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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


When you think of masturbation, it's easy to think of a male with his hands gripped around his dick stroking up an down until he shoots his load (or loads if you you got it like that) but like the last post, that norm is always open to be broken.

Women wank too.  Maybe they actually don't wank but.... Anyway mostly everyone does it; male or female.

 And its not always done by stroking of the dick.  Nor is it always done alone.

Let's break this stereotype once and for all of what people expect bating to be with some methods that may spice up your Bate Life.

Prone Masturbation:
(Bed or pillow humping)

 My first recall of masturbation was as a kid humping everything that I could lay on or rest my head on. Either head; Take your pic.  If only the living room sofa could talk!  As a boy who only knew this way as a child I did this all the time. Ironically studies show that guys usually discover hand masturbation before prone. I discovered prone first. I didn't realize you could use your hand until later...I will spare the age that I started my bed humping spree. Let's just say I didn't learn it on Sesame Street.

For me it just felt good and obviously for these guys as well.

I just recently discovered with Pone Masturbation there are possible risks involved in this activity.
Please read and see for yourself whether this is something you want to risk. Here's a link to possible effects of prone masturbation.

Anal Play

Hit the right spot with your favorite toy.  Or better yet let a friend help.


  1. a prefer a friend help, that's for sure!

  2. There is no reason to stick to the "standard" when there is so much more to enjoy.

  3. I have always heard that variety is the spice of life. My first ejaculation was not by hand but by actually exercising while sporting a hardon. There is something to be said for staying fit! LOL!


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