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Thursday, October 19, 2017


 Oh what a night!  I'm still puking pumpkin seeds!  Man! I ain't EVER gonna drink like that again!

But I must say I had the craziest night ever at the pumpkin patch! It was definitely punkalicious! 

I owe it all to WolfDude on the app Halloweendr that kept blowing up my inbox with messages.

"What are you wearing? What are you up to ? " Unlock you pix?"

"Now normally I don't just open my naughty pix up to anybody but what the heck," I declared.

WolfDude: Yeah Baby, that's what I like...Now spread em !


 OOPS! How did that one get in there?

Anywhoo ! The party was jumping to the wee hours but the dirty fun began after closing time when WolfDude, and  about thirty others decided to deflower Elijah's wood.

I would show you the pictures but.......Let's just say THE RING WAS DESTROYED.

It's the next day and WolfDude and I are sending our buddy Elijah (who will be laying face down for the next two weeks until "It" regains it's shape)  a get well message.

Maybe we can invite him to our next Halloween bang.
Oops! I better not mention, "bang!"



  1. I was missing your posts!!! WellCUMmed back!

    1. Yes thank you. I've been working on some projects that takes a considerable amount of time. Gotta go where the flow is. However I know in my heart that this blog is my baby. I have to go away every now and then to focus on my main projects but I believe I will be here for quite sometime. This blog is only three years old. I have to be around at least long enough to see it through college! LOL But in the meantime My new career is working on my Website to pay for tuition. LOL Thank you for the continued support.

    2. please, don't let us for so long time, please please!!!

  2. You know....pumpin porn makes me want to jack my lantern and spill my seed😛

    1. You can spill your seed any day ! As a matter of fact I'm looking for a new face moisturizer. May be just what I need.

  3. LOL. I've missed you and your sense of humor!

    1. Thank you. Like I said before. I may have some other priorities . But you my boots are off. I'm not going to far. LOL

  4. Wow...sounds like Elijah found his treats with all of those tricks! LOL! Glad to see you back at your blog. We all have missed you!


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