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Friday, December 15, 2017


O.K. let's do this..... I have a few man crushes.  

It's rare that I would actually point out who they are. 
The only man crush I have yet to admit to publicly on this blog was on one of my most viewed posts SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MY PLAY BUDDIES and CHRONICLES OF A SCRUFFY BLACK GUY : MY FIRST WRITING . And even though he no longer blogs, I still go back and revisit his stories from time to time.

Well; Just recently I was visiting another crush of mine.

If you don't know Tomass Hawkke I suggest get to know him. Amazing blog! 

But back to my story. LOL

I was visiting this sexy man's blog when it dawned on me;
I've seen this man with his pants down, bent over showing the world, and fully erect in all IT's glory. But I don't ever recall seeing him in a pair of underwear.

I couldn't help but to be nosy and ask. 

Now, I run an erotic art blog. And most if not all my blog buddies are into like minded activities.  Sometimes even though we are on the same page, you never want to freak someone out with a weird question like,"Do you wear underwear?"

Though that is totally acceptable here you don't want to ask that at the dinner table of a company party. LOL

Well I got my answer. 

He only wears long johns when its cold other than that nothing at all.

For some reason my mancrush just got even sexier! LOL

For me I hardly ever freeball. I feel like I MUST have underwear on.

 I usually wear black boxer briefs or regular boxers.  

And anyone who knows me knows I love a guy in TIGHTY WHITEYS


I find a guy who goes free very sexy.  I't a serious turn on to see a guy packing in some tight jeans or better yet swinging in some sweats or sexy jean overalls.

So what about you?? Drawers or no drawers ?  What about for other people? What turns you on?


  1. You are so very, very sweet. Your kindness and warmth are much appreciated. Especially your warmth; the temperature has not managed to get much above -10C (14F) the past few days.

    One of my favourites is overalls with no underwear, threadbare in places and the side buttons impishly open.

  2. Even though I do consider myself a nudist, I personally do not go commando as much as one might think. Sometimes when I am going to run some errands, I might just throw some jeans on and no underwear. Most of the time though I am wearing boxer briefs. Some of the pairs that I have are the ones with the C-ring band that helps to showcase things. :-)

  3. love the exhibitionism of Tomass.
    In Ityaly we call not wearing any underwears: freeballing.
    I don't know if also you call the same this in the same way!

  4. I'm late to this party - sorry about that!

    Commando (freeball) always. Well, unless, I must wear dress pants for some reason - then I have an assortment of boxer briefs in grey, black, and white; all in an effort to find something with enough room for the goods.


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