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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Bill's face turned a pale white.

"Oh! Hi...Is Andre here," he stuttered.

"Yes he is but he's sleeping.  He had a long and hard night.  And I must say we both are exhausted."

"Oh really," Bill said.

"Yeah, he wore me out!  You know how that is," Terrance said with a friendly smile that didn't feel so friendly to Bill.

"Is there anything you would like for me to tell him," Terrance inquired.

Bill paused with a blank look on his face.  After a few seconds he said," No. No, that's alright."

"Well you're free to try back later.  I doubt that I'd be able to take what I took two days in a row.  I'm still a little sore from last night.  If you know what I mean," Terrance snickered.

"No. That won't be necessary.   Just tell him....."

"Tell him what," Terrance asked.

"Never mind," Bill mumbled as he walked away.

Later that afternoon Bill and Tommy went to the furniture store to pic up kitchen supplies for Tommy's house.

Bill: I don't believe he answered the door butt ass naked.  And the way he was bragging about last night was not even called for!"

Tommy: Well Bill, Don't let it get you down.  There are plenty good men out there.

Bill: I know.  I just really liked him.

Tommy:  I know.  There's no reason you guys can't still be friends.

Bill: Yeah your right. I just need a little time.

Just then then Terrance walked into the store.  He caught Bill's eye.

Terrance: Hey! What's going on?

Bill: Just with my friend Tommy shopping for his new house.

"Yeah I know how it is. I have a bunch of redecorating I have to do my self.  You know Andre don't have the best home decorating skills," He laughed.

Bill: You're decorating his place?

Terrance: Oh yeah, He asked me to move in the other day.  I really did have my reservations but he needs me, so I said "O.K."

Bill: Um! Nice! Well you take care. 

Terrance: You too! And I'll make sure to tell him hi for you!

"Yeah, right bitch!" Bill mumbled under his breath. 

After they got back from shopping Bill told Tommy that he was going home to rest.
Tommy tried to encourage him to not let the situation get the best of him.

"I'm just going to relax for a while. I really need to just be by myself for awhile," Bill said as he walked into his apartment.


  1. Is it ok for me to say that Terrence is an asshat? Mean, and despicable. But, it makes for great conflict!

    1. Yes, Every story has to have one !LOL Let's see how ruthless he can get. I got some thoughts. But just like the readers, I'm eager to see just what the characters will do myself! I actually think I'm slightly addicted to writing now. LOL

  2. you could make an erotic short book to sell on amazon!


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