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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


It has been an interesting journey and I am so grateful for all who have been by my side as we watched THE MALE CASTING COUCH grow and mature over the last three years.

I've had some great times and some times that were headaches, dealing with policy changes and technical difficulties that never were sorted out; hence the frustration from the post WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON !

There have been long absences where I just needed to take a break from blogging sparking the self explaining post  BEEN A LONG TIME - TIME FOR SOME MAN BUTT .

For about twelve years I've pondered starting my own website.  Excuse after excuse has prevented me from taking that leap until now.

For all you lovers of THE COUCH; I now have my ONLY FANS page at The first 20 people will gain access to the full set of my photo shoot with one of my most popular models; Michael Diamond.  

The set consist of 205 images. Normally I pick and choose which images will be selected as my post, however due to the popular demand of Micheal Diamond I will give the first twenty (20) subscribers first hand access before all other ONLYFAN members as well as the second subscription month at 60% off. 
(visit for pricing info.)


Even before I created THE MALE CASTING COUCH I've always wanted to have a website in which I could share my work and do so without the nagging rules and regulations of various platforms that frown on male erotica.

As I continued with my blog I found it more and more difficult to divide my work life, home life and blog time.  For me to have a successful blog It demanded a great deal of my time. 

 So why support ?  Well first you will get not only exclusive photo sets but I have plenty of hot video footage that I can no longer post here.  I have clips from models that have yet to see the light of day.  Also the revenue will be used for model fees, lodging, travel and equipment, not to mention the more people subscribe the more I can focus on bringing great erotica to you.


Actually lot depends on you, the audience.  The more subscribers I get, the more I can update here as well as exclusives @ ONLYFANS/MALECASTINGCOUCH.

Stop by and check it out !

Mark Greene
The Scruffy Black Guy


  1. OH, that this broken-down, broke, old dude could afford it...being on a fixed income prevents me from subscribing. But, know that I am a fan of your work, and I hope the site is wildly successful for you!

    1. No worries. You have been one of my loyal internet friends along with the rest of the gang. (You know who you are.) I appreciate you more than you know.

  2. $ 15,oo per month. Sorry but it's too much. Hope you'll go on also here!

    1. I understand some may see 15.00 a month as a lot, However for 30 days in a month that is still no more than .50 cents a day.

      Well, there will be promotions in the future. I do look forward to Experiencing this new path.

    2. but please, don't leave this blog!


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