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Thursday, March 30, 2017


It was Sunday morning.  James and Carol was still in bed.  Carol was just waking up while James was still sleep.

Carol walked into the bathroom brushed her teeth and got back into bed while James laid unconscious on his side.

"Honey," she whispered in his ear.  He did not budge.

"Honey," she whispered again.  This time she only got slight movement from him.

She decided to just spoon with him until he woke up.  Mimicking his position she crawled behind him in a half fetal position and place her arm around his waist.

He gave out a silent moan, "Hey Baby."

"Good morning Daddy," she said as she kissed his shoulder.

"What are you doing!" He said sternly as she began running her fingers through his chest hair.

"I can't help it.  You know I love how your hair feels."

"O.K. keep it up, you're going to wake up the monster," he said with his eyes still closed.

"Wake up," she whispered as she traced her fingers from his chest hair to the hair on his belly stopping right at the start of his crotch.

"Wake up,"she continued as she started detangling his pubes with her fingers.

"Wake up little monster!" She giggled.

"Hey! Never use little in the same reference to the monster!" He laughed.

"Oh. Is that a touchy subject?" She giggled.

"O.K. you're asking for it," he warned.

She continued to play with his pubes until she got to the base of his cock.  By now it was semi erect.
She began kissing his side and kept on kissing the side of his torso until he turned over on his back in which she leaned over to kiss his lower waist line.  She kissed lower until she arrived to a fully erect penis flapping in her face.

He gently caressed the side of her face as he waited for her mouth to give him relief.

"Yeah Baby, " he whispered as he witnessed her taking his cock in her mouth.  He always loved how she would look up at him eager for his approval. 

"Oh yeah, Baby, you feel so good," he said in delight.

"C'mon Baby. Go all the way," He encouraged her as he pushed her head all the way down to the base.

She gagged and lost composure for a moment. 

Jame's cock was thick and a good size at 8 and half inches.  Taking all of him was always a challenge for her but it was a challenge she almost always met and did with earnestness. 

"Come on Baby, get on your knees,"James prompted.

He love seeing her on her knees looking up; hungry for him.  He loved the fact that he finally had a woman that loved sucking his cock.  He also loved that she loved to taste him when he came.

"You want it Baby?" He said as he began to pump deeper.

She knew he was ready to unload whenever he grabbed the back of her head and pumped hard and deep in her mouth.

"Oh yeah, Oh.."

He shot a load so large she had to swallow half. 

He got back on the bed and pulled her up beside her.

"I love you babe." He said.

"I love you too,"she said as she leaned in to kiss him.  Just right there she pushed the remaining cum on her tongue into James' mouth.

He jumped back and yelled, "Uugh! What the fuck!"

Carol laughed uncontrollably," I'm so.. I'm so" 

She couldn't stop laughing.

"I'm so sorry," she said in laughter.

Unable to stay mad, James shouted,"You think that's funny? You think that shit's funny!"

He grabbed her by the waist and began to tickle her till she begged for mercy.

"I love you Babe," He said as he looked into her eyes, "but don't you ever do that shit again!" He said as he smacked her on the ass.

"Yes Sir!" She replied.

She reached over to give him a kiss.

"On the cheek this time!" He yelled.

"Yes Sir! She chuckled.


  1. LOL. Yeah, that shit's funny! I wonder why guys are so disgusted by their own cum? But, it's a hot, hot chapter.

    The action tags with the dialogue makes it flow much better.

  2. Who is James kidding? You know he has tasted his load before! LOL!

    That was another hot chapter. Are you trying to turn me bi? That was hot!

  3. "He shot a load so large she had to swallow half."

    only half? There's people who don't like to swallow cum. How is it possible? there are people who feel the need to vomit if it has a little 'cum in mouth! I can't miss a single ≈


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