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Friday, June 15, 2018


I totally have an instigator for a boyfriend.  I discovered this quite some time ago,
but our recent time at the beach just confirmed it.  

There we were; In our little secluded spot on the beach. The music was on just high enough 
to enjoy as background noise.  The sun was hot enough for us to parade shirtless 
with our kaki shorts and bare feet in the sand.

I lay myself on a green beach towel and open up a book.  Boss comes up to me with 
sand between his toes.  With perfect aim, he flicks sand in my face.

"What the fuck is your problem!" I yell.

He laughs like a little school girl and says, "I'm sorry," as he bends down to give me a kiss.

As the day continues, we go for a swim.  Like all instigators do, he riles up a water fight.

As the day continues, we allow ourselves to dry off and enjoy the land. I take out the sandwiches
Boss prepared for us.  As we're eating, Boss begins to use his feet to shovel dirt on my feet.

"What are you doing," I ask.

"Burying your feet."

"I see that," I reply calmly.

"So why did you ask what I was doing?" 

Boss is such a wise ass at times. 

"Because normal people don't bury other people's feet in the sand," I reply in my snarky stance.

"Stop that," I demand.

"Make me!" he says as he contiunes to kick sand over my feet. 

I know excatly what he wants. Boss loves to tease me especially in places that he believes 
I won't respond; such as public beaches.  Usually he does this to rile me up for later 
when we get home. 

"Kick that sand on me one more time. And see what happens." I warn.

Boss thinks he got me and tries to call my bluff, so he takes his toes, digs as much sand
and flicks it on my legs.

"That's it!" I agressively shout.

I grab him around the waste and tackle him to the ground.  He yells and laughs as he attempts 
to fight me off. I am bigger than him and much stronger.  He knows this.  But he also knows that
he's protected by the idea that I could never harm him in anyway no matter what. 

What he didn't realize is that even though his intentions were to fire me up for when we got home, 
His ass was getting fucked right there on the beach.

I begin to pull his shorts down.
"What are you doing?" he exclaimed in shock.

"I told you. 'I'm not playing with you!' Next time you will do what I say!"

"We can't do...."

"Shhh!" I interrumpted as I reached my middle finger between his butt cheeks
 pulling his shorts even lower.

"Babe. we can't.." He said.

I continued as I pulled my shorts down. 

"Just relax," I said as I pushed up on him. 

After realizing he couldn't win, he gave in.

I turned him on his stomach and used the only lubrication that was available; My spit. 
As I slowly pushed myself into him, I could feel the warm moisture of his walls. 
His walls were definately self lubricating as I  began to solwly go deeper.

Boss was loving every minute of it.  His wet hole gave him away, 
despite his nervousness of being caught.

As he loosened up I really started to pump him. 

I could no longer help it.  I shot my load inside of him.  
This is something I don't usually do or condone.  
But I never thought to bring condoms to the beach. 
Sex on the beach is so out of our character.  
But I must say that was one of my hottest times with Boss.


  1. WOW! I saw the headline of your post in my blog favorites list and had to check it out before work. WOW! That was one erotic adventure...for many reasons! Sounds like a great time at the beach.

  2. Mark dear friend, WHAT AN ADVENTURE!! I bet you must have inundated his ass with your cum.

    1. Yes Sir. I did! And he loved every minute of it ! It is so good to hear from you. I hope all is well with you.


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