely going to change that.

Just as usual I would make my rounds throughout the facility to make sure all my morning tasks were completed by 11:00 am.

Around 9:30 am my boss comes in with the new guy.  He was a young Italian guy with very dark brown hair.  His age was 25.  He had very soft skin, a baby face, and beautiful blue eyes.  Even with his somewhat pretty looks he had a very masculine build and I could tell he had a very hairy chest by the way it peeked out of his tee shirt.

He was about 6 feet and had some solid arms.  Even though he was pretty tone, (you could tell he worked out) he still had a little jiggle around some love handles that were probably only noticeable if you were intently examining his physique like I was.  However one thing that did have a noticeable bounce to it was his butt when he walked; especially in those work scrubs he was wearing.

"Mark this is Brian.  He will be working with you.  Show him around and get him used to the floor so that he will be able to assist you," says my supervisor.  "Sure thing," I reply.

"Nice to meet you," he smiled.  I smiled and returned the salutation.  From the time he look at me and smiled I knew I would have to fight back the arousal I was already starting to feel in my pants.

"Where are you from?" I asked.

"Jersey, and you?" he said.  "Native Californian" I replied.

As the day went along we shared some basics about each other.  After awhile we were very comfortable with each other.  Then the awkward "Are you married, do you have any kids?" questions came up.  I always hated those questions because I usually don't disclose my sexual orientation at work.  But it sparks more curiosity when they discover I'm not married and past 35.

I quickly ask the same.

"No not married. I have a girlfriend I've been with for three years," He says.

He talked about wanting to marry her and wanting a large family.  "So do you have any kids?" He asked. "Nope," I responded.  "No wife, no girlfriend, no kids," He said curiously.  I could just see the wheels in that skull turning.  Although he didn't say anything else about my situation I knew he had questions he was refraining from asking.

As the day went on he would do what every typical guy would do and point out all the girls he thought was hot.  There was no doubt he loved his women, although He smiled at me quite a bit.  Every time he would look at me with that smile I would have to walk around or do something to distract me from getting aroused.

The next morning on our 15 minute break he shared about one girl he dated but it didn't work out.  Reminiscing, he shared about how good it was behind closed doors with her.  He never got overtly graphic but he did talk about how she would scream whenever he went hard and deep.

After our break we were to take some items out of one part of the facility to the other part.  I remember looking at him when he wasn't paying attention and staring at his body, envisioning him fucking this girl really hard.  I started to get semi erect.  Our uniforms were pretty loose but if you wore the right undies or none at all you could definitely see it swinging.  Mine wasn't that noticeable but it was getting there.  At one point he kept looking down at my crotch area.  I was starting to get embarrassed but noticed he was starting to get a boner as well.  His, however, was much more noticeable. We looked at each other's crotches for a moment but totally avoided eye contact for the longest.  Then he directed me over to help him move the couch out of the office and it was back to work as usual.  I don't know if it was more uncomfortable for him because he was straight or me, but the rest of the day was spent pretty silent.  The next day he started making conversation again but honestly I couldn't remember what it was about.  I just remember taking occasional glances at his tool while he would check out the rise in my uniform pants.  We never discussed what we felt we just went on about work as nothing was going on.  About three days later, he left.  He found a better job making more money.  Often I would think of him even to this day I get a tingle in my shorts.


  1. I certainly understand his reticence ... and yours. I've been in that position before, too - for about three years. What made it worse, I was his supervisor. But we were constantly checking out the bulge in each other's pants. I'd get a bit of a boner, he would start getting hard, then mine would blossom into a full-blown hard-on. He'd look at it and tease me; we'd both laugh, but his cock would get harder, too. Yet, we both knew it couldn't - shouldn't - happen.

  2. I actually like the sexual tension. but of course after awhile you just want to act on it. lol


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