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Thursday, August 21, 2014


I walked in the bar to see what was going on.  It was pretty packed.  You would think that it would be empty on a weekday but it stayed busy throughout the week.  

One of the reasons for such a good turn out was the bar's best kept secret that wasn't really a secret among the patrons.  But we'll get to that in a moment.  So I get there, take a seat at the bar and order a beer.  While at the table I scout the place like a vulture looking for its prey.  My eyes landed on a beautiful man.  He looked like a white collar worker; A Short Asian guy, couldn't have been more than 5'6" about 130 to 140lbs, very petite.  He had very smooth, fair skin.  He almost looked pretty as smooth as his skin was.  He did have some stubble over his lip as if he was in the process of growing a mustache which made him even more irresistible.  He possessed both gentleness and masculinity that drove me crazy just looking at him.  He had a white collar shirt on with some tight slacks that fit very well.  He was dressed very nice but rather out of place for a leather bar where most of the guys are in jeans, tee shirts and, well, leather ! Somehow I had to make eye contact with this guy.  For a quick second he glanced my way.  I smiled at him and he smiled back and went back to talking to his friends.  He seemed to be preoccupied so I move on with my quest.

I kept making my way through the crowd, searching, but no luckFinally I walked back to where I originally was and spotted the Asian guy again.  This time he was by himself.   I got up and introduce myself.

(Me) Hi I'm Mark.

(Guy) I'm Kim .

(Me) Nice to meet you.

(Kim) (doesn't say anything else but smiles and shakes my hand.)

Its obvious that he didn't speak much English.  So I motion him to a room that's closed off with yellow caution tape.  There's a man at the door that is like the bouncer at the front and the only way to get in is if you know the keyword.  So I say the key word and there is a garage that has been turned into a play space.  Kim's eyes opened wide with amazement and concern.  "Are you o.k.?" I asked. " Umm, Don't know," Kim said.  "Don't worry.  Just relax. You don't have to do anything you don't want to," I assured him.  He smiled. I smiled back and leaned in to kiss him.  I started to unbutton his shirt then I unbuckled his belt.  I started to unzip his pants and feel on his butt.  

(Kim)No. No !

(Me)  What's wrong ?

(Kim) I , I, (trying to find the words to say in English)

(Me) want somewhere different? 

 It was obvious he wasn't comfortable with so many people around, even though they were more focused on doing what they were doing; fucking sucking and everything else you could imagine ; Definitely the best kept secret I've ever been part of !

So we find a more secluded spot.  We kiss as we are locked together.  I reach around to grab his booty.  He begins to moan.  I turn him around and lower his pants and drawers just around his ankles.  I do the same.  Hard as a brick I go to a bucket of lube and pull out a few packets. I take the magnums out of my pocket.  He looks at my rock hard cock and with concern and says "I don't know!"

(Me) You can ! I will go slow. I want you to feel good . O.K. ?

(Kim) O.k. He smiles back at me.

Since we were standing up, I walked him to the surface in the shed area where he could lean against it.  I spent a good 5 minutes playing with his booty, watching it shake and jiggle as I spread it open and watched it slap back together as I let go.  I spank his butt till it was a light pink.  He slightly whimpered with each smack but the precum on his dick let me know he was enjoyning every aspect  of this.  I believe the mood changed once I smacked my cock on his ass.  Its pretty thick and heavy. Once he felt that heavy meat slap his ass he began to panic.   It  wasn't outwardly, but I could tell by the look on his face he was nervous especially being the small guy he was.

I put the condom on and I lubed up.

(Kim) "I don't know. I think it hurt"

(Me) Just relax.

I started to massage his shoulders and down to his torso to get him to relax.  Slowly I guided just the tip in.  He closes his eyes and takes a few deep breathes.  I go a few inches deeper and by now he's panting very heavy.

"Relax and breathe.  Your doing great" I coach him.   He yelps with  discomfort, trying hard to relax but can't.  I only get half way in when he shakes his head to gesture me to stop and says,"no" so we stop.  I wash off but he does make a great attempt to go down on me.  He was horny to be be fucked but felt he couldn't take any more.  He sucked my cock for as long as his jaw would allow.
He could only last with me in his mouth for about three to four minutes. 

Normally an experience like this would leave me frustrated and pissed off because I didn't really get into much that I wanted to or how I wanted to.  But I left very satisfied because even though we didn't go all the way, he really did his best to take me in.  He wanted me and he wanted to please me.  And he proved it when he got on his knees and let me shoot in his face.  

I still can see that sexy ass smile he had on his face wearing my warm jizz on that smooth skin of his.  And the best part was him cleaning me off with his mouth.

Which goes to say: sometimes things may not go exactly they way you want but there may be a treat at the end if you wait for it.


  1. What a hot, boner-inducing story! I could picture everything going on. I have had experiences that went differently than I thought it would, but that it was even better that I imagined. I would have been like you and walked away for the situation you described happy because of the sweetness of the situation.

    1. Oh man Gabe! I love an eager guy especially when we are both feeling each other's vibes. I think there is nothing hotter than those experiences even if penetration is not part of the equation.

  2. Great story, Mark, and very well told....felt like I was there! From my own first experience I can relate to how Kim equivocated, both wanting you inside - enjoying the exhilaration of being penetrated - and yet at the same time not ready to go there. Great job on your part in respecting his comfort zone! ...and glad you walked away able to appreciate the treat you had been given!

    BTW, thanks for you comment on my post!

    1. I am glad to have found your blog Luke's Cool Ass Blog Thank you for great posts.


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