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Thursday, October 16, 2014


As you may recall back in the day, I had a unique experience with my roommate.

For those who are unfamiliar, you can catch up here.

Anyway, about a month after that happened another unique thing happened.

Back then when I was more poor than I am now, I lived with two roomates. One was my best friend (will call him Ray since he wants to remain anonymous. There's a story behind that as well.) And Tim, a real straight laced, conservative gay guy.

Tim wasn't a bad person but he was very uptight and.....let's just say dude had a major stick up his butt and not in a fun way either.  He was a nice guy and was hot as fuck but very prudish to say the least.

Anyway, after that fun morning with Ray we went on being best friends but hadn't thought about having sex again. (Well we did think about it, but didn't act upon it.) As a matter of fact we agreed to keep that morning on the DL from our roommate who was very much against sex between friends.

Just like everyone else we had our routine we followed :

Tim would wake up around 5:30am, go to the gym, come home, take off his clothes and shower to leave for work by 7:30am. 

Ray would get up between 8:15 and 8:30am.  I would wake up around the same time to watch Ray walking around half naked. This day, Tim and I were about our regular routine with the exception of Ray who was off for the day.

After I left, I had no idea what Ray was up to for the day, nor did I give it any thought.  But whatever it was it had to do with keeping himself well entertained.

Now my buddy Ray was hot for Tim.  Fuck ! I was hot for Tim.  Neither one of us would ever let him know that.  I think if we could have tag teamed his ass we would; A fantasy that would have worked well for both of us.

I'm sure Ray had his fantasies about our hot but nerdy roomie. I just never knew that I would be a witness to his fantasy.


Its a very slow day at work and the boss lets us go home early.  I of course was hyped about this.  I thought I'd call Ray and ask him if he wanted to have lunch.  Better yet I'll surprise him !


I unlock the door and sneak in so he doesn't hear the door slam.  As I walk in, I notice its awfully quiet.  May be he's in his room.  I tiptoe down the hallway and to my right I hear soft moaning coming from Tim's room.  Can Our sexy nerd be getting busy? But I saw him leave work today ! I creep from the right to look into the room at an angle to see what's going on.  Its Ray on the floor Masturbating in Tim's underwear ! He's got his briefs in his face, sniffing his drawers while he's stroking his cock with his sweaty tank top.

What a shocking, slightly perverted thing to do, although I couldn't take my eyes off what was taking place. I felt my cock getting hard as I watch him pleasure him self.  It started throbbing as I heard him beathe deeper and give out erotic moans of pleasure. I couldn't help it. I had to touch myself. I just rubbed my hard wood bulging in my pants but didn't unbuckle or unzip. I didn't want to make any noise. I didn't want to startle or embarrass him.  I definitely didn't want him to stop ! I was enjoying every stroke ! There he was legs wide open with our roommate's drawers burried in his face, stroking his meat with his sweaty tank top. Man ! I just wanted to jump his bones as he's gyrating his hips and grinding his meat into the tank top, damp with Tim's morning sweat.

I felt as if I was going to explode if I didn't take my cock out and stroke. But If I did, he would definitely know I was there.  I just lower myself down to his level on the ground. I'm on my knees stroking the stiffness through my pants which was a  bad mistake. This made me much more relaxed than standing. It also gave me more pleasure. I feel my breathing getting deeper and deeper as I try not to make any moans. But I feel it coming out of me and I release an exaspertated grunt.
I don't know if he heard me or not but for a moment he stopped and sat up  straight for a few seconds.
then he leans back against the wall and continues stroking himself.  He takes the underwear and closes his eyes and inhales all the musk from Tim's crotch into his face. Then he places them down on his rod and pumps and pumps until he's ready to bust his load.  He makes sure not to cum on his chonies.  Instead he he shoots all over his belly.  The sight was unbearable.  I got up, went to the kitchen and started making noise to let him know I was home.

(Ray) Who's there !

(Me) Its me. I'm home early !

I ran past the room where he was.

( Me) I got to use the bathroom !

I went into the bathroom, turned on the water and shot my load in the shower.

I was in for awhile. I wanted him to have time to clean up and get dressed.
As I came out, I gave him a kiss hello, told him about getting off early and asked how his day was as if I didn't see a thing.

(Ray) Oh I didn't do much.  I'm going to get in the shower also.  I got a little sweaty going to the gym.

(Me) Oh so you worked out today ?

(Ray) You can say that.

(Me) Well after you get out of the shower lets go have lunch.  My treat.

(Ray) Sure !

(Me) Make sure you get nice and clean.  We don't want you being sticky...... I mean sweaty!

He looks at me with a slighty mortified look and laughs nervously  What !!??

Take your ass in the shower ! I don't want you being sweaty around me !
I played it off but for a moment, I wanted to let him know what I saw and what it did for me but just didn't have the guts.  But it was definitely something that I will keep etched in my memory for quite some time.

Its been about three years since Ray and I talked.  He lives in Oregon now and though we have chatted via facebook, we don't keep in contact like we did ten years ago in our thirties.  Two weeks ago however, I got a message in my in my gmail account from an anonymous person stating how much he enjoys my blog.  He continues with, "Don't be writing about me BITCH !" I knew then and there it was Ray being his cheeky self. I give him a call and we chat . He discovered my blog and knew instantly that it was me from my experiences. We laughed and caught up.  I asked if he was cool with my writing and he said yes as long as he remained anonymous which I do for all the people I write about or photograph.  The unique thing is THIS STORY HERE is one he had no clue about. So it will be very interesting to get his response when he realize I was just behind the wall when he was getting his rocks off !


  1. I'm not sure which I appreciate the most; your Photography or your Writing?
    Keep them (Me) both Up ;-)

    1. That is encouraging to know. I am glad there are people out there that enjoy both my photography and my writing. It makes me excited knowing that you enjoy my work. I would love to keep you UP in more ways than one. :-)

    2. Baby if ever you're in Dallas you better look me UP ;-P
      By the way we haven't heard from Luke but it looks like we have a Fourth Butt Bandit
      Let's celebrate by ravishing some Virgins

    3. Mark Sent you an email back on the 19th and wasn't sure you got it because i didn't have your address but my FRIEND Tony gave it to me
      If you have any interest in contacting me outside your blog contact Tony or Gabriel and I ask them gladly to share my email address with Dartanion the Fourth Butt Bandit! MASKS READY MEN?

    4. Hey Barry ! I been out for a bit. checking my emails and comments and just ran over this. I would definitely like to keep in contact . I been in touch with Tony. He is a very nice guy. I will get your info as well.

  2. Wow Mark! Loved the story and the adventure! Looking forward to hearing what Ray thinks when he discovers this!

  3. Story is the way you tell it! Always enjoy checking out the photos you post!


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